Baby 2, Lexi

Big Sister

Dear Lexi,

My sweet sweet girl, you are going to be a big sister! Congratulations!! As a big sister myself, it truly is an awesome thing and I’m so thrilled you will get to experience it too! It is so great to have another sibling to play and imagine, teach good and naughty things to, tease, stick up for, cheer on, share secrets, gang up on me and your dada, become friends and most importantly laugh with. The bond and friendship you have with your siblings is so strong, indescribable to anyone else and unique to you and I’m so excited that you will be able to experience that. Not only is having a sibling pretty awesome, being the oldest is pretty great. There is something so special about having another person that looks up to you as a person to learn from, admire and thinks you are so awesome, they want to do everything that you do. I’m sure you won’t always think it is so awesome, but it is a pretty big compliment that someone loves you so much that they want to be exactly like you.

I have a feeling you’re going to be a great big sister and helper to mama and dada. Your happy, easy-going personality already shows so many wonderful nurturing characteristics, I think you’re going to be a great big sis.

From the moment I found out I was pregnant, the way I watch you play with your dolls has changed from ‘oh that’s so sweet’ to ‘an emotionally gushy, you’re going to be such a good big sister’. I just can’t get enough of watching you take care of your dolls by feeding them, walking them in your stroller or even the way you hold them on your shoulder and sway your hips back in forth trying to comfort them. You’re a natural sweet girl and I hope you love your new brother or sister opposed to being jealous of them.


I’m so excited to watch you experience this large change to your life (by far the biggest one you’ve experience yet) as you mature from our baby to a big sister. You will be great my little love bug.



IMG_3833 IMG_3799

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