Baby #3, Pregnancy Updates

Baby #3 26 Weeks

Dear little babe,

Another uneventful week. You continue to grow and become more active each day. Lots of dancing going on in there. Breathing continues to be an annoyance where I frequently catch myself out of breath just sitting and often have to lean back and arch my back to be comfortable. Heartburn is becoming more frequent and intense. At this point, I’m pretty much avoiding tomato-sauce based foods, citrus and chocolate as it is a guarantee heart-burn inducer.

I also forgot to take a photo this week!

At my last appointment (24 weeks), I had gained 5 lbs in the last 4 weeks for a total weight gain of 8 lbs. Yesterday I made the mistake of weighing myself and had gained 6 lbs in the last 2 weeks which is very alarming! I’m trying not to freak out about it because in total that is 14 lbs which isn’t very much given I’m heading into my 3rd trimester, but it still was a little eye-opening to see that kind of gain in 2 weeks!! I’m trying to have more self-control and not just eat sweets and chips whenever I want.

Sleep could definitely be worse. I need to sleep with a pillow between my legs and usually roll over 4-5 times a night and need to re-position the pillow, but I’m able to fall back asleep right away and am sleeping until my alarm goes off each morning. Knowing what is to come, I have nothing to complain about at this point.

On a non-pregnancy related update, we have a beautiful day this past Saturday and went to the zoo with the big kids and had a great time. It was very busy, but we hadn’t been since last summer and it was so fun to watch William see and react to the animals this year. He totally knows what they all are this year and was in awe of how big they are in real life (opposed to in a book).

Lexi and I were cuddling on the couch the other day and you were dancing away so I had her put her hand on my belly and of course you stopped then. However, as I was putting her to bed, and was sitting in our bedroom waiting for her to fall asleep, she gets out of bed, opens her door and yells to me, ‘Mom if the baby starts kicking again, come get me, cause I want to feel her, OK?’ Also, this evening while we were driving home from school, William was ‘feeding’ his raccoon his water, and asked him if he was going to help give the new baby bottles. Lexi immediately pipped in and said, ‘No, he can’t that is my job. I’m going to give the baby all of her bottles’

Over the past few weeks, I’ve ordered TONs of dresses for your Auntie Sheila’s wedding and am coming up dry. Everything I try isn’t very flattering on my backside, makes my boobs look even bigger than they are (which in my opinion they are already massively out of control) looks like I’m wearing a tent or the color isn’t good. I’m starting to get a little worried about this and hoping I find something soon!

Fairly random updates going on this week. Keep on growing little one!



Baby 2, Pregnancy Updates

Baby #2 27 Weeks

Dear Baby,

It feels odd writing ‘just baby.’ You’ve been with me for 27 weeks now and it feels like I should  have a nickname for your or should refer to you by name or something more personal than ‘just baby’. But in reality, that’s how I talk about you and what I think of you–you’re just a baby to me. There is so much to discover about you, anything more than ‘baby’ seems too much. Are you going to be stubborn, have colic, have your nights and your days mixed up, be laid back like your sister, a good sleeper and eater, will you have trouble nursing, will you be healthy and that only tips the surface of what your little personality will unfold as your grow.

Today was a more eventful day than normal. My work team volunteered at the Ronald McDonald Home by decorating it for Christmas. It was fun to get out of the office and think about how grateful the families would be to experience a little bit of the Holiday’s during such a difficult time for them. It also stirred up some anxiety about how little control we have over health and I pray that you, your sister or anyone close never have to experience the challenges that come with cancer. It is such a scary and unpredictable thing.

Following the event, I had a doctor appointment and took my glucose test and passed, which is the important thing, but the test itself was pretty brutal. I started drinking the liquid and thought, huh, this isn’t as bad as I remember. By the end, it was nearly gagging as I drank it. Then, continued to get light-headed throughout the hour I had to wait before getting my blood drawn. Note to future self: make sure you eat and drink a lot of water before taking that test again, if I ever need to.

Overall the doctor appointment went well.  Your heartbeat was at 157 and I’m measuring 1 week early and have gained 14 lbs, so great news on all fronts. This week also started a middle of the night bathroom break. You continue to move around a lot, especially late in the evening. Sometimes it feels like you are typing on my tummy. Lexi continues to call you her sister and when we ask her what your name is, she says ‘Baby’. So I guess she is just like me.

The past week was Thanksgiving and it was nice to have a break from work and see family. We also started potty training Lexi so we only have you in diapers (hopefully)! Day 1 was rough, but each day has gotten better and easier. Heartburn has been relatively tame over the past week. I have moments but don’t need to take Tums consistently.

Until next week…



Baby 2, Pregnancy Updates

Baby #2 25 Weeks

Dear little nugget,

These weeks start to blend together for me. When Tuesday rolls around, I’m often questioning what week of pregnancy this really is. Unfortunately, I usually think I’m further along than I really am. This morning I was wondering, am I 26 weeks today?

