Kate, Kate monthly posts

Kate 19 months

Dear Kate, 

This was a VERY uneventful month, and my lack of pictures are proof of that. I’ve got a bit of the January blues going on, but Florida is 1 month away so at least there is something to look forward to. 

Everyone had some icky colds this month. You got it twice. But, I’m convinced our usage of essential oils dramatically reduced the severity and length of our symptoms. So grateful I gave these things a try. 


Your top two eye teeth cut through the skin, and you were a hot mess for a couple of days with that, but now that those are through, our silly babbling little Katers is back. 


Your comprehension and vocab get a little better everyday. When we has you to stop, or to sit down or to give something back, you actually listen. 

Words: mama, dada, baby, hot, please, sis-a, bro-a, wow, NO, yeah, up, baa (ball) (and I’m sure there are more that I can’t remember. But your favorite is Poop. Your big siblings ask you to say it all the time and you happily oblige. 

You had your first-ish experience with snow this month and you weren’t too impressed. 


You love to push your baby in the stroller, read books, get into whatever your brother and sister are playing, eat, snuggle with bunny, wear sunglasses, carry things from one part of the house and deposit them in another location, wearing footie jammies (you call them mammies), roll oils on your chest and make your brother and sister laugh. 

You hate baths. Like really hate them a lot–particularly washing up. You refuse to lay down or have a major freak out if we poor water on your head. 






William, William Monthly Updates

William 19 Months

My Sweet Little Bood!

This month just flew by! I didn’t take one single note so this may be a shorter post.

This month it felt like we turned a big corner in your relationship with Lexi. I think you are starting to learn to play with each other instead of constantly being at each other’s throats. For the first time ever, Lexi requests to stay home and play with you instead of running errands with me, or she only wants to come with me if you’re coming too. Don’t get me wrong, you two still fight like crazy, but you also really love to play with each other too. You love to play legos, ride on the horse, play squinkies, chase each other, play trains, kick balls, play catch and watch Mickey Mouse together. You refer to her as ‘sis-tar’ and ask for her when you wake up or point to her things and say ‘sistar’. When you are both playing outside at school you find each other on the playground and give hugs and high-fives through the fence.

IMG_7381 IMG_7411

You’re attempting to say many more words and point to objects or actions in books and tell me what is happening–like if you see a someone lying down you point and say sleep. At school this month, the theme was transportation so you have perfected the word bus and point out every single bus, boat, car and truck we pass on the road. When we pass a boat, you’ll call out boat, and quickly follow with ‘papa’ putting together that papa has a boat.


You are turning out to be quite mischievous. I thought I was going to be bald from pulling my hair from three straight days of messy situations. Day 1, you climbed onto the table and got into the stamps Lexi was playing with and smeared blue and pink all of your hands and tummy and feet (which makes purple of course). Then you proceeded to come find all of us upstairs. However, you still crawl up the stairs on your hands and knees, so there were two full blue, pink and purple handprints on every single stair. Day 2, I mistakenly left a full 24 oz smoothie on my nightstand. You got into it and tipped the entire thing over onto the carpet and then proceeded to jump in it like a puddle (which it was) so it splattered everywhere. Then you ran from our bedroom into Lexi’s so again, we had footprint smoothies across the entire upstairs floor. Day 3, you climbed onto Daddy’s desk chair and then onto his desk and reached behind the computer to find some pen type markers. You then proceeded to color with blue, purple and brown marker all over your hands, feet, legs and stomach. Unfortunately, you didn’t stop there, you also drew all over the carpet on the stairs. You are fantastic at drawing straight lines because there were tons of them. Thankfully, your Daddy found some magic carpet cleaning powder (resolve powder) and we were able to scrub everything out. I failed as a mom during these moments as I only took pictures of one incident.  IMG_7391

One of my favorite moments of the month was playing outside with you and the cozy coupe car. You bring it into the garage and then stand behind it and run down the driveway while pushing it. This thing gets smoking fast and I have to stop you about 3/4 of the way down the driveway because I don’t think your legs can move fast enough and you’re going to faceplant. But you love this activity and burst into giggles when I stop you and request ‘more’ or ‘again’.


As it has gotten darker in the morning, you are starting to sleep in later. On average you wake up around 7 to 7:30 and even slept past 8 one morning–heaven! You go to bed around 8 or 8:30 and take about a 2 hour nap each day around 12:30ish.


    • Playing in the bath and blowing bubbles and splashing


  • Reading ‘Little Blue Truck’–which you call Beep Beep, Goodnight Moon, the animal book, guess who, my first 100 words and any book with peek-a-boo flaps



  • Playing outside (slides, running, pushing your cozy coupe, bubbles, chalk, throwing/kicking balls)



  • Going for walks!!



  • Playing trains, pushing (or riding) the truck, playing in the cozy coupe inside.



  • Watching Mickey Mouse clubhouse–which you just call mouse



  • Jumping on the couch



  • Playing ‘bomb you’



  • Riding the horse



  • Puzzles!!



  • Fruit snacks (as soon as we get in the car after school, you immediatly begin asking me for ‘snacs’





IMG_7407 IMG_7418

Alexis Monthly Posts, Lexi

Lexi One Year 7 months (19 months)

Dear Lexi,

Another month down in the books and it was busy! We had something every Friday, Saturday and Sunday the entire month! There were a couple of sleepovers at Grandma B’s house and lots of time spent outside playing. We were also up at a cabin with the Sampson’s for several days and you had so much fun playing with your cousins’s Ashy and Coco!


