Lexi, Pregnancy Updates

I can’t stop thinking about you!

Dear Baby,

I think about you all day, everyday and want to tell people you’re coming. Its so hard to keep such exciting news a secret! This week you are going to grow from a blueberry to a raspberry (one of my favorite fruits!) Last night, your Grandma B and I went to a Tai cooking class for her birthday and mothers day gift. She had a great time. I only have to see her one more time and then I can tell her you’re coming. Lately, I’ll I want to do is lay in bed. I have very little motivation to do anything. At work, there is a report that I should be working on, but I just look at it my shoulders hunch forward because it has no deadline and I keep thinking of bed. Blah! I know I need to do it so I don’t have to rush and do it later but it just doesn’t seem as much fun as thinking about you.

Love, Mom

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