William is 2!!!

Holy Cow my baby is 2!!! Happy Birthday William! We have had such a fun year watching your grow, explore and develop and can’t wait to see what this  year brings and how you will react to having a new little sister.

IMG_7928 Stats

  • Height: 35″ tall (62%)


  • Weight: 27.7 lbs (63%)



  • Head: 19″ (82%)


Development: At two years old you are right where you should be. You can repeat the sequence of numbers 1-10 and sometimes can count backwards. This month you’ve really perfected your colors, which has really helped you articulate what you want (even if it is a pain sometimes).


You love to run around (but do not run straight) and climb. You regularly move chairs around the kitchen to get what you want, climb up on the stools at the counter and can open doors about 50% of the time (scary!) You’ve got a pretty good arm for throwing balls (or really anything) and love to kick and chase balls. You’re getting a mini big-wheel for your birthday and I think you’re going to love riding around on that. You still dislike swings, but love to go down slides!


You are talking a ton these days and I think it is pretty clear most of the time, but people that don’t see you as often have a hard time understanding what you are saying. You regularly string several words together, but are often not in the right order or tense. For example, if I ask you, Do you want to turn off the light? You’ll respond ‘No turn off light’


Your sister was potty trained at this point (hint hint!) but you are showing no signs of being ready or interested. Sigh. It would have been nice to only have one kiddo in diapers, but I think we’ve got at least another 6-12 months of disgusting diapers with you (if we’re lucky!)


We are officially in terrible twos with you. You have regular melt downs when you don’t get something you want. These tend to be more intense when you are either hungry or over tired. In general you are pretty particular about what color bowl plate spoon fork or cup you have and will lose your mind around this. You really love the color blue, and green is a close second and heaven forbid we put a pink bowl in front of you. Lexi has also picked up on this behavior from you and I have to admit that it is not my favorite.

If you didn’t pick up on it before, you are pretty darn stubborn. Although I have my moments about being stubborn, I think this mostly comes from your daddy. You are on the verge of wanting more independence. You want to do things by yourself and drink from a cup without a top BUT sill request to be carried around or have me help take your shoes and jacket off or hold your hand when you walk down the stairs. You also love to cuddle, specifically when you wake up or if we’re watching a show or a movie. Just this morning, you cuddled with me in the rocking chair for over half an hour and didn’t request to get down until you heard Lexi. On school days, we don’t get as much cuddle time in the mornings, but it is a routine I just can’t break as it is one of my favorite moments of the day. You also love to snuggle on the couch and will regularly request for Daddy or I to sit right next to you while you watch Mickey Mouse Clubhouse.

IMG_7944 IMG_7935

I’ve mentioned this in several other posts, but you are a comedian. You love to make silly faces to make people laugh (usually by looking out the side of your eyes). You love to laugh at your sister’s antics and be tickled.


You’re also pretty inquisitive about how stuff works. You try and put things together that have broken or come apart and like to play with cause and effect. Just the other day, you were examining how you could stick a handle of a spoon through the cracks on a blackberry container and then shake it to make different sounds.



  • Books: Little Blue Truck, Trains, Monsters, The Mitten
  • TV Shows/Movies: Choo Choo Bob (like Whoa!!) Mikey Mouse Clubhouse, Chuggington, Finding Nemo, Beauty in the Beast (you have a strange obsession with the Beast and like to roar at people when they make you angry?!?!)
  • Toys: Trains, trains and more trains, trucks, balls, drills, saws, screwdriver, hammers Mickey mouse, play kitchen
  • Activities: running, playing outside, doing and having anything that Lexi has, being wherever your daddy is

I think this sums you up pretty well at 2 years old. I’m so excited for this next year to see how your personality continues to grow and how you adapt to change, because be ready for it my little one, but there are a lot of changes coming!

Daddy, Mommy and Lexi love you so much!!!



IMG_7918 IMG_7921

IMG_7923 IMG_7924


Baby #3 Half Way, 20 weeks

Size of baby: You are currently 13 ounces (according to the ultrasound–measuring 4 days early) which is about 6.5″ the size of a mango–says my app.
The Bump: In this picture, it looks more pregnant than just fat, but I really think it depends on the type of shirt that I wear. Now that I’m officially half way there, I’ve allowed myself to start wearing maternity shirts and received several comments from people at work about starting to show.

