Birthday Parties, William

Happy 1st Birthday William!

Happy 1 sweet boy!!!!! This past year has been a big year of transition for us big guy but you have forced us to grow together, built up our patience and multiplied the love Daddy and I are able to give by at least 10!


We celebrated your birthday four days ago on the weekend with a theme of ‘A Very Hungry Caterpillar’ and it was so fun! I was searching on Etsy for a cute birthday shirt and randomly came across Eric Carl’s Hungry Caterpillar and knew I had to do it. The theme was too perfect for you as you are a hungry little William and eat just about anything and everything in sight.

The party was held on the Sunday before your actual birthday (it fell on a Thursday this year) from 11-2, right in between your two naps. All four of your Grandparents came and also were joined by Great-Grandma T and Great Grandma and Grandpa Sampson, your Aunts and Uncles: Joe, Sheila, Dustin, Greg, Teresa, Beca, Travis and Raelynn and your cousins Ashley and Coco.

For decorations, I didn’t go too crazy. We had light and dark green balloons going up and down the stairs mimicking the way a caterpillar moves with a red balloon at the foot of the staircase. I made a Happy Birthday William sign, hung some streamers and made a caterpillar birthday collage with a photo of you from each month over the past year.



I also had the book on display next to all of the food the caterpillar eats in the book. I was able to find everything but a plum and an ice cream cone (as that would melt) but had: Apples, pears, strawberries, oranges, chocolate cake, pickles, swiss cheese, salami, lollipops, cherry pie, sausage, cupcake and a slice of watermelon.


I also found a cute post on pinterest that had created a caterpillar out of cupcakes and a cake, which I attempted to replicate. I would give myself a B on it–could have been better but could have also been much worse.


I also decorated your smash cake but decorating it with a little caterpillar, sun and some grass.


Overall the day was so fun and it was so fun celebrating you sweet guy. Although you have had cake and frosting many many times before, you were pretty tired and didn’t get into the whole ‘smashing’ the cake thing. We took a picture of mama and dada with you and the cake right before we sang and as I put the cake back on the table to put the candle in you about lost your mind that I was taking it away from you.


However, when I put it in front of you to eat, you very delicately took off little pieces of frosting. Eventually, I cut the cake up to let you know it was in there and you stuck your fingers in a little, but for the most part, just had a few pieces of frosting and then were done.



For your actual birthday, I went to Cub before you woke up and got you a donut for breakfast before school and then had a fun little celebration at home after dinner with some ice cream and sprinkles.



William, you are such a sweet little boy and love to give hugs and snuggles to anyone that will take them. You love to laugh, make your sister laugh and have the most magical smile with eyes that twinkle and get to people hearts. There isn’t anyone that doesn’t love you and comment on what a great smile you have and how it rarely disappears from your face. I love you more than words could ever express and am so greatfull to be your mom.

Happy 1 William and can’t wait to see all the fun we’ll have in the next year.



Birthday Parties, Lexi

Lexi’s 1st Birthday Party

Lexi Lou,

There are so many exciting things to document and remember about this exciting milestone. One whole year with you! Without question, it has been the best year of Mama and Dada’s lives and we can’t wait for what year two will bring for us!

With your birthday falling so close to Thanksgiving, we celebrated a couple days before your ‘actual day’ so some of your aunties that live out of town could come. I spent a lot of time planning and prepping for the party and was so excited for it.

So naturally, you got your first fever (with the exception of shots) and were lethargic and didn’t have energy for the entire event. I was so disappointed, but I’m glad the Tylenol helped you feel well enough that we didn’t have to cancel.

Given the fact you weren’t feeling well, you did pretty good. For the anticipated cake smash, you were really scared while everyone was singing and starring at every move you made once the cake was put in front of you. You kept reaching for me from your highchair and didn’t really even blink an eye at the cake. Once everyone put their cameras away and began talking amongst themselves, you dug in and enjoyed yourself.  You had a pretty similar reaction to gifts. You didn’t really get the concept of ripping the paper off and didn’t like everyone starring at you. But boy were you spoiled with so many wonderful things!

Lexi 1st Birthday - 049

Party details:

Inspired by your mini love affair with your giraffee, the party was themed around giraffes. Daddy did a fantastic job designing your invitations.

Lexi B Day Card - 001x

My very favorite detail of your party was your outfit! You wore a hand-made tutu (made by your favorite mama) and a onesie with a big 1, giraffe holding balloons and had your name embroidered on it. And we paired that with a little firework ponytail and pink bow and you were as cute as can be.

Lexi 1st Birthday - 012

Over the summer, I took some classes on cake decorating so I could make fun cakes for you and your future siblings! It probably would have been smarter to start with a cake that was a little more simple, but I made a giraffe, which requires a whole different ‘how to post’.

Lexi 1st Birthday - 028

It was 100% made of cake and edible, so we gave you the head to smash into and served everyone else cupcakes, which were decorated with little flags that had pictures of you throughout the year.

Lexi 1st Birthday - 030

I also made a birthday banner and a couple of photo collages that we put up on the wall, including one that documented many of ‘your first time moments’.

Lexi 1st Birthday - 027

IMG_4723 IMG_4724

For decor, we hung streamers in the family room and kitchen, put balloons around your highchair and all the way up the staircase creating a fun and grand entrance for all of your guests.


Although you weren’t feeling 100%, the party was still a lot of fun and I had so much fun planning and getting ready for it. Happy Birthday Lexi!



Lexi 1st Birthday - 040 Lexi 1st Birthday - 042 Lexi 1st Birthday - 038 Lexi 1st Birthday - 035 Lexi 1st Birthday - 045 Lexi 1st Birthday - 046 Lexi 1st Birthday - 047 Lexi 1st Birthday - 048 Lexi 1st Birthday - 032