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Kate 16 Months


My heart sank when I received a text from Grammy about how sad you were when Daddy, Lexi and William left without you. I was out in LA for a work trip and Daddy and the two big kids met me out their for a fairly impromptu trip to Disneyland while you got to spend some one-on-one time with Grammy and Papa. When Daddy dropped you off at their house and then proceeded to leave with the two big kids, you waddled over to your gold shoes, jacket and brought them to Grammy fully anticipating to leave with everyone. And when you didn’t I think you kind of went into a mini depression. Grammy said you spent a lot of time with your Paci and snuggling your bunny and barely ate a darn thing (which is always an indication for you that something isn’t quite right) and just weren’t yourself. I’m sorry sweet girl. I didn’t mean to make you so sad and feel terrible, but it is good to know how much you love us. And don’t you worry, this was just a quick little trip that you wouldn’t have gotten anything out of and I promise, we will go take a big trip to DisneyWorld when you are about Lexi’s age.


This month, you really learned how to clearly articulate Dada and call for him ALL of the time. There have also been a few instances where I can tell you’re trying to say ‘where are you?’ based on the inflection of your voice but no words on that yet. You have said Mama a couple of times, but don’t do it regularly.


You also know when you shouldn’t be doing something. For instance, William was going to the bathroom and you went to peek into the back part of the potty, but stopped looked at me and shook your head no.

You also understand direction like, ‘go get your shoes, or sit down, or come here’. You have mastered going down stairs on your tummy and slide a fast as a racehorse down them (thank goodness for footie jammie season so your tummy isn’t full of rug burns)


As much as you like to move around all the time, you also have this incredibly sweet and nurturing side of you. You love to snuggle with pals and blankets or if William is snuggling with me or just laying down, you regularly come over and start gently rubbing his back or his hair to show your genuine affection towards him.


Other events/favorites

  • We went to Uncle Dustin’s families Apple Orchard and learned that you can eat and apple whole (without it being cut up, peel and all)
  • Your favorite activity is to go into my cosmetic drawer or the find the big kid’s toothbrushes and carry things around the house and then drop it in the most random places. You love to put bottles or containers of toothpaste in your mouth and walk around with them in your hatch
  • We got rid of the rocking chair and the changing table this month and moved the single bed into your room and you seem to like reading/snuggling a tinch more than you did in the rocking chair, so it feels like a good decision.
  • Nicknames: William still calls you Beetle most of the time, but we do call you Kate a lot or Katers, which has turned into Katers-the-taters, or just taters







Alexis Monthly Posts, Lexi

Lexi One Year Four Months (16 months)

Dear Lexi,

This was another long, cold month. I was reading over your 15 month post and it feels like the things I talked about happened months ago. Coincidently, this is the month I have the fewest ‘notes’ of what happened, so we’re just going to kind of go with it, which describes your personality in the truest sense.


Favorite Monthly Moments:
To prolong bedtime, you try to play instead of reading books. One night, while doing this, you pulled out all of your diapers from the drawer and attempted to put them on yourself. You would open a diaper up and squat over it. It was hilarious to watch you do this—as if you were thinking they would magically fly onto you, but very sweet to see your nurturing side shine!

IMG_3155 IMG_3156 IMG_3157

A funny but slightly embarrassing moment occurred while we were out to eat for St. Patrick’s Day. We brought you to listen to some Irish music, your favorite, and enjoy some Fish and chips. For whatever reason, you felt you could skip using your hands to feed yourself and put your mouth directly to the table and suck up your fish. I’m not sure where you got this idea as we have never seen it before, but it was pretty entertaining to watch. I just wish I had an actual picture of it, instead you’ll have to enjoy this one.


Daddy has been busy working with you on a lot of things, one of which is saying ‘love you’. Now when we say ‘I love you Lexi’ you respond with ‘uv-ew’. You also love to give hugs. You run up with big arms and lean your head onto our shoulders and say ‘hu’. We’ll keep working on pronouncing the whole words, but it feels pretty great to have you attempt to tell and show us how you feel.



In addition to the words love you and hug, you also say OK, yes (and use them correctly when we ask you questions) pumpkin=pum-pum, cars=zoom zoom, heart, baby, and my favorite word, pillow=piwow.

Your Auntie Sheila moved back from Chicago so we all went over to Grandma B’s to help welcome her home and unpack the moving track. And you have developed quite the strong bond with Grandma! You love to play with her and beg for her to hold you! It’s so great to see you developing strong bonds with people other than Daddy and myself.


There were a couple of nice days this month where you were able to go outside and play and you LOVE being outside. You are scared of the snow, but love running up and down the sidewalk! You even walked around the block with me!

With some of your teeth coming in, we enjoyed some extra snuggle time for bed time and in the middle of the night. As exhausting as it can be to get up in the middle of the night, Your cuddles are far and few between and I’ll take them where I can get them! One thing that is really funny when you sleep is how you keep your arms tucked down at your side. You’ll pull giraffee up onto your shoulder and then tuck your hands under your tummy like a little torpedo. Daddy wonders if that habit came as a result of swaddling?


Your other bottom molar came through and one of the top ones is very close. These teeth have given you a hard time. It disrupts your sleeping and generally makes you more whinny than normal.

You do a great job of putting all of our shoes on the shelf when they’re left out and bringing me yours when we’re going to leave.

You’ve started to throw little tantrums when you don’t get your way.

You recognize the shape of a heart and say it when you see it

You love to be facing forward in the car! (and I love being able to see you!)

When you say bye-bye to people you say the words nigh-nigh.

You love to wave to people when they aren’t looking. When someone does look, you get very shy and cling to mama.

You’ve regressed a little from going to the bathroom on the potty. We were getting you like 50% of the time and now it is maybe 25%.

I’ve been working with you on putting puzzle pieces into their spots, verses just taking the pieces out and walking around with them, but you haven’t shown too much interest in this. You’ll usually try once or twice and if you don’t get it, you walk away.

Your favorite book is the big animal book. We read it every night. You love to howl like a wolf.

Your hearing is off the charts. You hear every noise buzz, beep, airplane or car that drives by. You always stop what you’re doing, get huge eyes put your arms out at your sides with palms up and ask ‘What’s that?’


Love bug, life gets better with you every day. It is so fun to watch you grow and your ability to communicate with us has made things so much easier. We love your sweet antics and your chubby checks!

Love, Mama


IMG_3204 IMG_3201 IMG_3190 IMG_3385 IMG_3426 IMG_3372 IMG_3371 IMG_3352 IMG_3338 IMG_3150 IMG_3148 IMG_3140 IMG_3138 IMG_3421 IMG_3305 IMG_3290 IMG_3279