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Kate 10 Months

Dear Kate,

I’m not sure to call it a quiver or the super shakes or what when you get really excited your arms and hands will shake like a hummingbird’s wings. This usually happens when you are about to eat, have a bottle, see Lexi or take a bath. At first, I was really worried that you had really low blood sugar or something like that, but I’m pretty sure it just happens when you get really excited.

For the amount of food that you shovel into your mouth, there is no way that you could have low blood sugar. During any given meal, you’ll easily down an entire avocado, fruit/veggie pouch, handful of crackers, cheese, couple of pickles and a bowl full of noodles. The only thing we’ve given you that you don’t seem to be a fan of are cheerios. Grapefruit, oranges, chicken, blackberries, raspberries, apples, broccoli, turkey, crackers, cheese, noodles, bread, peanut butter, toast, pancakes, sausage, eggs, hard-boiled eggs, yogurt, cookies you name it, you love it.


As a result of transitioning to table food so well, I think you’re starting to wean yourself from bottles. We give you a mid-morning and and afternoon bottle, both 6 oz and between the two, there is usually 2-3 oz that you don’t finish. My pumping sessions had gotten to be pretty pathetic, barely producing 3 oz total. So this past week, I cut those out and am just nursing in the mornings and before bed. Hopefully, I’ll be able to continue to do that until your one. The frozen breastmilk stash was starting to get pretty low, so I bought formula for the first time ever and we’ll start incorporating that into the mix for the next two months to hopefully lengthen the amount of breastmilk you get. Because of the hoover status mentioned above, you had a huge growth spurt this last month and a half or so and are officially out of 6-9 month clothes. I think you were in them for a total of a month and a half–which is crazy considering you were in 3-6 month clothes for 4 or 5 months! Size 3 diapers are getting pretty snug too.


You’ve also made some progress on the mobility front. You roll from back to belly more frequently and even slept on your stomach for the first time ever this month. We are putting you on your tummy all of the time and you have started to scoot backwards and spin around to get stuff you want, you haven’t figured out how to move forward. We’ve even tried to put you on all fours and move your arms and legs in a forward motion, but you just push yourself up to a sitting position and are as content as can be sitting and playing. You have no real interest in crawling at all. You do seem to enjoy standing up much more. You haven’t built up your guns enough to pull yourself up on anything but love to stand and wobble around.

No complaints on the sleeping front. You sleep from around 8ish to 5am-ish, nurse and go right back to sleep. Then you’ll nap around 9:30 and again around 1:30 for about 2 hours each time. You absolutely refuse to cuddle in anyway shape or form and it just kills me a little that my sweet babe doesn’t want to cuddle with me. On the flip side, you are the easiest baby in the world to put to bed. I lay you down awake, put a stuffed animal and your paci in your mouth and you roll over and go to sleep usually before I’ve even walked out the door. So I guess I’ll have to give up cuddling for good healthy sleeping habits, but promise me you’ll cuddle with me when you get older?


Other monthly shenanigans: You celebrated your first Easter. The Bunny brought you some applesauce pouches and a new swimsuit! You also came down with your first sickness and fever on Easter. At first, I thought you were cutting teeth, but your fever spiked above 100 degrees and it lasted for several days. You were very restless and un-consolable. One night, I was up with you for several hours as you just wouldn’t stop screaming. The only thing that helped was to get into a new environment, so we went downstairs and turned the fireplace on and you watched the flame flicker around. After day 4, I took you into the Dr. just to make sure you didn’t have an ear infection. Then, the following day, your fever broke and a rash appeared all over your body–tiny little dots. They weren’t raised or anything, but it was just a side affect of your body fighting the virus off.


You love to play parrot–in that you copy noises and gestures. You’ll make this noise ‘Ehha’ and we repeat the sound to you, and this goes back and forth sometimes 10 times. You also love to bring both arms above your head and then smack them down onto a hard surface. You will play this game with anyone who will give you the time of day.

At the end of the month, your top two teeth cut through the skin. You were a little whiney and up in the night, but for the most part, they came in pretty smoothly.

Sometimes when you laugh, it sounds like a machine gun. You love to take baths and splash around by banging your hands against the water or kicking your legs while you’re on your back getting you hair washed. You and Lexi are kind of obsessed with each other. She loves to climb in your crib with you, play with you, talk to you and be by you all the time. And I have a feeling the you feel the same. When she is around, your eyes just follow where she is going and she can get you rolling in giggles like nobody else. With that said, she also kind of gets up in your bizness more than  you would like and you have to shoo her out of your personal space from time to time. I hope this relationship stays just as strong as you two grow older.


And that my sweet little Kate is your 10th month in a nutshell. I can’t believe you are going to be one in two months. In my mind, you are still like 6 or 7 months old. You continue to be the happiest most content baby ever. Every time someone comes over or sees you, they are just blown away how happy you are all of the time. You don’t have fear of strangers, you love your siblings, you love to play by  yourself, you are a rockstar eater and sleeper. You truly are too good to be true and your Daddy and I are so in love with you and the little family we have. God is Good and we are Blessed.


