William, William Monthly Updates

William 22 Months

Merry Christmas William,

You are 22 months old today, which also happens to be Christmas. This holiday season has been so fun with you! Your vocabulary and speech improve everyday making it easier and easier to communicate with you. You’re expressive and show much joy for the season. You love to look at lights on peoples houses and yell ‘Oh Wow!’ or ‘Wook mama Wook’. You’re eyes just about pop out of your head when you saw the Christmas tree. You were pretty amped up about your blue airplane ornament and carried it around the house for a couple of hours while we were decorating. You did also like to take ornaments off the tree, and broke several, which meant the tree was pretty much decorated from the 3 feet and up. Your absolute favorite was the train that goes around the tree. You were running around and stomping your feet as Daddy set it up and kept yelling ‘Choo Choo Train’ or ‘Tracks’. Once it was set up and running, you would get so excited and look at me with a huge grin and eyes as wide as the Mississippi. Eventually, Daddy connected noise to it so you could honk the horn and ring the bell and it was pretty much that was the best thing ever. While going down the stairs in the morning, you would yell ‘Choo Choo Train. William Horn’. You also sat on Santa’s lap. You didn’t enjoy it and wanted off stat, but you did sit there long enough for a picture. After, you would proceed to talk about ‘Santa’s Lap’ so it couldn’t have been that terrible. You also started to get the hang of some Christmas songs and will occasionally chime in with Jingle Bells or Frosty. You were much more into presents this year and would say ‘Wow’ while you were opening them, and followed up by ‘Open’. You just wanted to sit and play with the toys you got verses opening new presents. Your tools are by far the highlight and favorite toy as you’re constantly playing with them and looking for your ‘drivers’.

IMG_7699Other things about the month is your bad habit of biting! It is pretty bad and you have gotten your sister really bad (like top and bottom teeth marks that break the skin). I’m not sure when/where this started, but it happens pretty frequently. Most notably while you’re wrestling, you’re trying to get a hold on someone so you bit their clothes or a blanket, but often go beyond that. You do also do it when you’re angry. We’ve been working on it, but I’m a little lost at what to do to get you to stop. We do timeouts and tell you no that hurts people, but you continue to do it. You are stubborn and determined and opinionated–which is a fierce combination. You will throw tantrums if you don’t have the right cup or you’re not sitting in the right seat or we give you a red M&M instead of a Green one. You don’t like to wear mittens and most of the time hate getting your diaper changed (however the last few days haven’t seemed so bad). Tantrums include furrowing your brows, giving the evil eye, throwing your arm in an attempt to hit and yelling ‘No Mama’ or ‘Go Away Mama’ or ‘No, the oder one’. If I give you something you don’t like, you take it and chuck it and stomp around.

With all that said, you are quite the cuddler and comedian. You love to sit on my lap and snuggle under a blanket and watch Mickey Mouse. At night, we’ll lie in the rocking chair after reading books and you snuggle right into me and go to sleep. You love to randomly come and give me hugs and kisses while you’re playing and tell me ‘i wov you mama’. You love to read books and say ‘sit lap’. In the morning you’ll say ‘Eat’ ‘Mon mommy’ while pulling my finger, in which i’ll respond, ‘Do you want to eat, are you hungry?’ and you’ll respond. ‘Yes…,Yes I do’. While buckling you into your car seat, you’ll smile at me and tell me that it is ‘Chilly’ out. You do a great job of playing by yourself. You’re favorite way to play is laying on your tummy or on your side and you’ll put train tracks together, build tunnels for the trains out of cardboard, push cars around or do puzzles. You love to wrestle and be rough. You and daddy often tackle each other and you giggle and laugh the entire time. IMG_7743


You also got your first haircut this month. You were feeling a little under the weather and sported your ‘grump face’ the entire time. But, you sat very still the whole time and looked so handsome and grown up by the end.

IMG_7730 IMG_7731




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William 20 Months

Dear William,

This past month has been so much fun. For October, the weather has been amazing and has allowed us lots of time to play outside, which is your all time fave!

