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Happy 1st Birthday Lexi

My sweet ‘baby’ girl,

You are ONE TODAY! I can hardly believe it. Mommy and Daddy had a really fun day planned for you but we’ve been greeted with a snowstorm that has kept us home bound. I’m a little disappointed because I was really looking forward to all of the fun activities we were going to do like visiting Santa and Underwater World, but I guess we’ll save them for another day.

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Over the past few weeks as this day has been getting closer and closer, I couldn’t help but remember and relive the events leading up to your arrival in my head.

I remember the excitement yet nervousness that ran through my body as I was listening to the message from the doctor telling us we needed to be at the hospital in 20 minutes and you were going to arrive the next day; 12/4/12 (and secretly was happy that your birthday was going to be all even numbers). Although I had our bags packed for weeks there was this rush of ‘Do we have everything we need?’ as if we were going to be gone for weeks and were never coming home.

I remember putting my hand on top of Daddy’s hand and weaving my fingers through his as we drove to the hospital and chatted about stopping for Chipotle as if our lives weren’t going to drastically change.

I remember playing hours of Suduko on my phone that night as I couldn’t sleep from the discomfort of the IV and the anticipation of your arrival.

I remember feeling like I had been sitting on a balloon and it pooped when the doctor broke my water.

I remember the chill I felt while laboring on the exercise ball and how good the warmth of the sun felt shinning through our window.

I remember how positive and supportive Daddy was through each contraction as he would rub my shoulders and helped me relax instead of tense up.

I remember the absolute fear I had in getting the epidural because ‘How was I possibly going to sit still through a contraction while they administered it?‘ and I remember the instant relief I felt from it.

I remember the surprise in how relaxed the actual pushing was and the laughter that filled the room in-between each contraction as your daddy made jokes.

I remember your dark ‘curly’ hair being visible for like an hour of pushing but you just never coming.

And I will never forget hearing your weak little cry for the first time and Daddy saying ‘Its a girl’ with the biggest smile on his face and the tears of joy in his eyes.

It was truly the best day of our lives and somehow you have managed to make everyday better than the previous. I can’t wait to share more about your 12th month, your first birthday party and how happy and fulfilling you have made our lives. But today I want to remember all of the emotions and subtle memories that this one year milestone marked for your mama.

I love you little bunks!

Love, Mama


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