Lexi, Pregnancy Updates

Grandma’s Little Baker

Dear Baby

This past weekend was fairly exciting. Your dad and I photographed his good friend Justin’s wedding. It was a little rainy and cold, but overall a very nice ceremony. During the reception, we had a lot of people asking if you were going to be around anytime soon. We avoided the questions best we could, but I’m sure everyone suspects you’ll be here soon since I wasn’t drinking.

Yesterday we had a lazy day. Daddy is going to be doing some work at your Great Grandma Tansey’s house and at Grandma and Grandpa Bothwell’s house this week, so we went over to Grandma and Grandpa B’s to get a low down on what needs to be done. And we finally shared the news with them that you’re going to be here in November! I made a little apron for you that say’s ‘Grandma’s Little Baker’ and wore it over to tell them. It took a little while to connect the dots, but they were very excited! Neither of them could believe it and were very shocked BUT very excited. It felt so good to share the news and excitement with them! Tomorrow we’re going to the doctor for our first appointment. I’m praying that we get to hear your heart beat!

Love, Mom

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