Story time

Lexi Lou,

Daddy and I began reading books to you when you were just a month old, but this week is the first time you’ve taken the initiative to pick out a book and have it be read to you. You’re current book of choice is: ‘Who say’s quack?’. You’ll pick it up, and crawl over to us with it in tow, hand it to us, lie down on the pillow and patiently wait for it to be read. You love to look at the animals and hear all the noises they make. I also think you like the book so much because there are very few words to be read.

Story time before bedtime has become one of my favorite moments of the day. With you moving 90 miles an hour all day long, I adore the few moments of calmness and cuddles as we lie together on the pillow with the blanket over us and read a book. I hope this is only the beginning of a lifetime appreciation for stories and reading.

mom and lexi reading




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