I love you sweet bubsy,



William, William Monthly Updates

William 10 months

Merry Christmas and Happy 10 months William!

What better way to celebrate 10 months with you than also celebrating your first Christmas. Oh bud, you are such a joy to be around and melt my heart each time I look at you and your big smile. Your emotional mommy got choked up several times over the past two days as I took a moment to really stop and appreciate how blessed we are to have you and Lexi. You are both healthy, intelligent with unlimited opportunities ahead of you and really, that is more than your Daddy and I could have ever dreamed of.


As we celebrated Christmas with our families, you hammed it up with your cousins, aunts, uncles and grandparents. You loved watching the commotion of all of the activity going on and playing in all the wrapping paper.



You also celebrated your first Thanksgiving and were a big fan of potatoes and Great Grandma B’s Cherry 7up Jello salad.

This month also brought you quite a bit of pain. Your top right tooth FINALLY came through and we’re still waiting for your top left one, which feels like it has been sitting on the underside of you gum for almost 2 months now! Just poke through little guy. Your bottom right tooth is also working on making its way to the surface. These have been giving you small grade fevers (~99 degrees) and lots of runny noses. You’ve also had a could that turned into an ear infection. Amoxicillin didn’t do the trick as it wasn’t going away and turning into an infection in the other ear, but now seem to be on the up and up.



This month, you’ve really taken off on the crawling front! You crawl on all fours everywhere and pretty quickly. You and Lexi love to chase each other. There was one day, that she was driving in her crazy coupe and you had pulled yourself up on it behind her and she started driving and you were holding on the back with your feet sliding on the floor like you were waterskiing behind her. I tried to get a picture, but it was happening quickly and it was kind of blurry and you fell pretty quickly too.


In addition to crawling, you pull yourself up on everything and scoot along furniture. You often let go of objects and free-stand for 5-10 seconds. You really love to do this while I’m sitting down and then trust fall into me. You laugh and giggle and do it over and over again.


Right at the end of the month, you also figured out how to crawl up stairs. You’ve been trying to figure it out for a couple weeks, but all of the sudden it clicked and you want to do it constantly. I’ll put you down, and you B-line for the stairs.

Favorite activities

  • Laughing. Period. You love to giggle. And Lexi loves to make you giggle. You’ll laugh and smile and she’ll run to me, Mommy, buddy is giggling at me! You thoroughly enjoy being tickled and hanging upside down, so you can giggle.


    • You think animal noises–especially pig noises are hilarious. Are you noticing a theme here?
    • You also love to eat. We have yet to find a food you don’t enjoy and want to be eating whatever everyone else is. You’ll see food and start pointing to it and grunting while bouncing your arms up and down. You sign ‘all done’ and we’re working on ‘more’ but you haven’t used it consistently yet. Over the past few days, we’ve started to pull your highchair up to the table with us (verses using your tray) and you seem to really enjoy being part of the group. No surprise here, but you really love to nurse. You get very upset if I walk out of the room in the morning before feeding you. In fact, when I go and get you from your crib each morning I’ll pick you up and your lean right over into my arm to get yourself in position. Once I sit down in the chair you start kicking your legs, waving your arms and cheering in delight. You usually nurse in the morning before each nap and before bed. On daycare days, you usually get fussy by the time we get home and want to nurse. I think this is more of a comfort thing for you verses actually needing to eat. It will be interesting to figure out how to wean you from nursing.


    • Shaking and banging toys
    • Chasing Balls and driving cars and trucks


  • Clapping (although you’ve been doing this for several months now)
  • Unrolling the toilet paper and splashing in the toilet
  • You went on your first ride this month at Mall of America for Lexi’s birthday. A ride on the carousel and the little train. You were pretty frightened on the carousel when it first started, but didn’t scream the whole time–just had a death grip on the poll.




  • Diaper changes
  • Sitting still for more than 2 minutes
  • reading books, as it requires sitting still for more than 2 minutes
  • Getting squeezed by Lexi too hard or her taking toys away from you or not being able to get into her stuff
  • Leaving mom


Others notes:

  • You stopped taking a pacifier around 5-6 months.
  • You will drink from a sippy cup, but only if it is held for you. You’ll pick it up, but haven’t figured out you need to tip i backwards to actually get anything from it.
  • You did amazing with all the Christmas decorations. You had no interest in the Christmas tree, which was a huge relief. Daddy has really been working with you on 1-tough and you did it very well with a lot of the Christmas decor.


  • You figured out pointing. You crunch your other fingers up and will extend your pointer and now point at all sorts of things–your favorite being the other babies from Christmas cards that are hanging on the cupboards.



  • You say mama and dada and for the most part use them in the right context. Mostly you’ll say mama when you want to be picked up or nurse–never on demand.
  • You continue to love daycare. You love chasing balls with your little friends and will reach your arms out to Mrs. Laura when I drop you off. It is such a relief to know you are loved and in good hands while mom and dad are at work.

