Lexi, Pregnancy Updates

34 Weeks

Dear Lil’ Peanut,

You are now 34 weeks along and gaining more weight. You’re measuring right on schedule, but Dr. G thinks you’re going to weigh at least 8.5 lbs. when you’re born. You’re supposed to be close to 18 inches long and weigh almost 5 lbs. right now. Even with all your growth, I still feel you moving around a lot. Sometimes it feels like you’re trying to tickle me or that I can feel your hands and toes wiggling. You’re also stretching out more and once or twice a day I can feel your little feet under my rib bones. During the past two weeks, I gained the most weight compared to any other visits, 6 lbs. in two weeks, which brings me to a grand total of 24 lbs.! Not bad, but not great either. My goal is to stay under 30 lbs.

This week I also started swelling. My fingers are too swollen to wear my rings and my shoes are getting pretty tight. I’m not sure if my feet are swelling or if they’re starting to ‘grow’ bigger (Grandma B’s feet ‘grew’ 1/2 a size for every kid). The heartburn has also gotten much more aggressive. For whatever reason, its the worst at night just as I’m going to bed. A couple of tums usually doe the trick, but I’m careful to keep my head above my chest to prevent the acid from creeping up. Sleep has also gotten much more difficult. I wake up from hip pain several times throughout the night, in which I also go to the bathroom.

My back is much more sore too. Last night after I picked up Grandma and Grandpa B from the airport, I sat in the hot tub and it felt great. I’m not sure why, but throughout the entire pregnancy I craved going swimming or having my body submerged in water.

In addition to all of the other wonderful pregnancy symptoms, I may or may not have restless leg syndrome. About one night a week, I just can’t sleep, my legs just need to be rubbed or touched. I’ve found that keeping lotion on my feet helps prevent this. I also try and remember to stretch everyday as that seems to help my body feel better too. So many fun things my body gets to experience because of you.

Last Thursday we also had our first baby shower for you. I have 3 more showers that we’ve been very busy getting the house ready for. Daddy has been busy working in the living room getting the fireplace project finished. Last weekend we worked really long hours and made really good progress. Next step is putting the stone on the wall! We’re also working on putting some of the finishing touches on your nursery. We have most of it done, but just need to cut, paint and apply the dots to the wall.

Finally, in two days, Daddy is getting lasik surgery! He is pretty excited about it and I’m so happy that he is going to have it done. I’ve been praying that the procedure will go smoothly and there won’t be any complications, so if you can say an extra prayer for your Daddy that would be great!

I still think you’re a boy and Daddy thinks you’re a girl so no new thoughts there. I do think that you may arrive a little earlier than your due date. Whenever I read about side affects for this time, I feel like I’m a week ahead of what they are reporting. But now I feel that I’ve said that I think you might arrive a little early, you’ll probably arrive late. Either way will be fine, I just pray you’re healthy!

Love, Mom

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