About Peanut Smiles

To my munchkins,

When I first discovered Lexi was growing inside me, I was flooded with emotions. I was excited, scared, happy, sick, nervous, surprised; it felt like pretty much every emotion there was, I was experiencing. And I couldn’t talk about it with anyone but Daddy and I felt like I was going to burst. So I started writing down my thoughts privately in a word doc., just to get them out of my head and let me think about something else for a change. I found it incredibly therapeutic to openly talk about how I was feeling without the fear of anyone judging me.

And as time went on, I continued to write and found it very relaxing and exciting to document my journey with each of you. And I hope that, maybe, just someday you would want to read about it too.

So here we are today with a blog that is partly for me to express my thoughts and remember the moments I never want to forget and partly for you to learn about your journey and how you grew up.

Love, Mama

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