Over the past week, I think you’ve shifted your position a little as I’m starting to feel and actually see kicks and movements from the outside. There is still a lot of internal kicks, but refreshing to have a little break from you kicking my stomach. With this shifted position, Daddy was also able to feel you thumping around this week too. You seem to be most active late in the evenings, between 10 and midnight. It hasn’t kept me from sleeping yet, but it is definitely the time you move the most and it feels the strongest.

I also think you had a growth spurt this week. I gained 3 lbs in the last two weeks and when Lexi and I went to swimming lessons yesterday, my swimsuit was significantly tighter around the belly then it was last week.

This week also brought some sickness to our house. All three of us had pretty nasty colds that took each of us down for 3 days. We all still have some lingering affects but for the most part are back in working order. And holy cow, does it stink not being able to take the strong medicine to help you feel better! Suddafed should not be taken for granted. Although, I was very impressed at what a difference a couple of Tylenol’s will do for you considering they aren’t very strong. This week also got disgustingly cold! Like 1 degrees cold–which also sucked all the humidity out of the air making it very dry. Usually, it doesn’t get this cold until January so I’m hoping that we’re getting our taste of it now and January/February will bring mild temperatures. I’ve been wearing Daddy’s jacket since it is the only one that can be zipped right now, and it doesn’t have a lot of room to spare. It will be interesting to see what happens in the coming months. I’m really hoping I don’t need to buy a winter maternity jacket. They are so expensive and will only get worn for a short period of time.

This past week Lexi has been telling us that you are a sister. She obviously has no idea what that means but it has been consistent. If we ask, are you going to have a brother, she says, ‘No, sister’. I still have strong feeling that you are a little boy. We do have a boy name picked out but not a girl name, we’ve talked anecdotely about girl names but never definitely settled on something. I also haven’t pushed it or brought it up cause I don’t think it is something we’re going to have to worry about.

Other notes, sleep seems to be going well as long as I prop my leg up on a pillow. No major cravings or aversions although there have been a couple moments where I would like a glass of wine after a long or stressful day. Yesterday, I had my first real stint of heartburn. It lasted all day and was just not a good feeling. I dug out my tums and am prepared for when it strikes again.

Take care little nugs,

Love, Mama


Baby 2, Pregnancy Updates

Baby #2 24 Weeks

Dear Baby,


Six months down and four to go until we get to meet your sweet little face. This week has brought a new level of discomfort. You’re getting much stronger and your kicks and punches have become uncomfortable and make me a little nauseous at times when you get me in the right organ–specifically the stomach. I still wouldn’t describe them as painful but there are moments of surprise when my eyes get wide from one of your kicks. At this point, movement still feels like kicks and punches and haven’t gotten to the whole body rolls yet. I still haven’t had any official heartburn to report which I will happily put off for as long as I can. The belly is getting big enough where it gets in the way when I bend down or try to put my socks on, but it doesn’t prevent me from doing these things yet. I can still sort of sleep on my stomach. I’m able to position myself where I am half on my stomach and half on my side, which as been satisfying my comfort need in wanting to fall asleep on my stomach, but then am perfectly happy to roll on my side or back once I am asleep. I’m also able to sleep through the night without having to get up to go to the bathroom. So overall, sleep feels pretty good. No major cravings or aversions at this point.

After being home from vacation for a whole week, it feels everyone was able to get back into a routine and Lexi is sleeping through the night again–eating like a maniac and just generally being her sweet self. Daddy was out of town over the weekend in Green Bay for a Packers game so Lexi and I went to the Children’s Museum, had a fun movie night and got her first haircut.

Let’s keep these posts uneventful little nugs. No need to repeat your big sister’s drama and send me to the hospital in excruciating pain with kidney issues.



Baby 2, Pregnancy Updates

Baby #2 21 Weeks

Dear Baby,

Aloha! Welcome to Hawaii! To begin your 21st week of gestation, you’ve joined myself and Daddy in Hawaii. We began our journey last Saturday and will be here through your 22nd week. So far, everything everyone has said about the beauty and serenity of the island is true. Originally, we were very nervous about our travel plans as a hurricane was headed to the island and was scheduled to hit the night we were arriving. Luckily, it changed directions and missed the island and the outer rings of the storm hit the island the day before we arrived.

We’ve been staying with Daddy’s cousin, Kris and John and they have been great hosts. Today we went for a helicopter ride and it was spectacular. Naturally, I was very nervous about something happening, but all was good and the water and waterfalls were amazing. I had seen pictures of this area before, but it was so different to see it in person and from the vantage point of a helicopter verses being on the ground.