IMG_7957 IMG_7958

The ultrasound: So Fun! The technician was very chatty and loved showing us different views of you and as she said ‘geeked out’ over you. Overall, you are looking very healthy! My placenta is in the front of my belly, but is attached high so they aren’t concerned about placenta previa, which was a good sign. At this moment in time you were breech, so head up and facing inwards, which made it difficult to get a good profile pic of you or a pic of your face. However, we saw AMAZING views of your vertebra and rib cage. We were able to count 10 toes and 10 fingers, saw your kidneys, stomach, your tibia and fibula, the different chambers and aortas of your heart, your brain, your eye sockets and all your little girl parts! It was so fun to see how much you have grown and see how active you are in there!
Cravings/Aversions: I think these are minimizing by the week. I can pretty much eat anything, but nothing sounds as amazing as it did several weeks ago, even the things that are really terrible for me like fast food. With that said, I’ve been trying to be more thoughtful about how much I eat and how fast I eat. Eating slower and smaller amounts to help reduce the heartburn. Typically, I’m pretty hungry through the morning and then after lunch, I’m full and don’t feel like I really need to eat for the rest of the day. I’ll have dinner, which is equivalent to a small snack, but then I don’t really eat anything for the rest of the night.
What I’m loving: This past week, we had amazing weather, over 60 degrees in mid-February. We spent lots of time playing outside and I was even able to open the windows and get some fresh air.
What I’m anticipating: William is turning 2 on Saturday! I’m also excited to feel movement from the outside and have the kids feel the baby kick. Also really really looking forward to spring and warm weather!!
Miss anything? I’m not a huge drinker so I haven’t been missing alcohol really. However, I miss just being healthy. This past week, I got a new cold or the one I’ve been battling for the past 16 weeks got re-ignited. My sinus were in full force for a couple of days and now I’ve got a pretty disgusting cough and sound like I have bronchitis, again.
Worries? I’ve been praying that you’re growing and developing ‘normally’ and we’ll get a clean review at the ultra-sound this week. I’ve also spent a lot of time researching and figuring out preschool for Lexi. We were all set to go at a local church, but then they decided to close their doors, which kind of sent me scrambling to find something else knowing these fill up quickly. As of yesterday, she is registered at two places and we have a tour set up with one of them for next week and then we’ll make a decision of where she’ll go. Also, kind of stressing about all of the things I would like done before you arrive and realizing that it probably won’t happen and feeling a little discouraged by that.
Differences between pregnancies? We’re actually having an ultra-sound at 20 weeks this time. With Lexi, we waited until 21 weeks and William it was 22 weeks. With William this week, we were getting prepared for Hawaii and I was a ball of nerves worrying that something would happen to Daddy or I while gone. No picture of William this week, but here is a comparison of the two girls!
How I’m feeling: This is the best I’ve felt the entire pregnancy. I feel like the warm weather really helped me out mentally and am feeling much more energized. Also, no throwing up is a major bonus!
Sleep: Sleep has been pretty amazing this past week. I took two naps over the weekend and they were divine. Still sleeping on my stomach as long as I bring my leg up on my side. I’ve also slept through each night (as long as Lexi doesn’t wake up in the middle of the night) and have been able to make it through the night without having to go to the bathroom.
Movement: Yes! And lots of it. It is all still from the inside by it is getting stronger and more frequent. I notice an uptick in activity after I eat or drink and am feeling more activity throughout the day verses just when I’m relaxing in the evening.
Milestones: Half way there baby girl! This is mind-baffling in 20 weeks (or so) I’ll be holding you and that we’re only half way through. Most people I know say pregnancies after their first go by fast, and I do not feel like that has been the case for me. Part of it is because I’ve been sick pretty much this entire time and the other part is things are so slow at work that it has made the days go by so slow. Hoping this next 20 weeks fly by!
Also, this is the first week I haven’t thrown up! Progress baby!
Best Moment of the Week:  Hard to pick one… I loved being home by myself all day on Friday, while I was working from home. Work was slow and got a lot of the house cleaned and had the windows open.
Playing outside with the kids, going for walks and just feeling the warmth of the sunshine!
Grandma and I also took the kids swimming on Sunday and Lexi is just a little fish and William had so much fun splashing in the water.

Baby #3 19 Weeks

Dear Little nugs,

This is my last quiet week at work and next week it will start to get crazy again. As nice of a break it has been to have quieter days, I’m looking forward to being busier again. It makes the days/weeks go by so much faster, which means, I get to meet you that much sooner!

Untitled Untitled

Thoughts on the photo/bump: In these photos, I think it looks pretty small/unnoticeable especially considering I am almost halfway there. However, I really think that is due to the clothes I am wearing. I’ve been intentionally wearing baggier clothes that ‘hide’ the belly as it just looks like I have a big gut and not really pregnant. I’m noticing it is starting to get bigger. I squish it when I’m making food at the counter or putting make-up on in the morning. It also just feels heavier when I’m walking around.

