Lexi, Pregnancy Updates

Little traveler

Dear Baby,

Welcome to the Big Apple! You sure are becoming the little traveler considering you’ve only existed for 8 weeks (as of tomorrow!) and have already traveled to four states. We’ve been to Madison (twice), Chicago, Arizona, and now New York. Tomorrow we’re going to a fall fashion preview of my clients at work. They’re introducing all of the new products to the fashion magazines. Should be fun! I just hope you cooperate and don’t make me sick. So far, airplanes haven’t been your favorite adventure. Whenever I fly (which has been almost every week), I feel more nauseous than normal. On the flight to NY, I wasn’t sure how things we’re going to turn out. I had really bad indigestion. It was like my food was just sitting at the bottom of my throat and wouldn’t move. I was nervous it would come back up if I burped, but that’s all I wanted to do. So, I sat bent over with my head between my knees for the entire three hour flight. Luckily, I didn’t get sick.

Love, Mom

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