_MG_0482 _MG_0457


Your language and vocabulary continue to sky-rocket. You’re saying more complicated words like broccoli and medicine and have started to put two word phrases together like nose hurt or poop hurt. Or you see a boat and announce ‘boat’ which is quickly followed by ‘papa’ referring to papa’s boat. You love all things transportation! You stop when you hear an airplane or a helicopter. You announce every bus or boat we pass on the road and will say ‘bye-bye bus’ as they drive away. You love Taxi’s and fire engines and diggers and lawn mowers. They are your favorite toys to play with and you make corresponding noises when you play with them, VRRROOMMM, BEEEEEP, BRAAAHM

You’ve also started to understand and articulate emotions like fun and happy. You’ll  be pushing your cozy coupe car down the driveway at lightening speeds, giggling hysterically and say fun! Or we’ll go for a walk and you turn around and say happy. Or I’ll be pushing you in the cart and you say fast, more! So fun to watch that little brain of yours develop these abstract ideas. You witnessed your first fireworks this month as we lit off a couple at Grandma T’s birthday party and you LOVED them. You laughed and shouted with joy and begged for more.

We also went to the cabin with Auntie Sheila and future Uncle Dustin this month and had a lot of fun playing ‘bomb you’ wrestling, playing chase, riding mini-bikes and visiting split rock lighthouse.



You still like to read books, however you prefer to sit on the floor in front of me while I read them. I’m assuming this is because it is how it is done at school. Occasionally, I’ll try and sing to you while you’re falling asleep, however most of the time you tell me no. Most nights we read our books, you help me shut off the light and we recline back in the rocking chair, you nuzzle in and you pass out within 5-10 min. You do a great job of transferring into your crib and rarely make a peep. You typically are sleeping by 8:00 and wake up between 7 and 7:30.

This month, you also had your first bout with strep throat. Lexi got it about a week before you did. On Saturday, you were usually clingy and whiney while we were getting ready to go to the Dustin’s families apple orchard. And as we were about to put your shoes on, you threw up all over me. This was the first time you have thrown up so you were pretty upset about it. We got you all cleaned up and you were running around the house like nothing happened, so we hopped it was a fluke and then headed to the orchard where you had a great time. Then on Monday, Daddy noticed a rash on you and assumed it was an allergic reaction to the cinnamon in apple pie (don’t think I ever wrote about that, one day at Day Care you had some cinnamon on your apples and broke out in hives from it). However the rash didn’t go away and continued to get worse. IMG_7501


On our way into school on Tuesday morning, I called the Dr to check in and they requested to see you right away. So we dropped Lexi off and headed to the Calhoun office. The doctor confirmed it was definitely hives, did a quick strep test give your sister and it came out negative. So we took some Benadryl and went back to school. However the next day, the 24 hour test came back positive to turns out the hives were from strep and not cinnamon (at least this time).


To make this story a little longer, Daddy stayed home with you the next day but forgot to put your refrigerated medicine back into the fridge so I spent 2+ hours calling Drs and Pharmacists back and forth to see if the medicine was bad. Turns out it was and Daddy had to rush to the pharmacy to get a new one before it closed for the night.


I also had conferences with Mrs Essi this month and she talked about how you are such a sweet boy. You are a good listener, you pick up toys, love to play outside, take good naps, participate in group time but are pretty shy. This was a big shocker to me because you do not seem the least bit shy to me, but now that I watch for it, you do get she when people ask you a question or you know you’ve done some wrong. Next month is a fun one with Halloween and Thanksgiving! And before I know it, you’ll be two!

Love, Mama


IMG_7514 IMG_7517


William, William Monthly Updates

William 19 Months

My Sweet Little Bood!

This month just flew by! I didn’t take one single note so this may be a shorter post.