Merry Christmas and happy 10 months sweet buddy boo. Momma and Dada love you so much and love getting to love you each day as you have made our lives so much better.




Alexis Monthly Posts, Lexi

Lexi 10 Months

Dear Lexi,

Ten months my baby girl. You are a very active and happy little bean. You are a joy to be around and am so happy you have made me a momma, and am even more happy to be your mama. You are just so content with everything from eating to sleeping to meeting new people to trying new experiences. You’ve made the adjustment to parenthood easy and so fun!

Favorite Moments:

One night, we had just finished reading books. I continued to lay on the blue pillow and cuddle under the quilt Grandma B made while you fiddled around playing with various toys and climbing up on things. There was a random silence, which always signals mischief. I raise my head and find you laying on your tummy kissing the photo of you and Grandma B sewn onto it. Of course my camera was on the other side of the room and any movement would distract you, but it was such a sweet moment and brought tears to my eyes.

For whatever reason, this month you have proved to be gassier than normal. You are constantly releasing audible farts. And about 75% of the time you fart, you’ll look to myself or daddy and smile and laugh. Of course, we have no self-control and laugh with you because how can you not laugh at a 10 month old cutie who laughs when she farts?

Whenever Daddy mows the lawn, you are mesmerized. You’ll stand at the patio door and watch as he goes back and forth. Whenever he gets near, you screech, and bang your hands on the door trying to get his attention. Once Daddy is close to finishing, we head outside to watch him and go for an occasional ride. It’s so cute to see you’re little hands on the wheel and Daddy says you sing and chat away and he just loves hearing your little noises.




Over the weeks, you’ve discovered how to open cabinets. Last night, you figured out how to open the cabinets next to the fireplace. And proceeded to crawl inside and play for a good 20 minutes. (For the most part there were only books in there so you had your own little fort and were content as a little caterpillar milling around in there.

IMG_4647 IMG_4644

Along the lines of opening cabinets has been opening drawers. While I was at work, you pulled your middle dresser drawer open and threw all of your clothes out, just as Daddy came to check on you. So he plopped you into the drawer and sent me this gem while I was at work. I wish I could have seen it, but I love getting little photos of you being sweet throughout the day. It brings a smile to my face.


We’ve never really had a solid bedtime routine, but started to develop one this month. Around 8:30 we head up to your bedroom, change your diaper, play with toys and then read books. We lay on the blue pillow, put the quilt over us and read: Good Night Moon and Who says quack and another random one.  After books, we give Dada a hug and kiss goodnight and then nurse. Most of the time you fall asleep nursing, we put Giraffee in your arms and let you peacefully sleep until morning light. It is such a calming way to conclude each day.

mom and lexi reading

Most days when I come home from work, you’re still taking your second nap of the day, which usually works well because I can get dinner started right away. However, there have been several occasions where you’ve been up and when you see me for the first time, I swear its like you’re seeing magic. You’re eyes get ginormous and sparkle, you kick your legs, wave hello and are SO excited. It is the BEST way to be greeted home and you make me feel so loved.

Other noteables:

  • You ‘free standing’ much more often now. I’ve even seen you standup from a squat without holding onto anything.
  • You love to play with magnets and carry them around the house. You’ll put them in your mouth and then crawl around like a little puppy with its bone.
  • You have a strong affection towards all stuffed animals. Your eyes light up and you open your arms and mouth to give hugs and kisses.
  • Your two top front teeth popped through this month. The second one came in about 2 weeks after the first and caused you some pain, a little blood and received lots of extra snuggles.
  • You pooped on the toilet for the first time. Dada saw you grunting, stripped you down and had you grunt one out on the potty. The best part of the story was how you smiled and clapped after you were done.
  • We went to the apple orchard and you went on your first ride with your buddy Lauren.
  • You love to crawl up the stairs, but haven’t figured out how to go down.
  • Baths have become difficult, all you want to do is standup. You also figured out this month that you can drink the water. It is hilarious to watch you lean forward like a frog and drink the water like a puppy.
  • You’re mostly in 12 month clothes. There are a couple of 9 month items you fit into.
  • You had a cold at the beginning of the month–mostly a bad running nose.
  • You will occasionally walk behind and push the yellow peddle car and love to walk while holding onto our hands. However, when you walk, you have this goofy little leg kick or shake with your left leg. I’ve been told Grandpa B used to do this silly leg kick when he played foosball and your little leg kick reminds people of that.
  • You are very aware of your surroundings especially when you are elevated. You sense the edge of things and stay away from them. You may get close, but never attempt to get down by yourself.
  • You’ve started to ‘brush your teeth’ (suck on the toothbrush)
  • You’re favorite book is still Who says quack
  • You sleep from about 9 pm to 8 am each day and nap from 12 to 2 and 4:30 to 5:30 each day.
  • You take about four 8oz bottles each day. Nursing is still going well, although you only nurse once a day (before bed on workdays). Otherwise, I pump in the morning and once during the day.

Happy 10 months my sweet Lexi Lou. I can’t wait to see what month 11 brings us. You walking perhaps??



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