Day to Day

I did nothing and I did everything

This past weekend was fairly typical for us, which means we didn’t have any events scheduled, just the way I like it. It’s not that I don’t enjoy spending time with other people, it just means that all of the other stuff that HAS to get done gets sacrificed.

Let me explain. This weekend I:

  • Thought about, planned, ensured I had the ingredients, prepped and cooked 7 meals + had to consider of all those things, what could we feed Kate and what we she need to get fed separately
  • Loaded and unloaded the dishwasher 3 times
  • Washed and put away 13 pots and pans
  • Washed 10 bottles and 4 sets of pumping equipment
  • Washed, sorted and put away 7 loads of laundry
  • Swept the kitchen 9 times
  • Cleaned the counters 11 times
  • Soothed 5 owies
  • Cleaned 3 toilets (2 of which were cleaned twice because William is 3 and he is a boy)
  • Meal planned for next week, by coordinating evening activities and work schedules to determine what is realistic
  • Grocery shopped with two out of the three kids
  • Nursed Kate 12 times
  • Put kids in 3 time outs
  • Spent a night sleeping with her in a rocking chair as she is teething
  • Soothed teething baby, constantly by carrying her around
  • Played Magnatiles, Legos, 15 rounds of Disney Eye See It card game, did a massive toy clean up 4+ times
  • Gave 5 baths
  • Changed 12 diapers, including 1 blowout
  • + a couple of bonus things that don’t typically happen including painting the basement, visiting Lowes to pick out carpet by myself with 3 children and then going again to actually purchase it
  • + I did most of this by myself as Bill is focusing on finishing the basement so this doesn’t even include all of the awesome stuff that he was able to accomplish.

As much as this sounds like a rant and me complaining, it is in fact the opposite. I’ll go into work tomorrow morning and totally downplay my weekend and say ‘It was pretty low-key, we didn’t do much’ because we didn’t have an ‘event’ but let me tell you my weekend wasn’t anything close to ‘not much’. It was constant all day long, and I’m exhausted. Now I am sitting down (for the first time all weekend: going to the bathroom, falling asleep, changing diapers and feeding a baby don’t count) at 9:00 on Sunday evening and am giving myself major two high fives. To my fellow mom friends out there: You are rocking this too and give yourself the credit you deserve because no matter what you’re doing, it is never ‘not that much’.

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