Lexi, Pregnancy Updates

Half way there!

Dear Baby Peanut,

Today was an exciting day for Daddy and I. We had our 20-week ultrasound (you’re really 21 weeks along but Dr. G was out of town last week). During the ultrasound they spent a lot of time looking at how you’re growing to make sure everything is happening the way it is supposed to and there aren’t any complications. So we essentially got to watch a video of you for an hour and look at all your cute little body parts. We got to look at your brain and all four chambers of your heart. We saw your kidneys, stomach, lungs and bladder. You were an active little bugger moving around a lot but we saw your tiny little feet and hands. It was so exciting to see your little hands and feet and know that is what I’m feeling when you’re moving around. You definitely have gotten much stronger as your kicks are more noticeable and stronger. As of today you weighed 1 lbs. and 2oz and the size of your head is in the 74% of other baby’s at this stage so you’re a big but very healthy baby as of now. All of your other measurements we’re very proportionate so that is great news! You did like to keep your hands in front of your face so we couldn’t get a good look at your face and it sort of looked like you may have been sucking your thumb but it was pretty hard to tell at this point still. Typically at this appointment we can find out if you are a boy or a girl, but we want to be surprised. However, Daddy thought he saw a thing or two on the screen that may have said you’re a boy. And I’ve always thought that so we’ll see in another 20 weeks!

You’ve also been given the nickname of baby peanut. Peanut is Daddy’s nickname for me, and he’s started referring to you as that baby peanut.

Love, Mom

12-07-31 3D Baby Sleeping 02 Lexi 20 week bump pics-2

Lexi 20 week bump pics

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