Lexi, Pregnancy Updates


This past week, I got the feeling that you are a boy. I’m not sure why, but it doesn’t seem possible that you could be a girl. Last Tuesday, we had our regular monthly doctor appointment and everything looks great! We tried to hear your heartbeat but because the placenta is at the front of my belly, it was too hard, so we had another ultrasound and got to hear your little pitter-patter. No real changes—I can still fit into all of my clothes and am having fewer and fewer episodes of feeling sick. I haven’t gained any weight yet (at least according to our scale at home. The scale at the doctor says I weigh a couple of pounds more, but I haven’t gained anything there either so that is a good sign.) This past weekend, we found a crib for you, and I looked at fabric that we are going to make a crib skirt and some other items for you. Right now it looks like you’re room is going to be grey, aqua with maybe a little bit of white and orange in there too. My goal is to have the nursery done be the end of summer! I’m off to Madison again tonight/tomorrow and am hoping it will be the last trip for a while. All this traveling is exhausting.

Love, Mom

P.S. We met your cousin Ruby Griswold over the weekend. She is a little cutie and can’t wait to have play dates with you!

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