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Katelyn 5 Months

Dear Kate,

I will bet you a million dollars there has never been a cuter little ‘chip’. At the beginning of this month, you joined the crew in dressing up as Beauty and the Beast characters for Halloween. Lexi was Belle, William was Beast and you were Chip. Daddy made your onesie and I dug out Lexi’s 1-year birthday tutu for the pic.

KAte 5 months 1 Eating

So far, you have enjoyed the luxury of exclusive breastmilk and it is going well. But being over anxious about stuff is kind of my thang, so i continue to stress about not producing enough. About half way through the month, I stopped nursing you in the middle of the night, which has enabled me to pump one side in the morning and I’ll usually get 6 oz. And then I’ll nurse you on the other side. At work, I pump twice a day and per the Drs. recommendation, started pumping both sides. The first two weeks or so, this helped ensure I would get a total of 5 oz during each session so I was set for the next day. By the end of the month, I wasn’t consistently getting 5 oz during each session–queue the stress. I am also pumping before bed each night and getting a little somethin’ so that usually supplements what I didn’t pump while at work. To sum things up, I don’t get as much milk when I pump as when I nurse, or you are more satisfied with the amount you get from the boob than what you get from a bottle. I’m most worried about what is going to happen in January when Daddy and I got to Arizona for a wedding for a couple of days. Will I have a big enough stash to get us through the time or will we need to do formula? I’m also trying to remind myself, that I had it much easier with Lexi and William as I didn’t really need to pump anywhere close to what I’m doing with you. I was home with Lexi for the first 7 months and William was at daycare and I could walk down and nurse him everyday so two completely different scenarios and I can’t compare you to them.

Last month the Dr. gave us the thumbs up to start giving you some rice cereal or food and you haven’t shown any interest in food yet so we’ll probably start that around the 6 month time frame.


High-five baby girl, I think you have finally figured out what a glorious solid night of sleep feels like! (knock on wood somewhere that I haven’t jinxed myself here). At the beginning of the month, I forgot about the ‘4 month sleep regression’ and once someone else mentioned it, I remembered what was going on. I stopped nursing in the middle of the night and when you would wake, I would rock/bounce you back to sleep. Around week 2-3 of the month, I was able to just stick the paci back in your mouth and just this past week, you’ve gone 4-5 consecutive nights of sleeping from 8:00ish to 7:30ish!!!! HEAVEN!! Except, for some odd reason, I still feel tired?!?! But a million times better than what it was!


You have shown zero signs of rolling, so you are still swaddled at night and in the day, you’re usually swaddled in a muslin blanket. You take about 3 naps a day, morning, afternoon and evening and they range anywhere from 20 min to 2+ hours. There is no rhyme or reason to the length–they just happen. Almost 100% of your naps are taken in your crib. Most of the time you fall asleep in our arms and we put you down, but we do also put you down when you’re very drowsy and you’ll just fall asleep on your own. Rarely, do you fall sleep and stay sleeping in your carseat. You usually wake up within 10-20 minutes of coming home–just like your big brother.


  • Very strong head control
  • Getting better at tummy time, but still don’t like it. You’ll roll from your tummy to your back–but not intentionally, just gravity/momentum taking over
  • Love the bath
  • This month you’ve learned about your vocal range and have developed this high-pitch screeching noise and do it all. of. the. time. And it drives your daddy CRAZY!
  • You’ve become much more interactive with your toys. You regularly grab them and play with them
  • This is a total shocker, but you’re less reliant on your paci then you have been in the past. From time to time, you’ll spit it out on your own and just chat away or just be Ok without sucking on anything
  • You are a smile machine and flash those pink gummy grins to anyone that glances at you, and then proceed to turn them into puddles with your big bright eyes
  • You’ve started to show some signs of separation anxiety and well whine or cry when I leave the room or am not within eye sight. Most of the time, you forget within a minute and move onto something else
  • As of this week, you’re too long for 3 month clothes, but 6 month are still pretty big on you
  • Size 2 diapers


Sibling Love

This is my favorite section to write each month because it keeps getting better and better. Basically, you and Lexi think each other are ‘the bomb’. Lexi is the only person who can make you laugh on demand. You think the world of her and she is equally obsessed. This love can’t be overshadowed by your big bro though. He is equally as awesome and is always singing you songs when you’re crying and gets into baby voice to talk to you and loves to make sure you are happy.

kate 5 months 2

Kate, you are such a happy and mellow baby. Everyone loves everything about you and we are SO grateful to have you be a part of our family.