This month it felt like we turned a big corner in your relationship with Lexi. I think you are starting to learn to play with each other instead of constantly being at each other’s throats. For the first time ever, Lexi requests to stay home and play with you instead of running errands with me, or she only wants to come with me if you’re coming too. Don’t get me wrong, you two still fight like crazy, but you also really love to play with each other too. You love to play legos, ride on the horse, play squinkies, chase each other, play trains, kick balls, play catch and watch Mickey Mouse together. You refer to her as ‘sis-tar’ and ask for her when you wake up or point to her things and say ‘sistar’. When you are both playing outside at school you find each other on the playground and give hugs and high-fives through the fence.

IMG_7381 IMG_7411

You’re attempting to say many more words and point to objects or actions in books and tell me what is happening–like if you see a someone lying down you point and say sleep. At school this month, the theme was transportation so you have perfected the word bus and point out every single bus, boat, car and truck we pass on the road. When we pass a boat, you’ll call out boat, and quickly follow with ‘papa’ putting together that papa has a boat.


You are turning out to be quite mischievous. I thought I was going to be bald from pulling my hair from three straight days of messy situations. Day 1, you climbed onto the table and got into the stamps Lexi was playing with and smeared blue and pink all of your hands and tummy and feet (which makes purple of course). Then you proceeded to come find all of us upstairs. However, you still crawl up the stairs on your hands and knees, so there were two full blue, pink and purple handprints on every single stair. Day 2, I mistakenly left a full 24 oz smoothie on my nightstand. You got into it and tipped the entire thing over onto the carpet and then proceeded to jump in it like a puddle (which it was) so it splattered everywhere. Then you ran from our bedroom into Lexi’s so again, we had footprint smoothies across the entire upstairs floor. Day 3, you climbed onto Daddy’s desk chair and then onto his desk and reached behind the computer to find some pen type markers. You then proceeded to color with blue, purple and brown marker all over your hands, feet, legs and stomach. Unfortunately, you didn’t stop there, you also drew all over the carpet on the stairs. You are fantastic at drawing straight lines because there were tons of them. Thankfully, your Daddy found some magic carpet cleaning powder (resolve powder) and we were able to scrub everything out. I failed as a mom during these moments as I only took pictures of one incident.  IMG_7391

One of my favorite moments of the month was playing outside with you and the cozy coupe car. You bring it into the garage and then stand behind it and run down the driveway while pushing it. This thing gets smoking fast and I have to stop you about 3/4 of the way down the driveway because I don’t think your legs can move fast enough and you’re going to faceplant. But you love this activity and burst into giggles when I stop you and request ‘more’ or ‘again’.


As it has gotten darker in the morning, you are starting to sleep in later. On average you wake up around 7 to 7:30 and even slept past 8 one morning–heaven! You go to bed around 8 or 8:30 and take about a 2 hour nap each day around 12:30ish.


    • Playing in the bath and blowing bubbles and splashing


  • Reading ‘Little Blue Truck’–which you call Beep Beep, Goodnight Moon, the animal book, guess who, my first 100 words and any book with peek-a-boo flaps



  • Playing outside (slides, running, pushing your cozy coupe, bubbles, chalk, throwing/kicking balls)



  • Going for walks!!



  • Playing trains, pushing (or riding) the truck, playing in the cozy coupe inside.



  • Watching Mickey Mouse clubhouse–which you just call mouse



  • Jumping on the couch



  • Playing ‘bomb you’



  • Riding the horse



  • Puzzles!!



  • Fruit snacks (as soon as we get in the car after school, you immediatly begin asking me for ‘snacs’





IMG_7407 IMG_7418

William, William Monthly Updates

William 17 Months

Dear William,

Life with you gets better everyday. You have the biggest smile that match your twinkly eyes and I squirm in excitement for how much I love you. This past July has been a fun month filled with lots of activities. We started the month off with Daddy and I on a staycation for 12 whole days, including a trip to Duluth for mama’s cousin, Laura’s wedding! The week was amazing and filled with your favorite things like trips to the beach and lawn mower rides, boating, slides and running around outside. Throughout the rest of the month, we went to new parks, enjoyed our new fenced in yard, saw Choo Choo Bob perform and so much more!



