Baby #3 3 Weeks?? (Hidden Chronicles)

Dear Baby,

It is too early to know if in-fact you really are a little babe growing inside of me, but I would bet over $100 that you are. My sense of smell is heightened. For example, if I don’t floss my teeth every night, I can small the plaque on my teeth–gross! I have also had a couple of other mommy-type symptoms that lead me to believe this is happening. Although you weren’t planned you weren’t unplanned either. You’re just going to meet us a couple months prior to when we thought.

I’m trying not to get ahead of myself, but there are so many thoughts running through my head. What are we going to do for childcare? Do we get a Nanny, do we find an in-home daycare provider? Does Daddy stay home with you? Do we get an au pair? Are you a little girl or a little boy? How is William going to do, he’ll be 2 years and 4 months–just a hair older than Lexi when he was born?

Thankfully, we’ll have some time to figure this stuff out.



Chirstmas, Lexi, William

Christmas 2016

Dear Lexi and Bood,

Merry Christmas my sweet little kiddies. Every year Christmas gets a little more fun as you both ‘get it’ a little more each year. It is also fun to start to create traditions that you will both look forward to each year.

Usually, I’m super excited to get the house decorated for Christmas and usually can’t wait until Thanksgiving and this year was no exception. We had our first snow the weekend before Thanksgiving and that prompted the decor to come out of the boxes. I held off on the tree until after Thanksgiving but you both had so much fun ‘helping’ me put up the decorations.

IMG_7670 IMG_7668

We also started listening to Christmas music on the radio to and from school, which you both thought was pretty awesome. Favorite songs are Jingle Bells, Rudolph, Frosty and Winter Wonderland as well as Away in a Manager and O Holy Night because those are Grammy and Papa’s favorites.

We read many Christmas books that sparked lots of very good questions like ‘Why does Santa come down the Chimney? Why doesn’t he walk through the front door? How do Reindeer Fly? What is a manger? Why didn’t they go to the hospital? How come we don’t eat cake on Christmas if we’re celebrating Jesus’ birthday? How do elves make the presents? Why are elves little? Very inquisitive little mind you have there Lexi bug!

Our Elf on the Shelf returned this year and we named her Sparkle Minnie. You really got into her and always found her right away in the morning.

IMG_7671 IMG_7676

Santa came to daycare and you both reluctantly sat on his lap. Lexi was very insistant that she wasn’t going to but would stand next to him, but I think the teachers and kids at school convinced her otherwise. William didn’t like it, but sat long enough for a picture, but did proceed to talk about it for several weeks after ‘Santa’s lap’. You wrote an email to Santa and asked him for Legos and then asked him for Shopkins when you sat on his lap.

IMG_7699 You also did some cookie baking with Grandma and Auntie Sheila. I was supposed to join you but got snowplowed into the driveway and you were done by the time I got there.

Lexi also had her first Dance reicitel and did 2 ballet songs and 3 tap song! It was so cute to watch her perform!! You look kind of angry here, but I promise, you really did like it!


As far as actual Christmas celebrations go, we went over to Grammy and Papa’s on Christmas Eve to have some snacks, watch the Vikings/Packers game and open presents. You both looked adorable in your little Christmas outfits and loved opening gifts. After that, we headed over to my Aunt Jean’s house to celebrate with Grammy’s extended family. You had a great time playing with your cousins McKenna and Natalie! We topped the day off with a church service. Considering it was 9:00, and an action packed day, you both did great! Lexi got to hold her own candle and loved singing the Christmas carols. William loved the people watching and singing and being with Papa. Christmas day we have our annual tradition of staying home together as a family all day. You both woke up around 7:30 am. We headed downstairs and saw that Santa had stopped. Lexi wanted to open presents as fast as she could. William wanted to open and play with every present before opening another. Santa brought William some power tools, a workbench and some Legos and brought Lexi two Lego sets and Shopkins. We spent the rest of the day lounging around in pajamas, taking naps and playing with all of our fun new toys. IMG_7744

IMG_7747 IMG_7748

IMG_7751 IMG_7749

Finally, on the 26th, we celebrate with Daddy’s family. Everyone came over to our house and brought some yummy appetizers. We hung out, enjoyed each other’s company and opened presents. You were both spoiled with so many wonderful gifts by so many people that love you.

IMG_7754 IMG_7756

It was another wonderful Christmas season.



