Day to Day, Lexi

Peanut-free club

Dear Lexi,

A couple of weeks ago, you joined the peanut-free club. About a week before your first birthday, I gave you some peanut butter on toast and you didn’t have any kind of reaction, so I thought we were in the clear on the peanut allergy. So the Saturday after your birthday, you had some peanut butter on your toast again. This time, wherever the peanut butter was touching your face was all red and then when I wiped your face off, the red spots turned into hives, little white raised bumps. I called the doctor immediately and by the time I got off the phone they were gone. Apparently, you don’t react the first time with food allergies as you need to be exposed before you can have a reaction.

Luckily, we had your 12 month checkup schedule within a couple of days so we could talk to the doctor about your reaction then.

While at the doctor, they did a blood test to confirm any allergies and sure enough you have a mild peanut allergy. Thankfully, you aren’t allergic to any other foods, but we still need to be very careful with the foods we give you.

Since they said you have a mild allergy, I’m hopeful that you’ll grow out of it within a couple of years!

Until then, we’re stocked with epi-pens, Benadryl and reading labels!



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