Favorite Moments:

At the beginning of the month, I took a day off work so we could take you to the zoo for the first time! We made the long trek down to the Minnesota Zoo. I hadn’t been there in almost 20 years and was excited to see how it had changed. The highlight of your trip for sure was seeing the sharks. I’m not sure what it is, but you get SO excited about sharks! All of the other animals were too far away for you to really see and many of them were pretty obscure, you don’t know what a moose or a camel is so you were pretty un-phased. It was still fun and you enjoyed being outside and walking around with mom and dad.

IMG_3949 IMG_3951 IMG_3952

IMG_4080 IMG_3957

This month you turned a corner and have finally been able to ask for giraffee. It comes out as draffee, but you ask for it a lot and your eyes get huge and twinkle with delight whenever you see him. You seem to ask for him most when you are in the car. I’m not sure if you’ve had it in the car a few times and you are used to it or if the car makes you sleepy and you want it to cuddle, but it is so sweet to hear your little voice asking for draffee.


The several days at the cabin brought many favorite moments this month. The sleeping arrangements weren’t ideal, but we made it work and you weren’t too crabby. You and Coco were pretty much inseparable the entire time. You would follow her around and read books together, play with your animals, pretend to take naps, play cards, color etc… It was so fun to watch the two of you together.

IMG_3723 IMG_4005 IMG_4006 IMG_4021

There was two days were the sun came out and it was warm enough to go swimming and you loved it! They had a little floaty that you could sit in and you thought it was the best thing ever. We would sing songs and spin you in circles and you would kick your little legs and kept repeating, ‘I simmin, I simmin, I kick, I kick.’


We also had the boat up at the cabin with us and you loved going to boat rides. You would hand us your life jacket, put your arms through the holes by yourself and say ‘boat, boat boat’. You loved going fast and watching the everyone tube. It was a much different experience than last year when you hated wearing your life jacket and you screamed the entire time.

IMG_3731 IMG_3740

Throughout the month, you continued to add more words to your vocabulary and have started putting phrases together. A few of the most popular ones are: ‘oh gosh,’ ‘oh man,’ ‘lets go’, ‘I simmin,’ ‘oops-e-daisy,’ ‘i sorry (but never use this one in the right context)’

Every time we go to the park, you get a little better at climbing the stairs and going down slides. This month, you attempted to climb up a little rope/chain ladder and you did great. I didn’t know how well you were going to do, but you only slipped once, caught yourself and continued climbing.

IMG_3926 IMG_3923 IMG_3922 IMG_3920

While I was at work one day, you were playing with your little people race car track and got your hand stuck in the flap that the cars go through right before they finish the race. You calmly called to Dadda, ‘uh-oh Dada, uh-oh,’ ‘uh-oh Dada, uh-oh’. Dada peered over the ledge and sees you just looking up at him with your arm stuck in the ramp. He said it was the funniest thing as you clearly couldn’t get your arm out yourself, but didn’t panic at all and just called for dada to come help you.


Right after your 18 month shots, you had Roseola. You’re fever came about 24 hours after your shots, so I thought you were still reacting to that, and then the next day, you had little red dots most notably on your hands and feet, but were also on your back and neck too. For whatever reason, you were terrified of the doctor that was evaluating you, (in your defense, she was a little creepy looking) and screamed in terror and held onto my neck with a death grip and attempted to climb up me until a little ball to avoid being an inch closer to her.

Mom and Dad got you a little slide to play with and you were very hesitant it at first but now love it. You climb up it and slide down it and have even become a little show-off and stand on top of it too. It provides a good amount of entertainment for you as you bring your pals, your cars and pretty much anything you can push down it with you.


Nursery Rhymes continue to be a favorite. We finally got a large book with what feels like over a hundred nursery rhymes. I never realized how gruesome some of them where and how many of them really make no sense at all. (3 blind mice, Peter Peter Pumpkin Eater)

Your attention span is noticeably longer as you sit through longer books and TV shows. You still have an obsession with Daniel Tiger, Choo Choo Bob and Dinosaur Train and ask to watch them non-stop, literally sometime you ask over 20 times a day. Usually we only let you watch if you’re not feeling well, had some sort of incident or we really need to get something done without you in our hair.


You love to sleep with your pals cheek to cheek. Most of the time, we turn the monitor on and see you sprawled on your back with giraffee and piggy or doggy on each side of your face.


You love the sit-n-spin and giggle as you go round and round.

I would say you’re officially in ‘parrot mode’ where you repeat 70% of everything we say.

While changing your diaper (which you call diapy) you almost always say tummy, which means you want a wipe to wash your tummy with. Not sure where you got that from but it happens almost every diaper change.

Your top eye tooth came in and turned your happy smily personality into an angry whiny little toddler. Thankfully, it only lasted a day or two.

We went to a splash pad for the first time. I would say you kind-of liked it. The water was pretty cold, and you didn’t like anything that sprayed in your face and wouldn’t go anywhere by yourself. However, if I held your hands and we ran through things that sprayed low, you seemed to really like it. I’m curious to see if you like it more as you go a few additional times. That seems to be a common thread with many actives for you.

As we go through our bedtime routine, you are very particular about which songs you want me to sing you to. If I start to sing a song you don’t want, you tell me ‘no, no, no, stop, stop, stop.’ So, i’ll start listing songs and you veto most of them. A popular one this month has been ‘Take me out to the ball game’

And that rounds out your 19th month my sweet girl. Dada and I love you profusely and just can’t get enough of you.



IMG_3704 IMG_3699 IMG_3702 IMG_3701 IMG_3700 IMG_3992 IMG_4009 IMG_4017 IMG_3964 IMG_3948 IMG_3941 IMG_3937 IMG_3931 IMG_3928 IMG_3919