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Lexi 12 Months

Dear Lexi,

Happy Happy Birthday! This past year has been so much fun watching you grow. You have stolen the hearts of your family and are such a mellow, genuinely happy baby and oh so fun to be around. Your serious, yet silly personality shines through more everyday and I just can’t get enough of your big hugs and wet, sloppy froggy kisses. There is no possible way to explain the love I have for you or the amount of joy you bring me everyday.

12 month stats:

22 lbs and 15 oz (75%-90%) birth weight: 7 lbs 15 oz (75-90%)

30 1/2 inches tall (90%) birth height: 22 1/2 inches (90%)

46 1/2 cm head circumference (90%) birth head circumference:13 inches (90%)

You’re a healthy and proportionate little munchkin!


Favorite moments

Sweet little peach, you love to eat! The only thing we have found you don’t like is SpeghettiOs, which, if you’re not going to like anything, that is the stuff not to like. And not only do you eat everything, you eat a lot! You’ll throw down just as much as I do; it is hard to keep you full. However, when you finally are done and we are about to remove your tray from your highchair, you have a slight panic and scramble to grab whatever is left on your tray as if you may not eat again for days.


You continue to be an inquisitive little bug and are always asking ‘What’s that’ and pointing to things. So when you heard the microwave running and staggered into the kitchen to see what was going on and asked ‘Hus at?’ I responded, ‘Thats the microwave.’ As you processed the information, you started waving at it. I didn’t think much of it until Daddy said she’s waving because it’s called the microwave. It would have never crossed my mind to connect the two words like that but your little brain in there is growing and making connections and it is so exciting to see the results.

One of my favorite moments of the entire year happened one evening this month. We were getting ready for bed in the family room and you were waddling around in your your diaper playing with your pajamas. You would put them over your face and the top of your head so you couldn’t see and then pull them down quickly and play peek-a-boo with us, while walking around the room.  Surprisingly, it took you a while to run into something, but when you did, you were going full force. With pajamas over your head you ran right into the side of the couch, your head did a mini front back jerk while your body bounced backwards and over you tumbled. Of course Daddy and I began laughing right away because you literally looked like a blind sumo wrestler bouncing off of the furniture and falling over. Thankfully you got up with a little confused look in your eye and then continued to waddle around with the pajamas on your head. And too make this whole story better, Daddy miraculously was filming you. I can’t tell you how many times I have laughed re-watching this clip.


Although you took your first steps many weeks ago, over the past four weeks you have really mastered walking. You’re pretty stable and I can’t remember the last time I have seen you crawl. Thankfully, you still do have the little baby walk where you have a wide stance and your walk is more of a stomp, stomp stomp. Whenever I hear true silence, I know you’re into something or heading up the stairs because I don’t hear the sticky clamoring of your bare feet on the hardwood floor.

You’re comprehension and listening skills really took off this month. When we tell you things, you understand it and remember it. I was busy making dinner one night and you were hugging my legs begging to be picked up and I just couldn’t at that moment. So to distract you for a little bit, I suggested that we go read a book and asked for you to go get one of your favorites: Brown Bear Brown Bear. You went stumbling off to your book collection and about one minute later you returned with that specific book. Mind. Blown. There was no way I thought you would understand and be able to go and find a specific book, I was just suggesting that book because I thought there was a greater likelihood that you might go to your books and quit begging to be held.


Other notables:

You often bring books to us to be read. When you hand us the book, you turn around and plop your little tush in our laps and just wait. As we’re reading, you’ve become much more interactive with the books. You recognize items in books and will point to them when we ask you to find them such as the monkey or the fish.

You’ve started to mimic more of baby sign. You use ‘all done’, ‘more’ and ‘thank you.’

You recognize and can point to your nose, pat your belly and give ‘high-fives’ when asked.

You like to close doors (especially when you’re on the closed-in side) but don’t enjoy being stuck inside the room.

IMG_2224 IMG_2203

You clearly speak the words ‘hot’, ‘mama’, ‘dada’, ‘all done’, and ‘whats that’ and attempt to say ‘woof woof’ and ‘bye-bye.’

Occasionally, when I say, we need to change your diaper, you’ll squat down where you are as if you’re ready to be changed right there. (The other 75% of the time, you squirm and squeal through the entire change–which is a new thing for you. You used to be pretty good about laying still.)

Nap times have gotten much easier. You roll around and get comfortable for awhile before falling asleep, but rarely cry or make noise while doing so. When you wake up, you’ll often chat to giraffee and play by yourself for 20 minutes before standing up and crying for someone to come get you. I love love love our video baby monitor and watching you play on it. You’re slowly dwindling down from two naps a day. You still take two naps about 60% of the time, going down from 12-2 for the first and 5-6 for the second, if you have it. Night time has been pretty good too, going down around 9 and waking around 8 am the following morning. You still take a bottle before bed, half whole milk and half breast milk.


No new teeth this month, you’re still at 5 (two on top, three on bottom)

You still love music and whenever you hear it come on, you stop what you’re doing and start dancing.

You love to screech to the pitches of mice, and seriously make daddy squirm with those high-pitched sounds.

God has truly blessed us by bringing you into our lives and we couldn’t be more grateful! Happy ONE my Lexi Lou!



IMG_2550 IMG_2535 IMG_2481 IMG_2444 IMG_2434 IMG_2332 IMG_2274 IMG_2273 IMG_2266 IMG_2242

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