Lexi, Pregnancy Updates

39 Weeks

Dear Bump,

You are proving to be quite the trickster. We had a nice relaxing weekend at home and we were sure you were going to arrive. I even had a couple of minor false labor signs. My  contractions have increased in intensity but aren’t painful or distract me enough to stop whatever activity I’m engaged in. There were several times throughout the weekend where contractions were 7-8 minutes apart for over an hour, but never got closer and would dissipate over the next hour.

The itching continues and has become pretty bothersome. Last night I couldn’t sleep at all! I maybe got three hours of sleep. I even considered putting mittens on to prevent me from itching. Daddy has been sleeping in a twin bed in our bedroom with earmuffs on since 36 weeks because the scratching is so loud. He says I sounds like a raccoon digging through the garbage. I also noticed a new little rash on my belly near one of my freckles .

Overall, I’m feeling a little frustrated and I know I shouldn’t because I haven’t even reached my due date yet, but so many people told me you were going to arrive early it got in my head and now that you’re not its disappointing. Additionally, I feel like I keep having these signs that labor is going to start and then it doesn’t and it is another let down.

Tomorrow, we have another appointment with Dr. G so we’ll get the results back on the blood work they did last week, see if I’ve progressed and if not maybe talk about an induction date. I really want you to be healthy, but also come soon and naturally so I don’t have to be induced. Please be good to your mom!

Love, Mom

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