William, William Monthly Updates

William 22 Months

Merry Christmas William,

You are 22 months old today, which also happens to be Christmas. This holiday season has been so fun with you! Your vocabulary and speech improve everyday making it easier and easier to communicate with you. You’re expressive and show much joy for the season. You love to look at lights on peoples houses and yell ‘Oh Wow!’ or ‘Wook mama Wook’. You’re eyes just about pop out of your head when you saw the Christmas tree. You were pretty amped up about your blue airplane ornament and carried it around the house for a couple of hours while we were decorating. You did also like to take ornaments off the tree, and broke several, which meant the tree was pretty much decorated from the 3 feet and up. Your absolute favorite was the train that goes around the tree. You were running around and stomping your feet as Daddy set it up and kept yelling ‘Choo Choo Train’ or ‘Tracks’. Once it was set up and running, you would get so excited and look at me with a huge grin and eyes as wide as the Mississippi. Eventually, Daddy connected noise to it so you could honk the horn and ring the bell and it was pretty much that was the best thing ever. While going down the stairs in the morning, you would yell ‘Choo Choo Train. William Horn’. You also sat on Santa’s lap. You didn’t enjoy it and wanted off stat, but you did sit there long enough for a picture. After, you would proceed to talk about ‘Santa’s Lap’ so it couldn’t have been that terrible. You also started to get the hang of some Christmas songs and will occasionally chime in with Jingle Bells or Frosty. You were much more into presents this year and would say ‘Wow’ while you were opening them, and followed up by ‘Open’. You just wanted to sit and play with the toys you got verses opening new presents. Your tools are by far the highlight and favorite toy as you’re constantly playing with them and looking for your ‘drivers’.

IMG_7699Other things about the month is your bad habit of biting! It is pretty bad and you have gotten your sister really bad (like top and bottom teeth marks that break the skin). I’m not sure when/where this started, but it happens pretty frequently. Most notably while you’re wrestling, you’re trying to get a hold on someone so you bit their clothes or a blanket, but often go beyond that. You do also do it when you’re angry. We’ve been working on it, but I’m a little lost at what to do to get you to stop. We do timeouts and tell you no that hurts people, but you continue to do it. You are stubborn and determined and opinionated–which is a fierce combination. You will throw tantrums if you don’t have the right cup or you’re not sitting in the right seat or we give you a red M&M instead of a Green one. You don’t like to wear mittens and most of the time hate getting your diaper changed (however the last few days haven’t seemed so bad). Tantrums include furrowing your brows, giving the evil eye, throwing your arm in an attempt to hit and yelling ‘No Mama’ or ‘Go Away Mama’ or ‘No, the oder one’. If I give you something you don’t like, you take it and chuck it and stomp around.

With all that said, you are quite the cuddler and comedian. You love to sit on my lap and snuggle under a blanket and watch Mickey Mouse. At night, we’ll lie in the rocking chair after reading books and you snuggle right into me and go to sleep. You love to randomly come and give me hugs and kisses while you’re playing and tell me ‘i wov you mama’. You love to read books and say ‘sit lap’. In the morning you’ll say ‘Eat’ ‘Mon mommy’ while pulling my finger, in which i’ll respond, ‘Do you want to eat, are you hungry?’ and you’ll respond. ‘Yes…,Yes I do’. While buckling you into your car seat, you’ll smile at me and tell me that it is ‘Chilly’ out. You do a great job of playing by yourself. You’re favorite way to play is laying on your tummy or on your side and you’ll put train tracks together, build tunnels for the trains out of cardboard, push cars around or do puzzles. You love to wrestle and be rough. You and daddy often tackle each other and you giggle and laugh the entire time. IMG_7743


You also got your first haircut this month. You were feeling a little under the weather and sported your ‘grump face’ the entire time. But, you sat very still the whole time and looked so handsome and grown up by the end.

IMG_7730 IMG_7731





Lexi is 4!!!

My little (or not so little) love bug,

What a year this has been! You have tested me and forced me to dig deep within and build patience and have also double the size of my heart. I am so honored and proud to be your mom. You are smart and caring and goofy and affectionate and stubborn and creative and expressive and have a killer memory. Being your mom is by far my biggest accomplishment and brings me so much joy. I look forward to seeing your face light up and you wrap your gangly arms around me when I pick you up from school and that you request to snuggle with me every night before bed. I know these days won’t last forever so I do my best to soak it all in now.


Development at 4: You know all of your ABC’s (lower and uppercase) and almost all of the sounds they make. You’re starting to recognize sight words like mom, dad, dog and cat. You also keep everyone else in check. I was reading a story to you the other day and there was a picture of a gift and I told you it was a present and you corrected me and said, ‘no that starts with a ‘G’. That is a gift. Then, you were at Grandma’s a couple of months ago and there were some bubbles on the bathroom counter and she told you it was soap and you said, ‘No, there is a B on there and Bubbles starts with B’. You memorize short books pretty quickly. We have a a set of princess books that are about 4 pages each and you will sit down with them by yourself and ‘read’ them word for word. There have been several moments where I question if you have a pseudo-photographic memory. IMG_6528

You write your name like a champ (the ‘S’ gave you a run for your money for awhile) and are close to being able to write your last name without any help.

We’re starting to work on Math concepts like 1+1 and 2+2 and I think you kind of get it, but generally speaking you catch on to concepts taught to you in school much quicker than when I try and teach you. Maybe I’m a terrible teacher, but I just don’t think you have a whole lot of interest in doing that kind of stuff at home.