You love to clean! You love to push the broom or the swifter around and are obsessed with the vacuum. You are a great helper in wiping things up. I’ll catch you getting toilet paper and then wiping the floor or around the toilet like I do when I’m cleaning. You also got ahold of a clorox wipe and started cleaning off your airplane and wiping down the kitchen chairs. I’m glad your observant to all of the cleaning I do and hope your enthusiasm for it doesn’t fad so I can have a good helper when you get older 🙂

You LOVE to go for walks and insist on it if you ever get a glimpse of the stroller.
Trains, Trains Trains! You are your father’s son. You like to watch Thomas, Choo Choo Bob and Daddy’s real life train videos. You love to play with them and push them around on the tracks (although you break the tracks pretty quickly).
Lawn mowers. You insist that you ride with Daddy while he mows and if you hear someone else mowing their lawn, you run to the door and yell, Dadda, and look to find whomever is mowing. You also love to climb up on the mower in the garage and just sit there, bonus if you have the ear muffs on

Raspberries! You love to put them on your fingers and wiggle them around.
You love daddy’s tools. Your own tool kit/work bench may be wrapped under the Christmas tree this year!

Books: Animal book, Vehicle book, Guess Who, The spotted lady bug, Goodnight Thomas

Songs: Wheels on the Bus
Toys: Trains, your Dusty Crophopper plan (which you just learned how to move forward on it and we can barely get you off it) Cars, Little People Barn, Blue Soccer Ball, Bubbles

You love to wear hats
You love to make people laugh
You love to snuggle your raccoon and a blanket


You absolutely despise getting your diaper changed and coming inside from playing outside
Getting up from naps have been a bear! You are completely inconsolable. I’m not sure if you’re just waking up before your ready to, but you don’t want to eat, or drink or play or snuggle or read a book or watch a show or be put down on the ground, or be in my arms. You just sit and whine and squirm around for a good 20 minutes, but it happens almost everyday. No fun, Mr. Crank Pants!
Cutting teeth. You’re in the process of cutting some of your eye teeth and these things are no joke. Holy smokes do they make you angry!
When anyone tells you no or Lexi does something you don’t like–you have definitely figured out that by crying and whining that you’ll get your ways. I’m working on not being such a push-over for you, your so darn sweet and cute, it is hard not to be though

Every week, we hear new words come out of your little mouth. Most of them aren’t easily understood by most people, but I can tell what you’re trying to say, particularly with the inflection and syllable break.

Clear words include: Boat, mine, No, Mama, Dadda, Choo Choo, yes, please, Done, papa, nigh-nigh, bye, hi, Beep, Vroom, uh-oh
Attempted words: Wi-um= Willium, Da-Dee=Lexi, ch=chair, Doon= Raccoon, Sheeeew=airplane, mil=milk, wa= water and walk, Duk= stuck, wack wack= quack quack= duck, Dew= Shoe, Sa= sock

Favorite Moments:

Before you get into your Crazy Coupe Car, you’ll run over and give me a hug and a kiss and say Bye-bye before driving off in your car
When you go down slides you yell out Wheeee!
At the beginning of the month, you learned the word ‘mine’ and you would say it over and over and over again. You sounded just like the seagulls in Finding Nemo when they yell ‘mine, mine, mine, mine, mine’
We’ll be going up to bed and you put your finger over my mouth and say ‘Shuush’
I can’t hear you say your name enough–and when you saw Meow for cat, it just comes out as mauw and it is the sweetest thing
Occasionally, when we’re going to bed, we’ll sing a song-specifically Twinkle Twinkle and you make noises along with me at the same pitch/tune
I love watching you push your bus around the house and say beep beep
When you and Lexi make each other laugh–usually while we are eating, you both have the most contagious laughs and it is awesome
When you scrunch up your eyes and nose and laugh at me

Daycare Transition

At the beginning of the month you transitioned from the Older Infants classroom into the Toddler classroom. In your new class, you only take 1 nap, get to go outside, have group time and more structure to your day. You also start drinking from a regular cup and using utencils. I thought it was going to be a difficult transition, but you were a rock star and only cried the first day I dropped you off and have been awesome since. I love when I go and pick you up, you run over to me with your arms up in the air and give me a HUGE hug and then run to your locker to get your raccoon.

