Baby #3 23 Weeks

Little Nugs,

Another pretty uneventful week, and I would like to keep it that way! Next week, I have another doctor appointment and need to take my glucose test, so I’m going to need to cut sugar out of my diet for a couple days, which is kind of terrifying!

Size of baby: According to the app, you are the size of a papaya which is about 1.2 lbs
The Bump: No big changes from last week, I feel like it is a decent size, but others tell me they can barely tell I have a bump. Also, it totally depends on the shirt. See below. The first pictures are wearing a regular shirt and the second pictures are wearing a maternity shirt. Same day.
baby bump 3 23 weeks


Cravings/Aversions: Loving all things sweets! Easter candy has not been helping with this. Avoiding most chocolate sweets as I get heartburn from them, but loving all the different kinds of Jelly Beans, Nerd jelly beans being my favorite! Overall, I just don’t have a huge appetite. There have been several nights over the past week where I just don’t eat dinner because I already feel full!
What I’m loving: Feeling pretty normal. Knock on wood, but I feel like I have finally kicked the bug I’ve been fighting since November! Energy levels are coming back up. I can easily stay up past 9:00 these days and feeling a little more optimistic about life.
What I’m anticipating: Still can’t wait for the weather to warm up. We had a slight set-back this past weekend with a little snow, which your siblings loved! We also have a lot of fun things coming up this spring/early summer that I think will make time fly by! There have also been some exciting changes at work that I’m pretty excited about!
Miss anything? Not really.
Worries? not really!
Differences between pregnancies? No post for Lexi this week and with William, we had just had our ultrasound. He was also positioned with his spine against my belly so feeling lots of movement inside, similar to you!
How I’m feeling: No complaints.
Sleep: Great! Falling asleep quickly and staying asleep the whole night, with the exception of needing to re-position a couple of times, but fall asleep instantly. Also sleeping until my alarm goes off, so the early wake-ups must have been a fluke!
Movement: I’m sure you’re siblings moved as much as you do, but I do not remember this much movement. You love to dance sweet girl!
Boy or Girl: Sweet baby GIRL!!! No name yet and I’m still thinking we’ll wait until you arrive. However, I was writing out some of our top names (like a 10th grader) to see how they looked next to the other kids names and with our last name, and discovered one of my top two names may not work anymore. Still really like that name, but it just may not be a good fit for our family 😦
Milestones: Daddy put together a plan for the big kid’s bunk beds and bought the materials and has started to work on putting them together! I’m pumped!!

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