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William 3 Months

Mr. William,

Three whole months of life on this earth with us and you are a charmer. This month brought us laughter, more sleep, the beginning tendencies of a schedule and the return of work for mama.




We’re still working on what ‘normal’ is for you as it will be similar for a couple of nights and then you’ll change it up. I lost my notes on how you were sleeping at the beginning of the month, so unfortunatly I don’t have anything to report there, but I have a feeling you really won’t care. Over the last two or weeks or so, I swaddle you, feed you and put you to bed around 11:30. You would typically wake up somewhere between 4:00 and 9:00–hows that for specific? For any of the 4-6:30 wake ups, you ate quick and went right back to bed. (We quit doing middle of the night diaper changes about a month ago). If you woke up anytime after 6:30, you would eat, change your diaper and then come downstairs and play for an hour or so and then be ready for another nap. For the past 5 nights or so, you’ve slept until 8 or 9 which has been heavenly. The 4:30 feedings were pretty difficult on work mornings, because that meant I was up for the day. One night, you even slept until 10:15 for daddy! 11 hours little bud, wahoo!


Similarly, you’re not consistent enough to have regular naps times yet. Most days you take your first nap about an hour or so after you wake up. You start to get winey and fussy and get very heavy eyed when you’re ready for a snooze. Once this happens, we typically take you upstairs swaddle you in an aden + anis muslin blanket lay you down, put your pacifier in, turn the sound machine on and close the door and you almost always fall asleep within in a minute or two. You also love to stare at your ceiling fan which helps you fall asleep. You’ll sleep somewhere between 30 minutes and an hour and 15 min or so. Occasionally, you’ll sleep for 2+ hours, which is amazing, but also very rare. You’re not a huge carseat sleeper. You will fall asleep in it, but only if it is close to your nap time and usually wake up within an hour or if we bring you in the house or change your environment (i.e. leave the car to go in a store). In addition to your morning nap you’ll also have one in the afternoon maybe around 2:00ish, another around 6:00ish and then again around 9:00ish. You almost always are put to sleep awake and are very happy when you wake. You’ll whimper a little but rarely do you have angry crys. There are occasions where you get overtired and are too fussy to be put to sleep awake, in which I’ll put a blanket around your face and then walk and bounce you, shush in your ear and hold your really tight and you’ll calm down and fall asleep within 2-5 minutes. You’re not a huge fan of the rocking chair and only fall asleep nursing before bed or middle of the night feedings. So crazy how kids are so different.



You are a fantastic eater little bud. So glad we got over that first month hump. I was honestly thinking I may not be able to breastfeed you. Before heading back to work, you ate every 2 hours on the dot–with the exception at night when you would sleep longer stretches. Upon returning to work, Daddy has been able to stretch you out to 3-4 hours between each feeding, with lots of help from sister. For bottle feedings you’re usually downing 4 to 5 ounces and take 2-3 bottles while I’m at work.


Each morning, I pump both sides before leaving and get 7-8 ounces on the right side and 2-4 ounces on the left, depending if you slept through the night or not. While at work I pump twice, once at 10:00 getting 3-4 ounces and again at 1:30 and get about 5 ounces. One thing to note is how much you move while eating. You’re constantly moving your hands and kicking and popping on and off, which makes it difficult to know if you’re done or just taking a break. You also dispise being burped. We try and burp half way through a feeding and you almost always cry and get upset that your precious food is being taken away from you.


Development and personality

You found your hands this month and love to suck on them or really anything. You continue to love your pacifier but often choose to spit it out and suck on your hands instead.



Tummytime can be a hit or miss. If you’re in a good happy mood (i.e. slept, fed and changed) you do great and love to push your self up and look around. About half of the time you’ll roll over onto your back. We’ve also started to hear little giggles escape from you. They are seriously the best! These sweet noises are usually an outcome of Lexi being in your face or us tickling you. And, oh my stars, are you ticklish, I love it! Specific spots include your belly, on your side right behind your arm, your feet, your neck and the chunky little rolls that are starting to develop on your legs.  You also adore your star on your play mat and will happily just listen to the music and watch the light flash. While doing this you’ve started to reach for toys or you accidentally hit them with your reflexes–either way you’re discovering new things. On that note, daddy says you love music. You regularly listen to ‘rock in roll’ while he is working and it usually mellows you out and you just sit in your bouncer and enjoy.