Kate 5 months 3




William, William Monthly Updates

William 5 Months

Dear William,

Five months old little buds! You are becoming such a fun and interactive little guy. Time is funny thing. In my mind, you’re still just a little baby. It blows my mind that you’re going to be six months next month and will start sitting up and eating food soon.


Eating Nursing continues to go well. You nurse between 6 and 7 times a day; every 3 hours or so.  I have no idea how much you eat each time, but my guess is between 4-5 ounces. You typically do much better in quiet environments with little distractions and rarely spit up or burp. If you do burp, it is usually 20-30 minutes later. You have started to show lots of interest in our food. You’re constantly reaching for my food or plate. I have given you little crumbs here and there and you spit them out.  Untitled//embedr.flickr.com/assets/client-code.js


This month has been long and hard on the sleep front. You were sleeping great and even through the night about 50% of the time and then daycare started and you haven’t slept through the night since. Part of this it is from our swaddling inconsistency. We stopped swaddling at night to help transition to the lack of swaddle at daycare, but that didn’t go well, so we tried to swaddle at night. But, you got used to no swaddle and would try to break out of it while sleeping; which would wake yourself up. It felt like a lose lose situation. Then, you got sick and were waking up several times throughout the night and haven’t reverted back to your typical sleeping patterns of just waking up once or not at all. Hard times bud, hard times. Typically you go to bed between 8 and 9, wake up around midnight and 4:30.  Naps very greatly between home and daycare. At home, you usually take a morning, afternoon and evening nap for 1-2 hours. At daycare, you usually only take a morning nap and we’re luck if you sleep for 30 minutes.



You discovered your toes this month. At the beginning of the month you would occasionally bring them up to your hands and by the end of the month, you were grabbing and rolling with them. When we change your diaper, you instantly bring those toes up and smile in pride that you’ve grasped them.

You haven’t figured out rolling over either way. You’re getting closer to doing so from back to tummy, but your arm still gets in the way. As a result, you often spin your body in circles all over the place. You really dislike tummy time. We are working on spending more time on your tummy but you just don’t like it. You have rolled many many times from tummy to back, but I still think it is a coincidence with the help of gravity as you never roll when you’re really ticked off.

You’re a master of reaching toys and grabbing them–particularly with your playmat and on your car seat. I love driving and hearing the little vibration from the frog that you’ve just pulled.


You love to be held and carried around the house. I’ve tried holding you on my hip a couple times, but you’re not quite big enough and do much better being held outwards. Daddy is worried about you becoming a ‘hold-me-baby’; I like to think you’re just making up from not being with us in the day. You particularly like to be held during the witching hour, right when we get home each day, which is always challenging as I’m trying to get organized, make dinner and then get you and Lexi to bed. You wear size 3 diapers and 6 month and 9 month clothes. You still have your little bald spot on the back of your round noggin–but hair is starting to grow. Also, you hair is getting lighter by the month. Crazy to think you were born as a dark-haired little nugget. You recognize faces and light up in delight whenever you see me. You also respond to your name. When I call your name, you look up, lock eyes and smile. You’ve also started to vocalize a bit more. You love to coo and ‘talk’ to Mommy, Lexi and Daddy.

Daycare Oh William, you are adored at daycare. Mrs Laura and Mrs Heather just love your huge open-mouthed smiles. You are so good-natured and are getting more and more vocal. You need to work on your napping there though. When you do actually nap, it is usually in the swing or a bouncer and rarely transfer to the crib very well. For as a hard of a time as I had the first couple of days, I’m really loving you being there. I absolutely love being able to come down and nurse you, get in my cuddles and then not have to deal with some of the more challenging aspects like the poopy diaper blowouts and the crying. I really feel I have the best of both worlds and feel so blessed to have you in such good hands at work. On the flip side, you have pretty much been sick since you started. You caught your first cold 4 days in and it really hasn’t gone away. At the end of this month, you also got sick; had a stuffy nose, watery eyes, cough/sneeze and a fever for 3 days. Untitled//embedr.flickr.com/assets/client-code.js


You love to constantly move, smile, be held and have our attention. We love you to pieces William.

Love, Mama Untitled//embedr.flickr.com/assets/client-code.js