Lexi, you have grown so much over the last year. You love to laugh and be silly (especially with potty talk) and laugh with your brother. You love to give him hugs and genuinely want to be with him. For the first time ever this fall, you choose to stay home and play with William verses running errands with me. Your nurturing and affectionate. If Daddy or I aren’t feeling well, you’ll get blankets and pillows for us and will rub our backs and say ‘Its ok mommy, can i get you a popsicle?’

IMG_6426 You are a rule follower and are quick to point out when someone isn’t following a rule and let us know how they are going to be punished. Just the other day, William was wearing his shoes on the carpet while he was waiting to be put into the van before school and you told him that Sparkle Minnie (the elf) was watching him be naughty and he wasn’t going to get any gifts from Santa. You like to play with others, but you also like your alone time. You’re still a little shy but have become much more comfortable in unfamiliar environments and with new people. You started swimming lessons and dance class without us and did awesome. You regularly check in throughout the class and give me a little wave or thumbs up but love both experiences. IMG_7401

With that said, you have developed quite a temper. You become completely irrational when we say no or you don’t get your way. There were several times this summer that I was driving and you were kicking and screaming and thrashing your arms so intensely that I had to pull over to calm you down because I genuinely thought you were going to break a bone. Small things will set you off, like not have any water in the car. Fortunately, those tantrums have dissipated over the past several months. However, it has been replaced with a very whiny voice and fake crying. I think you see William behaving like that and getting attention and you want it to. If he gets hurt and runs to be comforted, you’ll come running needing a hug and a kiss because your finger hurts.


You have started to just want to play with girls and pick up on stereotypical gender elements like girls like pink and boys like blue and the difference between ‘boy toys and girl toys’


Over the past year, you’ve really started to love playing games. We regularly play memory, hungry hungry hippos, hi-ho Cherrio and candy land and you’ll be getting several more for your Birthday and Christmas this year. You seem fairly indifferent to puzzles but LOVE to paint or color or do anything art project related.


You also really love to play with squinkies and legos. Your dad will build you logo houses for your squinkies and you are over the moon. These toys will keep you entertained for over an hour. You’ll just sit at a table and have little conversations with the different characters. Imaginative play in general has really taken off. You’ll have conversations with your stuffed animals or characters in your coloring book, you play house at school, or doctor. The other day, you came out of your bedroom with the stethescope around your neck and a little pad of paper and called ‘Bood? Is there a Bood Sampson here? It’s time for your check up. He continues to play with his toys and says, ‘no’ without any interruption. You also love to push/ride cars in the hallway with William or just chase each other. Swinging is a favorite activity for outside–but have told you, once you turn 4, you need to learn how to pump, no more pushing from Mom and Dad. You also really like to ride on your scooter and have gotten much better at your balance bike but are really too tall for it. Giraffe (or as you like to call him dit-dat) is still number one in your book. He sleeps with you every night and comforts you when you’re upset, but other than that you don’t carry him around everywhere you go anymore. IMG_6256

For most of the year, you continued to take naps everyday for about 3 hours, sometimes you would push 4.5 hours! However, over the last month or so, it is harder and harder to get you to nap. At school you nap for about an hour to an hour and a half. I’m a little worried about this as nap time is the time I usually carve out of the day for myself to relax. However, when you do nap, bedtime gets to be pretty late which is challenging.


You eat pretty much everything that is put in front of you. You love vegetables and fruit, rice, cheese, grains and you love love love your treats–especially, anything Ice Cream related. IMG_7489

I’m guessing you’re somewhere in the 42″ tall range and weigh about 40 lbs. You’re in size 5 clothes for the most part. It is pretty challenging to find you jeans that will fit you in the waist but are long enough. Thankfully, you hate any kind of pant that has buttons so we usually stick with leggings and you wear a size 11 shoe.

_MG_0469 Other things about you at age 4, you love to go to the cabin and talk about going to the cabin. You love to play games on the iPad and watch YouTube. You want to watch the most ridiculous things on there like a person opening up Squinky toys, or someone building a lego set. You even watched someone mix paint colors together. I will never understand this but it is something you really like to do. Daddy allows you to do it more than I do, but no more than 1 a day. You also really like to watch movies (Frozen, Little Mermaid, Peter Pan, Inside Out, Finding Nemo, Rudolph, Frosty) and TV shows. Mickey Mouse is your favorite and you love to get up and do the hot dog dance at the end of each show. You’ll also watch Curious George and My Friends Tigger and Pooh. IMG_7526


Lexi, I am so proud of you. You are such a happy little girl and we could not have imagined to be blessed with a daughter as wonderful as you. I have a feeling a lot of changes are in store for our family this next year and am excited to see you grow through them. Happy 4!! Love,

Mama IMG_6140

IMG_6206 IMG_6345

IMG_6422 IMG_6423

IMG_6728 IMG_6887


_MG_0382 _MG_0397