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Kate’s 1st Birthday Party


I’m not going to lie, your birthday snuck up on me. The other kids, I starting planning their parties in my head 3+ months before. You my sweet girl, was a couple of weeks. There was a lot going on. It was the end of Lexi’s preschool, her dance recital, my cousin got married, we were up at the cabin for memorial weekend and then camping the first weekend of June, which was quickly followed by Auntie Sheila’s baby shower and Daddy’s birthday which happened on the same day AND was the day before your party. But even with the lack of extensive planning it turned out pretty cute.

I kept it pretty sweet and simple knowing it was just the Bothwell’s that were coming. We celebrated with the Sampson’s the following week at the cabin.

The party theme was watermelon. So you had a watermelon smash cake and personalized watermelon onesie and a watermelon-looking fruit pizza. I also created a watermelon fruit bowl (which I forgot to take a picture of) and created vases out of watermelons for some floral arrangements.

The weather was perfect and we were able to hang outside in the backyard while daddy grilled.

You demolished your cake. It wasn’t the first time you have had cake or frosting (because duh, you’re a 3rd kid–you do get some perks out of 3rd baby syndrome). Note to future birthday party planners–do not give your child brightly colored frosting–it stains. Thankfully, we had taken all your clothes off and we took a bath mid-party but you had some red legs, toes and fingers for awhile there.

Then the following week, we celebrated with the Sampson’s up at the cabin. You loved your cake but were willing to share it with others–whether they wanted it our not.

There are no questions that you are a sweet little beetle that is loved by all.



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