William, William Monthly Updates

William 17 Months

Dear William,

Life with you gets better everyday. You have the biggest smile that match your twinkly eyes and I squirm in excitement for how much I love you. This past July has been a fun month filled with lots of activities. We started the month off with Daddy and I on a staycation for 12 whole days, including a trip to Duluth for mama’s cousin, Laura’s wedding! The week was amazing and filled with your favorite things like trips to the beach and lawn mower rides, boating, slides and running around outside. Throughout the rest of the month, we went to new parks, enjoyed our new fenced in yard, saw Choo Choo Bob perform and so much more!



You love to clean! You love to push the broom or the swifter around and are obsessed with the vacuum. You are a great helper in wiping things up. I’ll catch you getting toilet paper and then wiping the floor or around the toilet like I do when I’m cleaning. You also got ahold of a clorox wipe and started cleaning off your airplane and wiping down the kitchen chairs. I’m glad your observant to all of the cleaning I do and hope your enthusiasm for it doesn’t fad so I can have a good helper when you get older 🙂

You LOVE to go for walks and insist on it if you ever get a glimpse of the stroller.
Trains, Trains Trains! You are your father’s son. You like to watch Thomas, Choo Choo Bob and Daddy’s real life train videos. You love to play with them and push them around on the tracks (although you break the tracks pretty quickly).
Lawn mowers. You insist that you ride with Daddy while he mows and if you hear someone else mowing their lawn, you run to the door and yell, Dadda, and look to find whomever is mowing. You also love to climb up on the mower in the garage and just sit there, bonus if you have the ear muffs on

Raspberries! You love to put them on your fingers and wiggle them around.
You love daddy’s tools. Your own tool kit/work bench may be wrapped under the Christmas tree this year!

Books: Animal book, Vehicle book, Guess Who, The spotted lady bug, Goodnight Thomas

Songs: Wheels on the Bus
Toys: Trains, your Dusty Crophopper plan (which you just learned how to move forward on it and we can barely get you off it) Cars, Little People Barn, Blue Soccer Ball, Bubbles

You love to wear hats
You love to make people laugh
You love to snuggle your raccoon and a blanket


You absolutely despise getting your diaper changed and coming inside from playing outside
Getting up from naps have been a bear! You are completely inconsolable. I’m not sure if you’re just waking up before your ready to, but you don’t want to eat, or drink or play or snuggle or read a book or watch a show or be put down on the ground, or be in my arms. You just sit and whine and squirm around for a good 20 minutes, but it happens almost everyday. No fun, Mr. Crank Pants!
Cutting teeth. You’re in the process of cutting some of your eye teeth and these things are no joke. Holy smokes do they make you angry!
When anyone tells you no or Lexi does something you don’t like–you have definitely figured out that by crying and whining that you’ll get your ways. I’m working on not being such a push-over for you, your so darn sweet and cute, it is hard not to be though

Every week, we hear new words come out of your little mouth. Most of them aren’t easily understood by most people, but I can tell what you’re trying to say, particularly with the inflection and syllable break.

Clear words include: Boat, mine, No, Mama, Dadda, Choo Choo, yes, please, Done, papa, nigh-nigh, bye, hi, Beep, Vroom, uh-oh
Attempted words: Wi-um= Willium, Da-Dee=Lexi, ch=chair, Doon= Raccoon, Sheeeew=airplane, mil=milk, wa= water and walk, Duk= stuck, wack wack= quack quack= duck, Dew= Shoe, Sa= sock

Favorite Moments:

Before you get into your Crazy Coupe Car, you’ll run over and give me a hug and a kiss and say Bye-bye before driving off in your car
When you go down slides you yell out Wheeee!
At the beginning of the month, you learned the word ‘mine’ and you would say it over and over and over again. You sounded just like the seagulls in Finding Nemo when they yell ‘mine, mine, mine, mine, mine’
We’ll be going up to bed and you put your finger over my mouth and say ‘Shuush’
I can’t hear you say your name enough–and when you saw Meow for cat, it just comes out as mauw and it is the sweetest thing
Occasionally, when we’re going to bed, we’ll sing a song-specifically Twinkle Twinkle and you make noises along with me at the same pitch/tune
I love watching you push your bus around the house and say beep beep
When you and Lexi make each other laugh–usually while we are eating, you both have the most contagious laughs and it is awesome
When you scrunch up your eyes and nose and laugh at me

Daycare Transition

At the beginning of the month you transitioned from the Older Infants classroom into the Toddler classroom. In your new class, you only take 1 nap, get to go outside, have group time and more structure to your day. You also start drinking from a regular cup and using utencils. I thought it was going to be a difficult transition, but you were a rock star and only cried the first day I dropped you off and have been awesome since. I love when I go and pick you up, you run over to me with your arms up in the air and give me a HUGE hug and then run to your locker to get your raccoon.

We love you so much buddy and can’t wait to see what 18 months brings us!



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