Lexi, Pregnancy Updates

Showers and 36 Weeks

Dear Lil’ Peanut

What an eventful weekend we had! It started off on Friday with our 36 week Dr. appointment. We had an ultrasound and were able to see you moving around. You continue to grow at a VERY healthy pace. Your head and abdomen are measuring at just over 38 weeks and your legs are at about 37 weeks. You are head down and have a very healthy range of amniotic fluid. As of right now, the ultrasound is measuring you to weigh 7.4 lbs. So you’re already an average size baby and still have four of weeks to go! You wiggled your toes for us and your hands were playing with your feet. We also got a couple of pictures of your face and it looks like you have some chubby cheeks!

After our ultrasound, we meet with Dr. G. and listened to your heartbeat, which was just between 135 and 144. She also did a pelvic exam to see if I was beginning to progress towards labor. I was dilated to 1 cm and was 50% effaced, which she was very happy about. Because you’re so big already, (your on schedule to be 10 lbs. if you arrive on or after your due date) she thinks you might arrive a little early. I also had my group B strep test and we’ll find out the results of that this week. If possible, I would really like to make it to Thanksgiving before you arrive (38 weeks), but as long as you’re healthy, we’re happy to meet you at any point.

Following your appointment, I finished your nursery by getting all the dots on the walls touched up and painted and ready for the weekend. Then, I headed over to Grandma B’s for your first shower of the weekend. It was very nice and you got some really great gifts. Then on Saturday, we were up early for another shower at our house, which was so much fun! The food was fantastic and it was fun to show the family your nursery and all the work we’ve done on the house. Finally, on Sunday I had a friend shower. There were fewer people so it was quiet but nice. The only pitfall of all the events was spilling a large glass of cherry pomegranate juice all over myself and the fridge 20 minutes before everyone arrived.

Also, two interesting stories about your cousin Addie. She has been 6 for 6 in guessing the correct sex of babies and she is pretty confident you’re a girl. She even made you her own card and bought you a special present, a headband and bow socks, so we’ll see if she is right. Also when she came the shower in she saw the Twins diaper cake Tara made and was so confused on why that would be there since she says you are a girl and baseball stuff is for boys. It was very cute!

I know that technically you can arrive at any point, but it just doesn’t seem possible right now. I’m not quite ready for you yet and in my mind that means that you can’t arrive. I know I’m foolish to think that, but that’s how I feel. We have another Dr. appointment in four days and child-birthing classes over the weekend. I feel like after that I’ll be ready.

Overall, I’m feeling pretty good. For whatever reason, I seem to be sleeping better this past week. I don’t wake up as often to go to the bathroom and my hips don’t seem to be bothering me as much. But, my skin continues to be very itchy everywhere. I bought a special lotion to help retain moisture and it helps a little. I continue to wear fleece socks to bed which also helps. In exchange for sleep this week, my pelvic pressure gets a little worse everyday. Depending on where you are sitting, it hurts more than other times. There have also been  a couple of times we’re you’re pushing on some nerve and it feels like my legs are going to give out. You continue to move around a lot. Not so much as kicks, but rolling from one side to another. My hands and legs are still pretty swollen so I don’t think that is going to go away, but it could be much worse. And even though, I’ve been sleeping fairly well, I am still very tired in the day and have a hard time staying hydrated. You’re sucking everything I’ve got!

Love, Mom

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