Lexi, Pregnancy Updates

Strawberries anyone?

Dear Baby,

Things have been fairly uneventful over the past couple of days. Last Saturday I went to a wedding shower for cousin Sheila at cousin Erinn’s house. After most of the aunts and cousins had left, I shared the news with Erinn and Aunt Mary! Aunt Mary lives in Nebraska and I wasn’t going to be able to tell her in person so I wanted to make sure I did that. She is like a second mom to me, so almost like a second Grandma to you! They were so excited and even started talking about when she would be home to throw you a shower. I think your Grandma B was pretty excited that I told them too. She can finally talk about you to someone. Then yesterday we went to another Twins game with you Uncle Joe and Aunt Angie and your dad shared the news with them. Uncle Joe was a little slow to catch on but then was VERY excited and was asking all sorts of questions about you. After the game they even called Grandpa Bothwell and teased him a little bit about becoming a Grandpa.

I’m starting to feel a little bit better every day and am not quiet as tired as I used to be. No major cravings or anything still, but I’m intrigued by food much more than I used to be. I saw a commercial for a dairy queen blizzard the other day and thought, mmm that sounds good, I kind of want one right now. I held off, but prior to you I would never want something from just seeing it on TV. So if that is considered a craving, I have lots! I’m also really loving strawberries right now. Like really loving them–to the point where I will eat two pounds of them in a day…good thing they’re so cheap right now!

Love, Mom

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