Baby #3 21 Weeks

Size of baby: According to the app, you now measure 11-12 inches or about the size of a cantaloupe. They change from head to butt and now measure from head to foot. You’re taste buds are developing so I need to be sure to eat lots of veggies!
The Bump: It is for sure a pregnant belly now verses a food belly! I’m already noticing it being heavy and feel like I waddle or have trouble moving around. Bending over, shaving and cooking are all being impacted by the bump.

IMG_7960 IMG_7961

Cravings/Aversions: Hard to believe, but these are pretty much gone. Still getting heartburn and I’ve identified chocolate as one of the culprits. I’m pretty hungry in the morning/lunch, but could just snack for dinner and then not hungry at all in the evenings. Soda has been upsetting my stomach so I’m moving away from that.
What I’m loving: Movement!! So much movement, but more on that below. Also loving the little growth spurt my belly is going through. I legitimately feel like I can look pregnant if I want to. Also, loving that I can still hide it too.
What I’m anticipating: Warm weather. Temperatures are decent (around 30-40 degrees), which is pretty great for the beginning of March, but bring on the warm sun! I’ve also caught myself thinking about the actual birth a bit more this past week. I really want to make it past July 15th (two days after my due date). One because of the bonus at work and two, because I want two full weeks at home with your big brother and sister before you arrive. However, I’ve feel like you’re going to end up breech and I’ll have a scheduled c-section early or you’re just going to come early and disrupt my plans. 🙂
Miss anything? Energy, but same old same old there.
Worries? not really!
Differences between pregnancies? No post for Lexi this month and with William, we were in Hawaii, I didn’t talk at all about any pregnancy related stuff, just how the trip was going.
How I’m feeling: I’m continuing to feel much better! I haven’t been sick in almost 2 weeks and officially feel like I’m over ‘the hump’. I’m still rocking a pretty good cough and spitting up a lot of stuff (Daddy likes to tease me that I’m a truck driver) but just trying to get all that crud out of my system.
Sleep: Pretty good. Still able to sleep on my stomach/side and fall asleep pretty quickly and stay sleeping most of the night. There have been a couple of occasions where I woke up early in the morning and wasn’t able to fall back asleep. Overall, most mornings I wake up feeling rested.
Movement: What a change from last week. I feel you moving around all the time and it is amazing! Yesterday morning, I even felt you move from the outside so I’m really looking forward to Lexi being able to feel that.
Boy or Girl: Sweet baby GIRL!!!!
Milestones: Getting over the hump of the pregnancy sickness
Best Moment of the Week: You’re big brother turned 2 this week and we had so much fun celebrating!
Sibling Talk: William is still clueless. I told him there was a baby in my belly and pointed to it and then he lifted his shirt and said ‘Baby in William’s belly’. Lexi still loves to call you Gunther or Gertrude and regularly nuzzles her nose against my belly.

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