Chirstmas, William

Good Deeds

Dear William,

For the past couple of years when our elf’s have arrived they have left a little note that asks you to do at least one nice thing for someone else each day. So during bedtime, I ask what was your good deed of the day. Lexi seems to a better job of remembering and proactively thinking about doing something, while you do a lot of hmmm when I ask and therefore didn’t think it was really sinking in, until today.

I was in the middle of moving the laundry from the washer to the dryer and you hop off the toilet and waddle into eyesight and say, ‘Mom, I need you. Can you come help me?’ I say ‘sure’ thinking you are having a hard time pooping. You waddle yourself back, slide back onto the toilet and say, ‘Can you wipe me?’ To what I respond a little disgusted, ‘No buddy, you can do this yourself.’ You then look at me with your big puppy dog eyes and say, ‘Please? Can’t you do a good deed for me?’

And with a big chuckle, and a shake of my head, I say, ‘Sure’




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