Lexi, Pregnancy Updates

16 Weeks Post-Partum

It’s just over 16 weeks since sweet little Lexi made her way into this world and our life has changed in the best possible way. My body on the other hand…not so much. Actually, it isn’t that bad and I really have nothing to complain about.

When I first found out I was pregnant, I told myself I didn’t want to gain more than the recommended 30 lbs., but was prepared to gain twice that. I’ve struggled with weight my whole life. I’m not large, but not skinny, so I figured I was going to gain more than I wanted. To my sweet surprise, I only gained 25 lbs. I’m not sure how much I had lost when I left the hospital, but I’m guessing it was just over 10 lbs. At one week post-partum, my smallest pair of maternity pants were too large and at 10 days, I was able to button pre-pregnancy pants. There is no way I could have worn them, but I could button them. By two and a half weeks I could somewhat comfortably wear two different pairs of pre-pregnancy pants. They fit pretty good when I was standing, but if I sat down I needed to pull them over my mommy pouch and they would fall pretty low in the back which wasn’t a pretty sight for anyone. Additionally, a majority of my shirts didn’t fit well because my boobs were so much bigger and therefore the shirts were too short, which again didn’t help with the plumbers crack issues I had going on.

Around the 1 month mark, I was only up 3 lbs, which I was ecstatic about. Not only had I pretty much lost all of the weight, I did it through Christmas and had eaten anything I wanted. I assumed it would take me 9 months to loose the baby weight and didn’t think I would be able to fit into any of my jeans again, so to say I was happy was a complete understatement.

Fast forward to 16 weeks and I’m 8 lbs. under pre-preggo weight. I have continued to eat whatever I want, occasionally walk for exercise and continue to shed pounds. Breastfeeding is truly an amazing thing! Its going to suck going back. Regardless of the the number on the scale, my body is most definitely different. My stomach is much softer than it was before and I have what I refer to as the lovely inner tube around my waist. No matter what I wear I always have small love handles and a little pouch in front, which makes low-rise jeans pretty much impossible to wear. Fortunately, I’ve been able to find a couple pairs of mid-rise jeans which I don’t think look too much like the traditional ‘mom’ jeans.

After I got the A-O-K to resume exercise I went to several yoga classes, which felt fantastic. With the exception of a couple pregnancy walks, I hadn’t done ANY physical activity in over 12 months, so my first workouts kicked my arse. As I continued to work out and push myself more, I started to notice a decrease in my milk supply so I’ve stayed clear of intense workouts and stuck to stroller walks, which I am more than happy with. Once the trails are clear of all the snow and puddles, I do plan to do some short 3-5 mile runs.

As far as food goes, I haven’t noticed a huge difference in my appetite  but have noticed a difference in my cravings. They are so much stronger than when I was pregnant. I’ll get something (candy, ice cream, cookies, really any kind of sweet treat) in my mind and it won’t leave until its been fulfilled. I also feel that if I don’t eat some ‘fatty’ foods, my milk decreases. Whether thats really true, I’m not so sure. I know two different people who were encouraged to gain weight post-partum to help with their milk supply. Part of me wonders if I’m just telling myself the milk is decreasing to help justify the unhealthy (but delicious) food I continue to eat.

Stretch marks. I thought I had made it through the pregnancy with out them, but a few tiny lines showed up to the left of my belly button. I didn’t notice them until a couple weeks after baby, so I’m not sure when they showed up–probably near the end, but I could never see them since my belly was so large. The linea nigra never showed up on me so nothing to report there.

I think thats all there is to report as of now. I’m so thankful I’ve had such an easy recovery and know I won’t be this lucky if there is a next time.


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