Cravings/aversions: I don’t think I had any major cravings or aversions this week. Pop is tasting much better, which I’m loving! Daddy makes smoothies every morning and those have been spot on, but fill me up. Other than that, just eating because I have to. Could take or leave sweets or salty snacks. Also working on not eating so quickly or as much in one sitting as it is probably contributing to the heart burn.

What I’m anticipating the most: The ultrasound next week! I always really enjoy going to my Dr. appointments, in my mind they are mini milestones until your arrival and each one down means we’re that much closer to your birthday.

What I’m loving: Movement! It is still pretty faint and infrequent, but enough to feel confident that you are moving around in there and its not just a gas bubble. It isn’t identifiable from the outside, but I’m loving that I can feel you.

I also really enjoy daydreaming about you and what kind of baby will you be. Will you be pretty mellow like you’re big sister, or a handful like your Auntie Sheila. How will William react to having another little one in the house. What will maternity leave look like with a 4, 2-year-old and newborn? I have this dream/vision that it will be so much fun and the two bigger kids will play outside in the sunshine and we’ll go on walks every morning. Somehow I have a feeling this won’t be the case at all and you’re going to come early or have colic or something else I can’t imagine and I’ll be stressed the entire time trying to keep you from crying.

Also, this weekend and next week, we’re supposed to have really nice warm weather (maybe even 60 degrees!!!) which is pretty crazy for mid-February.

Names: Daddy and I haven’t talked one time about what your name will be since we found out you’re a little girl. Strangely, I’m OK with this. As Type A as I can be, I also feel like I’m learning to mellow out a lot more and just go with the flow. I have 4-5 names on my list that I think Daddy likes. My guess is, we’ll wait until you arrive to decide on your name. I like all of the names, but there isn’t one that is jumping out to me more than the others and feel pretty strongly that I just need to see you and bond with you a little before we decide your name.

What I’m missing most: Same as last week–more energy and no more coughing

Differences between pregnancies: No update from Lexi this week. With William, this was the first week I wore a pregnancy shirt (same this time around) and truly felt like I looked pregnant. The belly is getting bigger/rounder, but I’m still feeling just fat and not pregnant. Also with William, we were getting ready to go to Hawaii, which is most definitely not happening this time around and am jealous of that milestone.

How I’m feeling: I feel like this is the same story every week. Blah! Similar to last week, I only threw up once and am gagging over fewer things this week, but am still rocking a pretty good cough and am coughing up a lot of thick (but clear) phlegm. (i know, gross!). Also, heartburn. I don’t remember really bad heartburn with William and even if I did have it, it wasn’t until 30+ weeks. I’ve already had to pop TUMS several times and this time, my heart hurts like a heart attack verses just having a burning feeling in my throat.

Best Moment of the week: Daddy and I went on a double date with Rachel and Jake to the Wild game. So fun to get out with other adults!



Baby #3 18 Weeks

Dear Baby girl,

Another fairly uneventful week. Work has been pretty quiet, the weekend was busy but was able to get some extra rest, which i think really helped me kick the cold I’ve been struggling with. So no news is good news!

IMG_7912  Baby Development: My app tells me you’re just over 6″ long and wight 5.5 oz. You are learning to yawn and hiccup as well as developing your nerves and senses.


Thoughts on the photo/bump: I think it is kind of starting to show, but it could easily be judged that I just gained to much weight over the holidays. The bump size really changes based on what I’m wearing and when in the day I’m analyzing myself. This is the first maternity shirt I’ve worn and was going to try and hold off until 20 weeks, but I’m not sure I’m going to make it. Nearly every time I put on a regular shirt, I say to myself, well this is the last time I’m going to be able to wear this one, so my pickings are getting pretty slim.

Cravings/aversions: Salads are still tasting delicious and queso sounds amazing too, but haven’t fulfilled that temptation. We made cupcakes with frosting for Grandma’s birthday and a little gender reveal, but neither sounded very good so I don’t even think I had a taste (gasp because cake batter and frosting=delicious!) Most food I make sounds/smells gross. It is OK if someone else makes it, but if I have to, it is way less appetizing.

What I’m anticipating the most: Definitive baby movements. I’ve felt a couple flutters and they are becoming more frequent but they haven’t been strong enough to say, yes that is the baby. Also in full on nesting mode and want to get our house projects going and wrapped up before you arrive.

What I’m loving: Still love knowing that you are a girl!

