The perfect morning

Today was my perfect morning! I had gotten to bed at a decent time the night before (around 11), so when my alarm went off at 7:30, I felt well rested. I quickly got myself ready, went downstairs to begin pumping. I was just about to begin pumping the other side when my favorite little monkey woke up! I love when I get to see her before I leave for work, and it is even better when I get to feed her. I rushed upstairs to a smiling happy little girl. Standing over her crib, I always say, “Good Morning! Did you have a good nights sleep?” and she always responds with a large smiles that sends endorphins throughout my body. Upon unwrapping her from her swaddle, she arches her back and stretches her arms above her head and just coos. What is more precious than that? We did a quick feeding, changed her diaper and brought her into see Bill. I gave my kisses and said my good-byes and was out the door without feeling rushed and on schedule. Best way to start out a Thursday!

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