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Dear Lexi,

You’ve got a great intuition and sometimes it feels like you can read Mama and Dada’s brain. Tonight was one of those nights. The day itself wasn’t overly fantastic. Nothing horrible happened, I just felt crummy. I had a headache and knew I needed to go to bed. So we began the bedtime routine: jammies, books and nursing. Usually you fall asleep while nursing making the night time routine easy. Tonight however you didn’t. Hoping for a long shot, I grabbed Giraffee from your crib, reclined the rocker, put the blanket over us and hoped you would cuddle in and fall asleep. In reality, I knew this was never going to happen. I’ve tried it before and you end up crawling all over me and the chair and gaining more energy that you should for a little girl that needs to go to sleep. But for whatever reason tonight, you knew that is just what mama needed. You didn’t fall asleep, but you tried so hard. You kept moving around trying to get comfortable moving your head from side to side, switching positions in the chair,  nuzzling on my arm or shoulder or chest and for the life of you, you just couldn’t get comfy.

Eventually, I laid you in your crib, you grabbed giraffee and rolled onto your tummy and feel asleep without a peep, which is also a rarity.

Thank you for being so sweet and knowing just what mama needed was some extra Lexi snuggles. I love you!



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