Lexi, Pregnancy Updates

Unofficial Mother’s Day

Dear Baby,

You are so thoughtful! This past weekend was mother’s day (my first unofficial mothers day) and you told your dad it was a good idea to give me a card from you. It was very sweet and thoughtful! We also shared the news with the Sampson’s that you’re on your way! They were all very excited especially Great Grandpa Sampson. He had a huge grin on his face and has been wanting another baby around. You’re Daddy has been busy helping him on his garden the past couple of days and he says Grandpa asks him all sorts of questions about you and how I’m feeling. One of his first questions, was, if you’re a boy, will your name be William? We told him it would be! You’re dad has also been busy over at Grandma and Grandpa Bothwell’s house. Today he is working on fixing some of the boards in their retaining wall and re-doing the stairs. It’s a lot of hard work and he’s pretty tired at night so I try and take care of him. You and I also went to Madison again this week. It’s getting a little bit better every time I travel so ‘Thank You’! We’ll be heading there again next week, but that time we’ll have to stay over night. Oh, I also forgot we finally told Auntie Sheila that you’re on your way. She thought we were joking and I think still part of her doesn’t believe it.

Love, Mom

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