Lexi, Pregnancy Updates

32 Weeks

Dear Little Peanut,

We’re quickly approaching the 32-week mark and I can’t believe it. All of the sudden this week you became more real. For the past 30 weeks I’ve been looking forward to your arrival, but it felt so far away, and now it’s within reaching distance. It’s crazy to think that you could be here in 8 weeks, that’s the same amount of time we had to wait from conception to our first doctor’s appointment when we saw your little heartbeat pumping up and down on the screen. And your heart has grown quite strong since that appointment 24 weeks ago. I’m reminded many times throughout the day just how real you are with all of your little movements.

In the past week or so, I’ve been able to distinguish and feel different parts of your body moving. I notice when the little hands are paddling you around inside and can feel your little feet pushing under my ribs as you stretch out. When you roll over, I can feel your knees pressing against my stomach and can anticipate when you’re going to move again. I’m pretty sure you are head down, and think I can feel your butt from time to time. I can also usually tell if you’re on the left side or the right side of my belly. Although your daddy feels your movements from the outside I really wish he could feel you moving on the inside and how wonderful it is to be reminded of you several times throughout the day. You’re just over 3 lbs. this week and about 17 inches long. Daddy and I haven’t been very good about taking regular pictures of you growing in my tummy, but we’ll try and get better these next couple of weeks.

Overall, I’m feeling pretty good. I still have a little bit of kidney pain but it isn’t too bad. Sleep hasn’t been awful either. My hip muscles get really tight from sleeping on my side, but I’ve been trying to stretch regularly and that helps. And usually, I only need to get up once a night to go to the bathroom. I feel beautiful carrying you around and am still below the expected weight gain, which I feel great about. I still think you are a boy, but Daddy is wavering a little and thinks you might be a girl. I have another Dr. appointment on Friday, and now they start occurring every 2 weeks for another month and then every week for the last month. I’m mentally preparing for you to arrive well past your due date, but I kind of feel like I’m ahead of schedule on many symptoms and that you might arrive early. Either way, we are very excited to meet you! I even practiced signing our family’s new names together.

Love, Mom

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