Alexis Monthly Posts, Lexi

Lexi Five Months

Dear Lexi,

What a month it has been! As I look over my ‘notes’ for the month, it’s hard to believe how interactive you are now!

One of many key milestone to remember this month is the ability to continuously suck on your nuk. Previously, you would suck on it for a minute or so and then accidentally push it out with your tongue. Now, you keep it in your mouth even when you’re smiling and can successfully take it in and out of your mouth, which is great, but you’re so proud you’re able to take it out, you do it VERY often and drop it or can’t find it and then get upset.


You’ve also discovered the ability to feel different textures with your hands. You’re a little Davy Crocket on a mission to explore the world around you by opening and closing your hand on anything within reach. You love to feel the texture of the couch, your rocking chair, blankets, your clothing, carpet, rugs, skin, the rubber on your changing pad etc… When you first started ‘exploring’ my shoulder and back while I carried you, it felt like you were trying to tickle my back. It always made me smile as it reminded me of you moving in my tummy.

Throughout the month you’ve gotten pretty good at sitting up with help from Daddy and I and often try to get from a sitting position while on your back. You lift your head off the ground and it falls and then you lift it again and your eyes just plead, ‘Help me sit, mama.’ And once you’re there, you have instant happiness and gratification.


One of my other favorite milestones this month is your fake cough. You had a little cold at the beginning of the month (mostly just a running nose) but subsequently learned how to cough, even when you didn’t need to. You would be sitting in the stroller or in your car seat and I would hear a little ‘cough cough’, look your way and see a little smirk.  It always made me chuckle and shake my head at our little attention queen.

Other notes:

Sleep: There were a couple of wakings throughout the night at the beginning of the month, but you would fall asleep within minutes of rocking. Throughout the month we also weaned you from the swaddle–you officially outgrew the largest size they made! Napping continues to be a mystery with three to four 20-40 minute naps per day. We’re also working on sleeping in different environments to make you comfortable sleeping in the Pack N’ Play and in rooms that aren’t pitch black.


Snoozing with Daddy
Snoozing with Daddy
Snuggling and napping with Daddy during your cold
Snuggling and napping with Daddy during your cold

Development: From a physical standpoint, you’ve rolled back to tummy a couple of times, roll on your side and pivot your body to get different toys and constantly want to be sitting up with help from Daddy and I. Intellectually, I feel like you understand what I say when I talk to you, which sounds crazy, but you seem to know what ‘hungry’, ‘all done’, ‘more’, ‘change your diaper’, ‘mama’ and ‘dada’ all mean. I try to do baby sign language, but need to do them consistently.


Eating: You continue to nurse really well. You’ve gotten so accustomed to your morning routine that if I walk out of your room before you eat, you get very upset. You still eat about every two to three hours and about four to five ounces. By the end of the month, you were holding bottles by yourself. You hold it near the top with both hands and suck away. When you need a breathing break, you push it to the side take a few breaths and continue eating. You have also started to show much more interest in the food Daddy and I are eating so we’re going to give you some rice cereal early next month. We tried giving you a sippy cup with water, but you just chewed on the mouth piece so we bought a trainer cup and you’re learning to suck on it pretty quickly. Whenever you successfully get water, you look so startled and disgusted, but continue to repeat the process. I love seeing you grab both handles of the cup and bring it to your mouth, it’s just amazing how quickly your growing and learning.

Other favorites: Tick-Tock and Elevator song from ECFE, but you really love any song, You love new noises we make. Kissing, eating, clicking, ticking, gurgling and chomping sounds–all make you laugh. You also love to grab my hair, my necklaces, touch my face, pat my back and suck on my shoulder. We’re still waiting for those teeth to make an appearance. I can’t feel them, but you continue to show many signs of teething. The weather in April was pretty crappy. LOTS of snow and just overall cold and windy. We were able to sneak in a couple of walks and by the end of the month you even sat in your stroller without your car seat. We also finally removed the head piece from your car seat this month.


We’ve started to notice a little seperation anxiety from  you. You’ll cry when we’re not in sight, but usually forget pretty quickly and continue playing well by yourself, sometimes for 20-40 minutes! It is amazing!

Lexi Lou, you continue to be the happiest little baby I know and wedge yourself deeper and deeper into my heart with your gummy smiles, delightful giggles and big beautiful blue eyes.



Cool cat in your cool shades
Cool cat in your cool shades
Finally some sunshine and breaking in my new hat while Mom takes down the Christmas lights outside
Finally some sunshine and breaking in my new hat while Mom takes down the Christmas lights outside
Daddy's shades
Daddy’s shades
Cousins examining one another
Cousins examining one another
Trying on your new bike helmet for the bike carrier
Trying on your new bike helmet for the bike carrier.
Checking out the damage of the monster snowstorm on April 19th! Over 9 inches!
Checking out the damage of the monster snowstorm on April 19th! Over 9 inches!
Peeking out of your winter jacket for next year... it was a tag big :)
Peeking out of your winter jacket for next year… it was a tag big 🙂



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