Kate’s First Day of Preschool

Today we left with you a non-family member for the first time in your life. It still amazes me that you are 4 years old and have been with a family member every second of your life. However, almost half your life has been in a pandemic so maybe from that perspective it isn’t that surprising?!?

Either way, you were SO excited to finally be going to school after watching Lexi and William year after year. You were telling everyone your teacher’s name and asking for a week straight, when do I go to school, how many days?

Wednesday morning we had a little open house where we got to see the classroom, bring in your school supplies and have a mini pre-conference with your teacher. You were very shy, but still excited.

Friday morning, you slept in until 8:00, got up and started playing by yourself. We had a quick breakfast, your favorite—key lime Yogurt and orange juice. We put on your new purple dress and put a headband braid in so you could match Lexi. Like William and Lexi, Daddy made you an amazing sign with your favorite—a purple bunny front and center. We took a few pictures and then drove the 5 min to school. You were pretty quiet the whole ride there (which is unusual for my non-stop question asker) and snuggled no-knee a bit. The only question you had was if you were going to do Math or not, which is hilarious to think that is what was on your mind and that you even know what Math is.

When we got there, you hopped right out of the van, got in line to get your name tag and then stood next to the school until all the students were checked in and ready to start your day. You waved a quick good-bye and walked into school without a second thought. No tears (even from me, which was surprising).

As Daddy and I went home and respectively went to do work, it was the first time that all three of you kids were in school and we could work un-interrupted (or for at least 2.5 hours). I know this is just the beginning, but it is just as big of a milestone for us as it is for you.

Daddy and I both came to pick you up and and when you were dismissed, you ran as fast as your new purple shoes could take you with the BIGGEST smile on your face and Ryan into my arms and gave me the biggest, longest and strongest hug ever. I even started to let go a little but you grabbed harder and I just embraced it as the banks of my eyes overflowed. You had the BEST day and were so HAPPY to see us and that just made me so happy.

Kate, as you start your first years of preschool, I pray that you start to build friendships, become less shy and more confident around non-family members and you have SO much fun you don’t even realize you’re learning. And just maybe enjoy math 🙂



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