Lexi, Pregnancy Updates

29 Weeks

Dear Little Peanut,

It’s been awhile since I’ve written to you. Not a whole lot and a whole lot has been going on over the past month. You’ve been growing quiet a bit. You’re now 2.75 lbs and are 15.7 inches long. You’re now big enough that I can feel when you rotate inside of me and not just when your little hands and legs are moving around. Overall, I feel a lot more movement internally than can be felt externally. Daddy enjoys playing with you and greeting you. He loves putting his voice up to the belly and saying “Hey Belly, How’s it going in there?”

A couple of weeks ago he was talking to you with his head pressed against my belly and you kicked him right in the head, which made me laugh. He also thinks you or ‘Belly’ is the funniest thing ever—especially my belly button which is starting to change shape a little bit. It is still an ‘innie’ but its starting to flatten out.  Daddy is always asking, “What do you think is going through Little Peanut’s mind? Is it just like, quit shaking me Dad or does it think its awesome?” Other than that, Daddy has been very busy processing images from weddings and getting them wrapped up.

For me, things are a little slow at work so I’ve been busy reading about all sorts of things for your arrival. Over the past month, I registered for my baby showers to hopefully receive a lot of the gear we need for your arrival. It was very overwhelming experience as there are so many options and so many things out there that we probably don’t need. It was tricking trying to guess what we will need/what would be nice to have and what we don’t need. I read lots of reviews and asked friends advice so I’m feeling pretty good about my picks.

On our way to Grandma and Grandpa Bothwell’s house on afternoon, I made Daddy stop at ToysRUs to make sure they sold baby gear there and he saw this Tigger bath towel and he thought it was the coolest thing—so I added it to the registry for him, and sure enough it was the first thing that someone bought. He was pretty excited when I told him that and was thinking he had some pretty good taste.

We also went to Nicki and Ryan’s wedding reception a couple of weeks ago. It was so nice to go and attend as guests and not have to worry about taking pictures, but everyone there predicted that you were a girl—which was the first time that either of us had heard anyone say that you’re a girl. Hopefully we’ll know in about 10 weeks!

I’ve also spent the past couple months working on your room, even though there isn’t anything to show for it. I bought several lamps and picture frames and mirrors to hang on the wall, only to return most of them. We decided to put an overhead fan in with a dimmer instead of a lamp and miraculously, we found one pretty quickly that we both really liked. I also finally settled on some picture frames, how they were going to be arranged, and got them hung on the wall this past weekend. I also made a list of all the other house projects that I want to complete before you arrive so I’ll be busy the next couple of weeks getting stuff done (hopefully!). This weekend, Auntie Sheila comes home, so I’m very excited to see her and she is very excited to see you in the belly and feel you moving around!

Love, Mom

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