We love you so much buddy and can’t wait to see what 18 months brings us!



IMG_7168 IMG_7166

IMG_7169 IMG_7172

IMG_7153 IMG_7144

IMG_7135 IMG_7131

IMG_7124 IMG_7092

IMG_7090 IMG_7082

IMG_7073 IMG_7017

IMG_7009 IMG_7001

IMG_7179 IMG_7195


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William 16 Months (1 year 4 months)

My sweet little William,

This past month has been so fun. We are officially into summer and from what we can tell, you love everything about it. You insist on being outside at all times and just stand at the door begging to go out. You giggle when you dump sand through your fingers in the sandbox and stop to analyze the soft grass blades between your toes when running around barefoot. You love chasing balls, being chased, playing with sprinklers and going down slides. In fact, the only way you prefer to go down is head first. For the most part, you do pretty good at catching yourself but have had a couple spills here and there.




We’ve set up the pool a couple of times; at first you weren’t a fan of the chilly water, but when the sun had warmed it up a bit, you had yourself a grand time splashing, going down the slide into the pool, drinking the water and lowering yourself to waste hight and them jumping up and giggling with delight. Each time, you’ll look to me for a reaction and I’ll give you some kind of surprised look and you burst into laughter, sometimes so much you fall down.


We also went to the beach which was a big hit. You loved sitting in the sand and splashing and kicking your legs. You loved picking up the wet muddy sand and having it side out. Thankfully, you there were only a few occasions where it ended up in your mouth. Mama is also grateful you have an obsession with hats to protect your sweet skin from the harsh sun–your big sister is very opinionated about when she will and will not wear a hat.


As much as you love everything outside, I would say your two favorite things are lawn mowers and trains. You insist on sitting on daddy’s lap while you mow the lawn. You help steer and will chat away while you two mow. It really melts my heart to see my two Williams out there together in matching earmuffs just motoring along. Even when you aren’t mowing you love to climb on it and wiggle the steering wheel and even have the ear muffs on. It is the first place you run to when you get in the garage.  You also really really like trains. I randomly brought up the train bin from the basement and it has been a big hit. You’ll pull pieces out and run the trains on them, or on the floor or furniture or my legs, really anything that the wheels will move on. You refer to them as ChooChoos and make the noises as your pushing them along. You also really love to carry them around the house wherever you are going–which is awesome to be constantly picking up trains throughout the house at all times.







  • Clearly understood words: Baby, Hi, Bye, No, Bubbles, Ball, Mama, Dada, Mine, Uh-Oh, pease (please), ChooChoo
  • Things only mama understands: Mi= Milk; Ba= Bottle (even though it is a sippy cup), Do=Show, shoe; Da=done, down; Woof=dog; moow=cat; H=hug and hop (meaning bunny), Dat=Hat and hot; Pa=papa; Boo=moo for cow


  • Books: 100 first words, Vehicles, Little Blue Truck
  • Playing in the bathtub
  • Drinking Milk
  • Food: Marshmallows, popsicles, ice cream, eggs, raspberries, blackberries, crackers, cereal, crasins, watermelon, avocado
  • Mama
  • Thomas the train, Choo Choo Bob
  • Horses
  • Climbing
  • Making people laugh

One Saturday, Dada was gone and you just refused to take a nap. So we sat down and played cars and trucks and read books and played with your farm. We played peek-a-boo behind a plate and oh my goodness did we have so much fun and do you make me laugh. It was so good to have some solid one-on-one time with you where I wasn’t distracted to do laundry, clean the house or start making dinner. It was just good solid play time with you and I. You soaked up that time and love to make me (or anyone) laugh. It will be interesting to see if you continue this comedic personality (like your dada) as you get older.