What I’m missing most: Having energy. Maybe it is the winter blues, but everything feels like a chore. Every place I go, everything around the house. It’s not that I’m not loving life either, it just feels like work.

Differences between pregnancies: I didn’t have an update with Lexi this week, but with William, I think the bump is bigger than it is now. I also talked about how thirsty I was, and am totally feeling that again. I can easily chug 8 oz of water and still be thirsty. My lips are also very chapped, which could be a result of the winter dryness. Another difference is my appetite. I feel like I have been way less hungry this time around then previously. For example, last night I had half of a peanut butter and jelly sandwich and a handful of chips and was full for the entire night.

How I’m feeling: OK. I only puked once this week which is good, but still not feeling the greatest. Low energy, get tired going up stairs, a little moody.

Best Moment of the week: I had a couple of sweet moments with Lexi and William this week that reassured me I’m doing a good job as a Mom and I have a good gut instinct with you.

That’s all for now!




The weeks are long but the months are short

To my two biggest littles,

WARNING: Emotional and pregnant mom thoughts on the loose.

Two nights ago, William woke up 3 times within an hour and a half. Let’s blame these thoughts on the pregnancy hormones, but I’m borderline bi-polar at 4:45 in the morning. At one point, I’m so annoyed to have been woken up and think to myself, ‘Child, just roll over and go back to sleep’, but after 2 years, I know this is not how you function. I check the monitor and you’re standing at the crib railing whining ‘I want my Mommy’. I muster up the energy to go into your room and immediately upon entering your room, your sweet and innocent little voice mutters ‘Oh Hi Mommy’ as if you’re super surprised to see me. Instantly all of my annoyance is wiped away. I pick you up and sit down sideways in the rocking chair. You curl up in a little ball with your little toes tucked into the crease of my legs, rest your head on my shoulder, I put your blankie around you and your sleeping within 30 seconds. We repeat this little ritual two more times in the next hour. Each time, I have these irrational conversations with myself. My rational side says, ‘He is sleeping, put him back in the crib and go get some sleep, you and this baby are going to be so tired tomorrow.’ Yet, my emotional side just can’t. As your warm little breaths drift across my chest and your long eyelashes grace my cheek, I just can’t put you down and argue with myself ‘He is going to be two in a couple of months. He is going to be in a big boy bed in a couple of months and you’re not going to be able to do this then. Enjoy these moments with your ONLY boy while you can’. So, I give into my emotional side for awhile and tell myself, this is where you need to be in this moment, regardless of how tired you are going to be tomorrow. This sweet little boy just needs his mommy.


Last night, Lexi was overtired and inventing new excuses to prolong bed time and was just generally pretty irrational. ‘I’m so shivery cold’ (even though you had 3 blankets on). ‘I’m too hot’ ‘I can’t get comfy’. ‘I want to sleep on the floor’ ‘I forgot to brush my teeth’ ‘I need some water’ ‘Will you sing me a song’ ‘We forgot to read a book’ After 45 minutes of this non-sense, I was fed up (yes, it really took me this long to lay down the law!) I put you in bed, covered you up and turned on some instrumental lullaby music. Initially you continued to complain about how cold you were, so I started rubbing your feet and within 3 minutes you had calmed down to be a rational 4 year-old again and were beginning to fall asleep. Then all of the sudden, you lifted your head and said, ‘I can’t hear the beautiful music Mom, can you turn up the volume.’ And I sighed in relief as that was just the reassurance I need to not go crazy.


As maddening as these moments can be, they are also so rewarding. I adore being your Mom and am so grateful that I am able to be there for both of you and this new little sister on her way. I’m sure I’m doing a lot of things wrong and I’ll look back or you’re tell me how I messed up your life, but for now, I feel like I’m doing a pretty darn good job. Thank you for giving me this opportunity and balancing the maddening moments with rewarding.




Baby #3 17 Weeks

Dear my sweet little baby,

Big news this week is we found out you are a GIRL!! The news is still pretty fresh and am still digesting it and anticipating what our family dynamics will be but I am loving knowing what you are!!

Untitled Untitled

Thoughts on the photo/bump: It is starting to become a little more noticeable and harder to hide with regular shirts. With that said, it doesn’t look like a pregnant belly most of the time, just more looks like I’m putting on some weight.

Cravings/aversions: Craving salad. I was over at Grandma B’s house and she had made this salad that looked amazing and went to the grocery store the next day to buy all the fixings–it included oranges on it and was pretty delicious. I’ve also craved a McGriddle and hashbrown from McDonalds–greasy delicious goodness! Aversions: Taco meat–which I normally love and crave! We currently have some left overs in the fridge and it looks and smells disgusting! Pizza (specifically frozen). I have it on our meal plan for every Friday and every week go with something else.

