Baby 2, Pregnancy Updates

Baby #2 19 Weeks

Dear Little Nugs,

Today is the first day that I’ve looked in the mirror and felt that I truly look pregnant and not just fat. It is also the first official maternity shift I’ve worn this pregnancy. The belly is starting to stick out more and is getting rounder. Wahoo!! Photo note: notice the difference between the size of the belly with my hand and without… looks way better with the hand.

IMG_4191 IMG_4193

Overall, things are going pretty good. I’m feeling a little better. I still have days where I just feel a little off, but generally speaking I feel pretty good. Movement is still here and there but is getting stronger and more frequent everyday. It is most noticeable in the evening when I’m laying on the couch. I’ve tried to watch my belly to see if you can see movements from the outside yet but not such luck. I do remember this was the week I felt your sister move for the first time and her kicks were very noticeable from the outside so I’m sure it isn’t too far away. Stomach sleeping is still going OK, a little uncomfortable but I still think I have another couple weeks in me.

In other news, it has been a pretty quiet week as far as events go. Saturday we celebrated your great-grandma’s 84th birthday and it was fun to see aunts, uncles and cousins. We also got a lot done around the house in preparing for winter.

We have your next ultra-sound on Tuesday Nov 4th and can’t wait to see you again. Still feeling very confident that you are a boy, but I think we have officially decided to wait until you arrive to find out your gender.

Also, only 10 days until Hawaii! Be good to your mama while we’re there sweet little nugs.



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