Chirstmas, Lexi

Christmas 2013

Merry Christmas Lexi Lou!

You definitely made the ‘nice’ list this year and were so spoiled with wonderful gifts from your family!

Our first Christmas celebration this year was mama’s dad’s extended family. You were such a trooper with all of the people that were there, and had fun playing with all your second cousins–there are 7 of them now and 4 more on the way!


The crew has grown quite a bit since 2007... 10 new cousins, 8 second cousins and 4 more on the way
The crew has grown quite a bit since 2007… 10 new cousins, 8 second cousins and 4 more on the way

Your second celebration was on Christmas Eve with mama’s family. We went to Grandma and Grandpa’s house, ate meat pies, opened presents and then went to church (which you did great in and loved the music and were hamming it up with everyone around you).

IMG_4758 IMG_4757 IMG_4756 IMG_4755 IMG_4750 IMG_4743

Christmas morning, Grandma and Grandpa B came over for breakfast after they dropped Auntie Sheila at the airport. And we hung out all day and played with all of your new toys: table and chairs, baby dolls, your playhouse, books, a new giraffee (which you don’t like, but felt like we needed to have a back up for you) and a couple of other odds and ends.

Then a couple days later, we went over Great-Grandma and Grandpa S’s house to celebrate with Daddy. You loved all the attention from your big cousins, Ashley and Courtney.

IMG_2048 IMG_2046 IMG_2030

It was a wonderful, busy couple of days and you are so loved by your family.