Baby 2, Pregnancy Updates

Baby #2 29 Weeks

Dear Babes,


29 weeks and so many things on my mind.

1. Christmas is less than 10 days away, which seems crazy, but feeling pretty good about the shopping front.

2. Work is insanely busy right now.

3. My first stretch marks are making an appearance.

4. The size of you is starting to impact simple everyday tasks. Like when I’m trying to cook–my belly gets in the way of getting close to the counter. Lexi has a hard time sitting in my lap to read stories (or in the rocking chair). I need to sit down to put socks on. Shaving. I get out of breath going up stairs. I can’t just sit up. Sitting up from laying down can’t be done.

5. There is a very small range of an angle I need to be at to be comfortable. Sitting straight up or too forward makes it difficult to breath, but laying flat is also difficult to breath or any kind of slouching just doesn’t work.

6. A colleague of mine was expecting two weeks ahead of you and they had their baby last week, 10 weeks early. It reminded me how unpredictable you little babes are and how little control we (I) have. Please stay hunkered little one, I’m not ready for you yet and you need more time to grow.

7. Your big sister is absolutely hilarious.

8.  I have no appetite.

9. Sleep is good, but I have no energy. Feeling the drain of the 3rd Trimester.

10. Keep growing and stay healthy. We’re excited to meet you, but not for several weeks!



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