  • Swinging
  • Looking at my phone; if you want me to be playing with you and I look at my phone you shake your head and try and take it out of my hands and throw it–clearly we’re too attached to these things and I’ve been working on not looking at it while you are awake
  • Lexi taking stuff from you; this is understandable to get upset about this, but you will start crying if she comes near you. You know Mama will come rescue you and are using it to your advantage you smart little boy! You’re a little bit of a whiner and cry-baby and we need to work on toughing you up a little bit 🙂

William, every ounce of you oozes with sweetness from your curly baby hair to your pure blue eyes and dimple in your left check to your cuddly-teady-bear hugs, love for trains, tools and machinery. You so much more of everything I had prayed my little boy would be. Your mama, dada and sister love you more than words could ever describe.



PS. I think this happened about a month ago, but I don’t think I ever wrote about it. You have really taken an affection to your raccoon stuffed animal and your navy blue blanket. You take them out of the crib with you and when you see it laying in the floor your run to them and nuzzle your face into them.








William, William Monthly Updates

William 15 months (1 year 3 months)

Dear Bood,

This month flew by and I didn’t even take any notes to document so I’m going to have to go by memory.

IMG_6717 Eating and sleeping is a pretty consistent story. You wake up between 6:15 and 7:00 each day and go to bed around 8 and have two 1 hour naps around 10 and 2.You guzzle an oz or two of whole milk before naps and want to eat when you wake up. At bedtime, we usually read a book or two in the rocking chair, give you your racoon and blanket and sippy and we snuggle in the rocking chair. Rarely do you actually fall asleep as you’re busy moving around trying to get comfortable and snuggle. This is usually one of my favorite parts of the day. I love how content you are to be in my arms and never try to get down, are just moving to get comfy. You love to curl up in a ball and put your checks on my chest or shoulder. Ahhh, it is so peaceful and relaxing and something I never experienced with Lexi. After about 5-10 minutes, we lay you in your crib put your blanket over you and you conk right out. IMG_6711

I can’t think of anything you regularly refuse to eat. You have days where you prefer some things over others, but for the most part  you eat everything. You LOVE all fruit, cooked veggies, bread/crackers and milk. You insist on eating whatever I’m eating or if you’re chewing on something and see something that appears better, you just spit out your food and ask for what I’m eating. We officially cut off bottles this month. As always, I anticipate the transition being more difficult than it was. And I love the snuggle time we have now way more then I enjoyed giving you bottles!

IMG_6672 IMG_6657

Talking is still few and far between. I feel like this is the first month where you have consistently used ‘Mama’ and ‘Dada’ when you want us (verses just grunting). You make the sound ‘da’ which means done, down, duck, door and hot; ‘do’ is shoe; ‘peas’ is please;  bal ‘is ball’; i swear i’ve heard ‘bu-bey’ meaning blueberry; choo is train and ‘tu-tu’ is tootles (from Micky Mouse) Sign language is getting better; you sign: dog, cat, hat, gorilla, wave hi and bye, please and all done.

IMG_6720 All four of your molars came in this month, which caused quite a bit of pain for you. New teeth have always been a bit of a bear and all four at one time made you much more whiney and crabby than general. All four are in now and you are back to the happy, smiley little munchkin you always are. IMG_6747


You are are little comedian and love to make people laugh and laugh too. You love being tickled, going upside down, going for walks in the stroller, playing peek-a-boo, being chased, chasing Lexi, going down the slide (specifically head first), bubbles, being next to daddy as he is working on projects, tools, mowing the lawn, reading books, watching Micky Mouse, being outside, giving hugs, shoes, playing trains, cars, raccoon and blanket.

IMG_6818 IMG_6748

IMG_6819 IMG_6716

IMG_6691 IMG_6669


Lexi being mean to you (i.e. pushing/kicking you, taking toys away from you, poking you in the eye), coming inside, diaper changes, getting buckled into your car seat, swinging/spinning

My sweet little William, you are growing up so quickly and into the sweetest, snuggly, hilarious little boy and I can’t get enough of you. You have mama just smitten with you and there isn’t anything I can do about it.