What I’m anticipating the most: Actually looking pregnant verses just fat and feeling your sweet little kicks for the first time.

What I’m loving: Knowing you are a baby Girl!!

What I’m missing most: Feeling like a regular human being. I’m waiting for that 2nd trimester energy boost and not being ultra-sensitive to foods and smells.

Differences between pregnancies: I’m almost spot on to weight gain with Lexi and you, William I was up 5-10 lbs at this point. Lexi is over the moon excited for you! While changing after swimming lessons this week, she rubs her face against my belly and announced, I’m nuzzling the baby mommy!’ Heart melts!

How I’m feeling: This changes by the day. At the front half of this 17th week, I was feeling pretty terrible. I threw up 3 days in a row, and it wasn’t just a little–it was enough for me to question, Do I have the flu? But no other symptoms so I’m chalking it up to you! I get headaches about every other day and am flushing a cold out of my system so lots of nose blowing and pressure to my head when I bend over. Other than that, I just don’t feel like my normal self. I’m not nauseous or exhausted but just don’t feel good. I feel best laying on the couch. Sleep seems to be going pretty well. I can still sleep on my stomach with very few issues which is awesome!

Best Moment of the week: Finding out you are a sweet little girl!




Baby #3 is a GIRL!!

My sweet baby GIRL,

Obviously, we made the decision to find out your gender and are thrilled! We would have been excited either way, but I’m surprised at how much I am loving knowing what is going on in there!

As I’ve written previously, I’ve really been debating on whether to find out your gender or not (probably to an unhealthy level), but ultimately decided that I wanted to know. Knowing your big brother and sister will be home with me during maternity leave and they can be quite the handful, I wanted to have as much time as possible to bond with you before you arrive. I also wanted to mentally prepare for how our family dynamics will be, two little boys or having girls be my two bookend babies. Just another thing to daydream and obsess over.

How we found out: 

Last Thursday, I finally made the decision and then called the genetics counselor Friday and requested she write down your gender and send it in an envelope to us we both Daddy and I could find out at the same time. I was antsy all weekend in anticipation of finding out and was hoping it would have arrived on Monday, but no luck. Tuesday, Daddy worked from home and I texted him later in the afternoon to see if it arrived, but still no mail. Then, on the way home, I received a text from daddy with a picture of the envelope and was elated. I told Lexi, when we get home, we get to find out if the baby is a girl or a boy. She was very curious how we were going to find out but was pretty darn excited. She came tearing into the house and yelled ‘Daddy, we get to find out if the baby is a boy or a girl!!’ She began stifling through the mail and I had to get her too cool her jets for a moment so I could take my jacket and shoes off and go to the bathroom. I eventually helped her find the right envelope and she tried to start to open it, but reminded her we needed to go upstairs and open it with daddy. So we head upstairs and she tears the thing open and then looks at the paper and was a little confused. I asked her ‘what does this word start with? And she says, ‘B’ and I say ‘Nooo’ you know this, what is this letter? And she goes, ‘G’ and I say, what starts with a ‘G’ and she shyly yells ‘Girl’! It was such a sweet moment and I was so happy how excited she was AND that daddy got it on video!

General thoughts:

To be honest, I haven’t had much time to process the news yet. I am loving knowing what you are, which I’m really surprised about. I kind of thought the excitement would be over once I knew, but 3 days later, I’ll catch myself just smiling knowing you are a little girl! I also kind of love having this be a secret right now. We haven’t shared the news with anyone yet, but will be sharing in the next couple days. There is something sweet just keeping this news to us right now.

I’m so excited for you and Lexi to be sisters. I think a bond between sisters is something really special and am excited that you both will be able to experience it. I am curious what your relationship will look like considering you will be 4.5 years apart. Will the age gap and having William between you reduce the bickering that sisters can have? Will it be challenging to have a relationship considering the larger age gap or will none of this make a difference and you’re still going to have moments where you are each other’s best friends and worst enemies?  Time will tell and I’m sure it will vary based on each of your ages. Hoping that you two will be best buds, especially since we plan on you sharing rooms once you are big enough to be out of a crib.

Another major bonus is you also get to have a big brother!! I loved the idea of big brothers watching out for their little sisters and protecting them. We’ll see how your’s and William’s personalities develop over the years and if that is something he will do or that you will enjoy but it is pretty awesome to have both a big sister and brother to pave the way and watch out for you.

I’m sure many more thoughts to come on this topic in the following months.

We love you!

Your Mama