Lexi, Pregnancy Updates

35 Weeks

Dear Lil’ Peanut

This weekend was a lot of hard work, but we’re 90% finished with the family room project! I worked for over 12 hours both days painting and sanding the built-in cabinets and shelves. Now, we have a few minor details to finish up this week. Next on my list is getting the dots cut, painted and hung so I can focus on cleaning the house and getting ready for three showers this weekend! I’m not sure if it was all the work or just pregnancy, but my hands have continued to swell. They hurt when I bend them. So today, I’ve been sitting at work with my legs elevated and trying to drink lots and lots of water! Hopefully they will go down a bit over the next couple of weeks, but I’m not counting on it.

Overall, my mood has been pretty negative the past couple of days. I’m snippy and easily irritated by anything and nearly everyone. It’s frustrating and I know I sound snotty often, but part of me can’t help it and the other part just doesn’t care. I’m not sure if you’ve dropped, but I can feel you pushing on my bladder much more and the pelvic pressure is worse. If I’m sitting on the floor I have a hard time sanding up. Overall, I’m just getting really uncomfortable and I’m anxious to meet you.

Love, Mom

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