Lexi, William

Lexi & William’s 1st day of 3rd Grade & 1st Grade

What is more symbolic of a fresh new start, the new year or the first day of school?

For me, I think it is a new school year. From the new teachers to new classroom to new friends to new school supplies to new clothes and new shoes—it is just refreshing. It is one of the few times you do a complete reset and I find that energizing. I spent ALL weekend organizing, de-cluttering and cleaning our house. Although, I didn’t get any new clothes; having a clean and organized house to start the school year off feels as refreshing to me as a loot of new stuff.

As you grow older, I’ll be curious to see if you share that same mindset or if the unknowns of new beginnings evoke different emotions. Today, was (mostly) full of excitement.

This morning, you both woke up pretty well (Lexi 6:15, William 6:30). Badgie was a little groggy and slower moving, but the homemade waffles, homemade whip cream and sausage (both of your requests) kept you moving. Lexi woke up extra early as she also wanted a handband braid. For the most part, you both got your snacks and water bottles together on your own and in a timely manner and were ready for a few pictures by 7:05.

Once again, Daddy went above and beyond in creating you each two awesome signs that represent all of your favorite things.

Lexi as you head into 3rd grade, I pray that you continue to find activities and friends that bring you joy and your confidence exudes from these things. May your reading continue to grow, bringing ease and self-assurance into all of your other subjects.

William, as you head into 1st grade, I pray that you continue to stay kind, thoughtful and true to yourself, uninfluenced by others. May you build friendships with others like you and excel in your studies.

And most importantly, may both of you continue to have your eyes up to God and let Him lead you in times of happiness, frustration and confusion.



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