IMG_6639 IMG_6688

IMG_6687 IMG_6749

IMG_6695 IMG_6702

IMG_6709 IMG_6710

IMG_6742 IMG_6820

William, William Monthly Updates

William 14 months (1 year 2 months)

Dear William,

Although you are completely unaware, this month has been an emotional one for our family. On Tuesday, April 5th your great grandpa Sampson passed away. Although he had been having a handful of health problems over the past year, he passed pretty quickly, which was great that he wasn’t in a lot of pain suffering but still hard to believe he is actually gone. I’m sure you won’t ever remember him, but he loved you so much. He was so proud to have you carry on the family name, not only from a William standpoint but from a Sampson standpoint. None of great-grandpa’s nephews had any children so the only men to carry on the ‘Sampson’ name is Grandpa Sampson, Daddy and now you. He really was a great man who loved Jesus, his family, flying airplanes, fixing things, staying up to date on technology, growing veggies (he basically was a mini farmer) and sharing his veggies with anyone that would take them. Your Daddy was very close with him and learned so many amazing things from him like how to play tennis, how to take things apart and put them back together, using tools and building things and so much more. So far, it looks like you share similar interests as you are fascinated by tools and Daddy will be able to teach you the many things he learned from Great Grandpa.


On a little more upbeat note, April was pretty raining and a little colder than normal, but on the handful of days that the sun shone, you loved being outside. You were a little unsure of it at first, but when you could run around and play and explore things like dirt and rocks and grass and hear the birds and airplanes, you’ve decided there is no place you would rather be. You cry when we come inside and will go bring your shoes to use on a regular basis and stand by the door and beg to be outside. You love going for walks and will climb up in the stroller and just wait to be pushed. You love bubbles and chalk and the crazy coup. We haven’t made it into the bike trailer yet for a ride, but I have a feeling you’re going to love that too.



IMG_6536 IMG_6537


Sleep is pretty status quo. You sleep for about an hour at each nap at day care and drink about an oz of whole milk in a sippy for the first nap and 3-4oz for the second. For bedtime, you have a bottle around 7:30ish and then go to bed around 8. You may cry on the way up to bed, but usually stop within 1-2 min of us walking out the door. In the morning, you’ll usually wake around 6:30 (the 5:30 mornings are dreadful!). About halfway through the month, you stopped taking a bottle in the morning so are really just down to one bottle before bedtime. Giving you a bottle is one of my favorite times of the day as you just snuggle in and sit contently with mom or dad for 20 minutes. However, I am counting down the days until I can put all the bottle parts away. So much extra clutter on the counter.


You love to eat still and insist on feeding yourself. You’ve started to hold forks and spoons while you eat and attempt to use them, but are almost never successful. You love love love Cinnamon Toast Crunch (without milk) all berries, ice cream, avacado, and bread/crackers.


You’re still not talking a whole lot but are starting to make more sounds. Your ‘B’s are very defined for ball and bottle. You’ve also gotten good with your ‘Ds’ for down(stairs), all done, dadda, and Due (for shoe). You’ll also say, mmamama which means you’re hungry. However, your comprehension is pretty good. You follow directions like ‘it’s time to go bye-bye, can you go get me your shoes’ or ‘let’s wash hands’ or ‘go get a book’. Baby sign language has also improved. You consistently sign ‘All done’ ‘dog’ ‘cate’ ‘bird’ ‘duck’ and are getting better about signing ‘please’. You love to roar like a lion and woof like a dog.


You and your sister have a love hate relationship, already. You love to play chase and hide and seek and make each other laugh. However, we need to do a lot of work on sharing with both of you. If you’re playing with a toy and she gets near you, you’ll start crying and whining and you push her. She also likes to randomly hit you and steal things out of your hands and push you too. For me, this constant tension and arguing is the most challenging thing about parenting right now, it runs my patience pretty thin.


With that said, I can never be mad at you. Your little smile just lights my whole world up and think you are the cutest thing ever. You melt my heart with your sweet and random snuggles and kisses. Mrs. Heidy and Mrs. Alba are smitten with you and said you love to give all the teachers snuggles and hugs throughout the day.

We love you little Bood!



IMG_6580 We love you to pieces William, Love, Mama IMG_6585

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