Day to Day, Lexi


Sweet Girl,

I swear I haven’t forgotten about posts for you. I have drafts of your monthly posts all the way from August that I need to publish. They are just more involved and I need to find time to finish them.

In the mean time, a few funny things about life with you as of late.

As I was setting the Christmas tree up and put the first section into the bottom stand and the branches bounced down, you exclaimed–“Wook Mama, tree has wings!”

Also in relation to Christmas, we have some metal reindeer that sit near the fireplace and they have some bells around their neck. When you first noticed them, you excitedly told me, “I jingle their balls.”

You’re very confident that the baby is going to be your sister and when we ask you what we should name her, you just say ‘Girl’. Along those lines, over the past few days, with no prompting on my behalf at all, you like to tell me the things you’re going to share with your sister. Randomly, you started talking about how you were going to share books with sister and your pals. I asked if you were going to share Giraffee with your sister and you responded sternly, ‘No, Giraffee mine’.

You love anything and all things trains these days, and every train is named Thomas.

IMG_4462 IMG_4489

You learned how to open doors this week, which has made things a little more interesting as it is harder to keep you out of certain areas. While celebrating Christmas with Daddy’s family, you opened the door to the basement and went down their to get a toy. I saw that the door was open and the light was on, but didn’t hear any activity going on down there so I shut off the light and closed the door. I quickly learned that you had been down there. Thankfully, you went to the stairs, turned the light back on and came up and started banging on the door. Because the height of the stair is lower, you can’t reach the door handle. I felt pretty terrible about that, but was glad you didn’t freak out at all.

This is your second night sleeping in your big girl bed and so far so good! You haven’t gotten out yet–just gone straight to bed.


You can say your ‘L’s but most of the time they come out as ‘W’s’. ‘Wook, Wexi, Wight, Woud, Wips’

Grandma B gave you a Santa nesting doll and you love to play with it. For some reason, you refer to the smallest one as ‘Baby Boy’.

We had some Christmas show on one morning and Santa came on the screen and you stood up on the couch started clapping your hands and saying ‘whaa-whoo’ ‘Whaa-hoo’!

Thats all for now my love bug. I have so many more thoughts for you around becoming a big sister and how our relationship is going to change. I’ll find some time in the next couple weeks to share.