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Lexi Three Months

My sweet sweet Lexi,

Today marks your three month birthday as well as the day I had to return to work. So far, the day has gone pretty well. It helps knowing you’re home with Daddy but I still had a hard time leaving you. I knew you were going to be in great hands, and that you wouldn’t miss me (out of sight out of mind for you for another couple of months), but the milestone that it represents was difficult. I enjoyed my time at home with you so much and would LOVE for that to be an everyday reality, but it just isn’t in the cards right now. And since it is something that I’ve always wanted it’s hard for me to just watch that dream slip out of my hands. Last night was much more difficult than today. I didn’t want to lay you down and every time I thought about me not being with you everyday and doing the things I did growing up, I choked up.

On to your Three Month Update

This month, a new 2nd cousin, Paxton, and a friend, Memphis were born. While visiting with them, it was incredible to see how much you’ve grown and hard to believe how little you used to be. I’m not sure how much you weigh or how tall you are, but I’m guessing around 14 lbs and 25 inches. At the beginning of the month, you weren’t a big fan of tummy time and would only last a minute or two without fussing. You also were showing a strong preference to your lift your head only on your right side. By the end of the month you  increased the time you spent on your tummy to five+ minutes and will lift your head to the left a little bit. You still prefer your right and will always switch it to that side after we let go of holding it to the left. You’ve also rolled over from your tummy to your back two times. The first time was by complete accident. The second, you lifted your head up a bit and were turning it sideways to see the TV, got your arm under yourself and rolled over. You continue to get that arm under you but are a little hesitant on going too far.

Your hands continue to be your favorite toy and are always chewing on them. You often chew on my hand when you are held facing out (which is definitely your preference). With the constant hand chewing is a constant dribble of drool all over your face. About half way through the month you got a nasty rash on your neck from a lack of air exposure as well as drool, spit up and milk not getting cleaned well. It was pretty red and then turned into little bumps, but it cleared up in about a week with some baby powder, A&D and Desitin.


Like your mommy, you enjoy your sleep, and late into the morning. We usually put you to sleep between 9 and 10 pm and you usually wake up between 9:00 and 9:30am. This past weekend, you even slept until 10:30! I couldn’t believe it! However, you aren’t the best napper. You usually take about four naps a day. The first is about an hour after you wake up, the second is just after noon, the third is around dinnertime and the forth is just before you go to bed all lasting between 30 and 60 minutes. This month you’ve also developed a nice little bald spot on the back of your head from laying on your back. You’re a little squirmer at night. Most mornings when you wake up, you’re facing the complete opposite side we lied you down at, but you’re head rarely moves. You just pivot your whole body. Additionally, sometimes when you wake up, you’ll just lay in your crib and talk to yourself and look around for 5-10 minutes before you start crying. It is so fun to watch you on the monitor just being happy.

IMG_0895IMG_0879Music continues to be a favorite for you. You love it when we sing to you, your star plays or we just have music on in the house. You squeal, smile and are just very content when it is on. You haven’t quite started grabbing for things intentionally yet. You’ll hit a toy, grasp my necklace, clothing or hair often, but it is still unintentional.


I’ve found the baby bathtub to be very awkward. It’s hard for you to stay in the little seat so I always have a hand on you which makes it difficult to wash you well. As a result, I’ve started getting in the tub with you and you love it! You’re able to kick your legs and love “floating” on your back and looking up at me. It is also much easier to make sure I get you clean.

IMG_0898 IMG_0892

There were a couple of moments this month that stuck out to me as favorites. One of them actually happened almost every morning. After you had nursed, I would bring you into our bed to see Daddy and play. The three of us would lay in bed together, play and adore you. It was such a peaceful way to start each day. Another favorite moment(s) was while changing your diaper in the morning, you would kick your legs, squeal in delight and chatter away to me. Your voice soothes my soul and your smiles melt my heart. Another favorite moment was just before you went to sleep. You were bundled up in your swaddle, had just eaten and we were rocking while you were sucking away on the nuk with your eyes wide open staring at me. We rocked and stared at each other for a good five minutes. Finally, it was as if you decided “I’m going to sleep”; you spit out the nuk, nuzzled your head into the crook of my arm, closed your eyes and went to sleep. It was so sweet and loving and it is a moment I will never forget.

Love, Mom

IMG_0920 IMG_0956 IMG_0884 IMG_0969 IMG_0989 IMG_0972

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