Overall, you are just a happy little guy and such a good baby. Whenever you see mine or daddy’s face, you gleam in excitement and give us the biggest open-mouthed closed-eye smile. You’ll be whining and fussing and I’ll come over to check on you and give you your pacifier and you light up in delight the moment you see our face and just want to be played. Melts my heart sweet boy!


Other notes

  • You wear size 2 diapers and mostly 3-6 month clothes. Although, the length of the 3-6 month clothing is starting to get a little tight–especially outfits with footies.
  • Your name seems to be a topic of discussion among most people. We hear lots of positive remarks about what a good, strong and regal name it is, quickly followed by ‘What are you going to call him’? So far we are sticking to ‘William.’ It may change as you get older, but for now we’re calling you by your full name.
  •  You do a great job in the bath. I’ve started to get in the bath with you as the little baby tub is just awkward. You love to lay back and float and kick your little legs.
  • You love your mama and seem to sense when I’m around or when I leave, and I secretly love that. You do fine with daddy and others, but I can calm you down better and faster than anyone.



Happy 3 months little guy! I miss you so much while I’m work but so happy your at home with Daddy having fun! Can’t wait to see what this next month brings us.










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Thoughts on the end of maternity leave round 2

Dear future self,

I have one day left before maternity leave ends and it hit me like a sack of potatoes today. Yesterday, I felt the wind up, but today I was hit. There is a part of me that is sad that these cute munchkins aren’t going to see my face in the morning, nor do I get to see theirs or smell their morning breath or hear William’s little cries or Lexi rattling our door open. I have truly adored our lazy relaxing mornings when we all snuggle in bed together and get a few more minutes to sleep while Lexi watches videos of herself. Which is followed by a leisurely breakfast and staying in pajamas until noon. And staying in pajamas until noon sounds cliche, but really, to get out of the house anytime before 11 was really challenging.

Most of what I feel is anxiety about what is too come. There is the fairly trivial questions racing through my mind at any given moment, What will our new schedule be like? Will I continue to leave the house before eyelids have lifted? Will Bill and I have 2 minutes of time for ourselves? But, a big part of that anxiety is fear. Being a working mom was challenging; how much harder is it going to be to have two? I fear the pressure to be more proactive about meal planning. I dread going back to grocery shopping with crowded aisles and picked over produce and running errands with the rest of the world on the weekends. I dread the pumping and the cleaning of the parts and the bottles and the mental checklist of making sure it is all ready for the following morning. As I type this all out and process what I’m really feeling, I guess what I fear is the constant rush of life that is about to ensue again. Evenings and weekends are consumed with prepping and planning to help make tomorrow a little bit smoother, I don’t get to just enjoy the time with Bill, Lexi and William the way I have for the past 6 weeks.


To me, it is fascinating to compare my thoughts on the end of this maternity leave from the first one. Overall, Lexi’s was fairly relaxing. She was sleeping great and because it was so cold, we spent a lot of time inside just relaxing.  This time, I would describe it more as fun. That first month was rough for all, but once we got over that hump we were able to enjoy our time and do fun things. We went on lots of walks, went to MOA several times, got together with friends, played outside lots, went to parks and the zoo several times. At the end of Lexi’s leave, I was consumed by saddness and remember nearly refusing to put her down as I needed to soak up every last moment with her. I feel like I have grown so much from those days. Granted, lots of things have changed, including 3 different jobs since then. But for the first time, I feel like I have a job that I like enough that I’m kind of looking forward to going back. I’m curious to see what has happened (or hasn’t) while I’ve been out and get re-engaged into something that is bigger than contemplating the best time to make a Target run between feedings and naps.

To wrap up my thoughts, I am so grateful to be blessed with these two amazing and healthy little firecrackers that make me flutter in delight at a mere thought of them and the opportunity to even have a maternity leave. I give thanks that I have a job that pays well enough to give me this time and that I actually want to go back to. And a husband who works very unconventional and undesirable hours to watch said firecrackers, which makes me feel so much more comfortable and confident in going back to work. Lastly, as Lexi and I have been doing together every night, I prey for a smooth transition for the whole family as we embark on this next step. It is funny how I feel like I’m doing more nesting now than I did before William’s arrival. I’ve been making lists and crossing things off, ensuring the bathrooms have all been deep cleaned, everyone has clothes to wear for the next 3 months, meals are ready and available and projects are all wrapped up to make the evenings and nights as enjoyable as possible.


Cheers to my 12 week fairytale and our new reality.