William, William Monthly Updates

William 15 months (1 year 3 months)

Dear Bood,

This month flew by and I didn’t even take any notes to document so I’m going to have to go by memory.

IMG_6717 Eating and sleeping is a pretty consistent story. You wake up between 6:15 and 7:00 each day and go to bed around 8 and have two 1 hour naps around 10 and 2.You guzzle an oz or two of whole milk before naps and want to eat when you wake up. At bedtime, we usually read a book or two in the rocking chair, give you your racoon and blanket and sippy and we snuggle in the rocking chair. Rarely do you actually fall asleep as you’re busy moving around trying to get comfortable and snuggle. This is usually one of my favorite parts of the day. I love how content you are to be in my arms and never try to get down, are just moving to get comfy. You love to curl up in a ball and put your checks on my chest or shoulder. Ahhh, it is so peaceful and relaxing and something I never experienced with Lexi. After about 5-10 minutes, we lay you in your crib put your blanket over you and you conk right out. IMG_6711

I can’t think of anything you regularly refuse to eat. You have days where you prefer some things over others, but for the most part  you eat everything. You LOVE all fruit, cooked veggies, bread/crackers and milk. You insist on eating whatever I’m eating or if you’re chewing on something and see something that appears better, you just spit out your food and ask for what I’m eating. We officially cut off bottles this month. As always, I anticipate the transition being more difficult than it was. And I love the snuggle time we have now way more then I enjoyed giving you bottles!

IMG_6672 IMG_6657

Talking is still few and far between. I feel like this is the first month where you have consistently used ‘Mama’ and ‘Dada’ when you want us (verses just grunting). You make the sound ‘da’ which means done, down, duck, door and hot; ‘do’ is shoe; ‘peas’ is please;  bal ‘is ball’; i swear i’ve heard ‘bu-bey’ meaning blueberry; choo is train and ‘tu-tu’ is tootles (from Micky Mouse) Sign language is getting better; you sign: dog, cat, hat, gorilla, wave hi and bye, please and all done.

IMG_6720 All four of your molars came in this month, which caused quite a bit of pain for you. New teeth have always been a bit of a bear and all four at one time made you much more whiney and crabby than general. All four are in now and you are back to the happy, smiley little munchkin you always are. IMG_6747


You are are little comedian and love to make people laugh and laugh too. You love being tickled, going upside down, going for walks in the stroller, playing peek-a-boo, being chased, chasing Lexi, going down the slide (specifically head first), bubbles, being next to daddy as he is working on projects, tools, mowing the lawn, reading books, watching Micky Mouse, being outside, giving hugs, shoes, playing trains, cars, raccoon and blanket.

IMG_6818 IMG_6748

IMG_6819 IMG_6716

IMG_6691 IMG_6669


Lexi being mean to you (i.e. pushing/kicking you, taking toys away from you, poking you in the eye), coming inside, diaper changes, getting buckled into your car seat, swinging/spinning

My sweet little William, you are growing up so quickly and into the sweetest, snuggly, hilarious little boy and I can’t get enough of you. You have mama just smitten with you and there isn’t anything I can do about it.


IMG_6639 IMG_6688

IMG_6687 IMG_6749

IMG_6695 IMG_6702

IMG_6709 IMG_6710

IMG_6742 IMG_6820

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