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Lexi 11 Months!

Dear Lexi,

11 months sweet girl! In 30 short days you will be one! Of course, this month you didn’t disappoint and provided many smiles, excitement and pure joy to everyone around you.

Favorite Moments

Around 10 ½ months, you added walking to your skill set. You had taken steps here and there but before bed one night you took eight steps in a row and then repeated it again and again and again. Crawling is still your preferred form of mobility, but you walk a little further and a little more every day. It is truly so sweet to see you stagger around with your arms waving in the air and your bare little feet clomping and gripping the floor. I just can’t get enough of it.

IMG_2119This month, you attended your first wedding and were so good. You had so much fun seeing all of your cousins and mom enjoyed dressing you up in the first of many matching cousin outfits! You were pretty tired by the time the dance started, but loved all of the music that was playing throughout evening.

IMG_4664 IMG_4686You’ve been holding your own bottle for months now, but it is so darn sweet to see your little hands grip it and hold it near the top as you gulp away. Daddy also says you look for your bottle each morning when he takes you out of your crib. I always put your bottle on the ledge near the stairs so it is ready. When you wake up Daddy gets you from your crib and then gets the bottle with you. If he goes into our bedroom or is blocking your view of it, you squirm around in his arms trying to see it.

IMG_2165 IMG_2126We had a few warm weekend days over the month and were able to enjoy some walks and fun at the park. While at the park, you had so much fun holding my hand, walking around and exploring the leaves and the sticks. You would pick up the sticks, wave them around and crinkle the leaves in your hands. Generally, you were just fascinated by the sounds and feelings they made.

IMG_1998 IMG_1995 IMG_1993This month, you’ve officially learned how to imitate or copy behavior. If you hear Mommy and Daddy laughing in the car, you’ll laugh, which will make us laugh again, in which you laugh. It is a silly cycle that never gets old.  You will also sniffle with your nose and blow with your mouth when we do.

Your curiosity and awareness to your surroundings really is amazing. You are constantly asking ‘What’s that?’ Admittedly, the pronunciation isn’t quite there yet, but you can tell that you’re attempting to say that and you use it in the right context. You’ll hear a car go by or a helicopter and you’ll stop what you’re doing, look towards the sound, tilt your head just slightly and say ‘What’s that?’ or we’ll turn a light on and you look up at it and say ‘What’s that?’

Halloween took place last week and you dressed up as a cow. You had several visitors stop by to view your costume and had so much fun seeing all the kids come trick or treating to the house. You were just in awe of all the costumes and loved waving to all the kids.

IMG_2157 IMG_2050 IMG_2048Throughout the month, there have been fewer and fewer occasions that you fall asleep for the night while eating. As bedtime is approaching, we tell you “It is almost ni-night time Lexi.” When we finally do go up to your bed and say “It’s time to go to bed,” you put your head on my chest and just cuddle. Then we’ll lie in the rocking chair and you toss and turn, trying to get comfortable cuddling on my legs, on my chest, next to my head, sideways almost anyway your little body will let you move. Then, you hit a point and fall asleep in some strange position. I absolutely treasure those extra cuddles especially when you instantly cuddle in when we say its bedtime.



Eating: We think you may have a corn allergy. You get a little rash to the right of your mouth and TERRIBLE diaper rash whenever you have corn as a main ingredient (raw corn, Kixs, corn chips). You’re still at 3 bottles a day, and I am officially done pumping. There is more than enough frozen milk to get you through the month! And as far as table food goes, you’re like a garbage disposal. You eat and eat and eat!

Sleep: You continue to be a champion at sleeping. You go to bed around 9 pm and wake up around 8 am. You take two naps; one at noon for about an hour and a half to two hours and another at 4:30 for about an hour. Going down for naps has been hit and miss. Initially, I thought you were getting better as you weren’t crying as often or as long, but then in the last week, you have proven that theory to be wrong and SCREAM in anger when it is nap time.

Teeth: Your bottom right tooth popped up this month, and you have been showing lots of other teething signs but nothing to show yet.

Personality: You tend to be shy when seeing new people, but usually warm up and start smiling and chatting within 20 minutes. You love to observe people and things going on around you—much more than be involved in the action. You’re timid around things that are new and a little scary, like the top of the stairs, the edge of the bed or even walking on your own.  You love bath time, clapping for yourself, playing patty-cake, playing peek-a-boo, playing with puzzles, music, eating, being outside, running your fingers on the screen of the fireplace, being chased and getting tickled.

Happy 11 months Lexi-pie! Mommy is so excited for your 1st Birthday Party!!



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