Alexis Kristine Sampson

Lexi Announcement

Dear Alexis,

Welcome to the world my sweet sweet girl! You could not be more beautiful and perfect. You are just over three weeks old today and have turned Mommy and Daddy’s world upside down with the amount of love we have for you. You have your Daddy wrapped around your fingers. He loves you more than anything in this world. He is constantly wanting to snuggle, hold you and give you kisses. He loves to change your diaper, put clothes on you for the day, tell you stories and sing to you. It is the most incredible thing to watch him be so loving and affectionate with you.

You have opened our hearts to places that have never been touched before. I am blown away at how much love we can have for someone we have known for such a short time. Every other relationship a person has in life takes months and sometimes even years to grow and develop a deep, profound love, but within a matter of seconds of holding you and hearing you cry, I loved you in a way I have never loved another. God has truly blessed us.



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