I’ll do another post around our trip, but other things to note, the sun is SUPER strong. Much stronger than I anticipated and can literally feel myself burning with sunscreen on within 20 minutes. Daddy and I went snorkeling for the first time and it was pretty cool to see the coral and all the fish swimming around. I would love to see some sea turtles at some point but we’ll see. Also, the plane rides weren’t too terrible. We had three separate flights which helped break up the potential longness of some and was thankful to have the compression socks. They were slightly uncomfortable, but I could feel them working as they would get tighter if I was just sitting for a long period of time. The moment I got up and began moving around, I felt some relief.

I feel like a broken record with updates on your behalf in that everything is very mellow and everything seems to be going fine. I have seen a couple belly movements from the outside, but Daddy still hasn’t been able to feel them. Whenever either of us put a hand on the belly, you seem to stop moving all together. Once difference between you and Lexi is that almost all of Lexi’s kicks or movement was felt on the outside of my belly. Almost all of your movement is internal. It feels like you are constantly kicking my stomach, liver and other internal organs. It isn’t painful, but I wouldn’t say it is comfortable either.

Continue to be good to your mama!



Baby 2, Pregnancy Updates

Baby #2 13/14 Weeks

Dear Baby,

This week went by in a flash! We had your first trimester prenatal screening and although you were a little un-cooperative, so far you are looking to be a healthy little bug. You continue to measure a little big, but your guess date of arrival continues to be March 3rd. During our first attempt you were cozy as could be in your little position in my belly and just didn’t want to move for the nurse to get the correct measurements. They were doing all sorts of tricks to get you to move like having me roll from one side to another, tipping me backwards so I was almost upside down, drinking water, doing jumping jacks, going to the  bathroom and nothing seemed to do the trick. So, I had to go back again the next day, which actually worked out really well. Due to a variety of reasons, Daddy wasn’t able to make it to the first two ultra-sounds, but he was able to make it to the second one, so he finally got to see you. We were even able to bring Lexi with us so she could see you.

This week, I also celebrated my 29th birthday, took you to the fair and enjoyed some quality time with Daddy and Lexi. We’ve been busy working on the basement and Lexi’s new room so by the time you arrive, the house should be in good working order, at least that is the my hope!

In other news, this week I think I jumped pass the sickness nauseous stage. I don’t seem to have too many issues when I wake up in the morning or in the evening. I also don’t feel as hungary as I was and thankfully don’t need to eat every hour anymore. I’m still pretty tired on work days and would prefer to take a 20 minute nap/rest when I get home, but I don’t need them like I did in previous weeks. I haven’t been weighing myself regularly, but still fluctuating between 2 and 4 lbs., although I feel like it looks like I’ve gained 10. I’m mostly in maternity pants, but have one pair of shorts and found a pair of regular jeans I can wear (although they weren’t very comfortable).

I think most family and friends know about your impending arrival and are very excited to meet you. We’re also officially into the 2nd trimester! You’re about 3 1/2 inches long, can suck your thumb, frown, squint, pee and your liver is producing  bile and kidneys making urine.

I’m also going to start taking weekly belly pictures next week. Although I’m no longer able to fit into my regular pants, it doesn’t feel like my belly is growing at rapid paces so it will be interesting to watch and compare from week to week.

Love, Mama


Lexi, Pregnancy Updates

26 Weeks

Dear Baby Peanut,

I finally got home yesterday after being gone for almost a week and a LONG journey home. After a 12+ hour shoot day in the heat, our flight was scheduled to leave at 6 am, plus we were over an hour away from the airport. Long story short, we had to get up at 3 am only to arrive to the gate at 5am to find out our flight had been canceled and the earliest one we could get on was 12pm. Exhausted pregnant woman who can barely sleep in a bed let alone the floor in an airport was not the best combination. However, the situation was redeemed by my wonderful boss tricking me into giving me his 1st class ticket home. I could NOT believe it and refused it several times but he insisted that he was doing it for you and not for me, so I couldn’t turn him down. What a standup guy! So lucky to work for such thoughtful and generous people.

By the time I finally got home, I was so excited to see Daddy, I barely even noticed all the work and progress he made while I was gone. He spent a lot of time organizing the garage and getting things off the floor and onto the wall and shelving system he built. He also surprised me by having the changing table painted and assembled in your nursery and cleaned out all of his artwork from your closet—slowly we’re getting ready for your arrival. Next on the list is to paint and assemble the circles on the wall, get a mirror, lamp and a nightstand and the nursery will be set.

You’re 26 weeks today, almost 2/3 of the way done. Supposedly, you’re 14 inches long and just a little less than 2 lbs. You continue to be kicking away. Sleeping has become very difficult. I have a hard time rolling around and you have most recently started to give me heartburn. Tomorrow we is my birthday and am so excited we get to listen to your little heart pitter-patter away.

IMG_0728-COLLAGELove, Mom