Lexi-isms Round 2

Lexi Lou,

I miss writing your monthly posts, but there just isn’t enough change happening on a monthly basis anymore, and they’re just too time consuming. But here are a few updates on things you’ve done or enjoy over the past few months.

Untitled  You’ve gotten pretty good at singing songs. Mostly nursery rhymes, but it is still fun to listen to you put the string of words together. Songs come and go as favorites where you sing them 25 times a day, but here is a list of your favs: ABC, Baa Baa Black Sheep, Wheels on the Bus, Old McDonald, Rain Rain Go Away, Humpty Dumpty, Let it Go, Little Red Wagon, Twinkle Twinkle and Rock-a-bye-Baby. You’ve been counting past 10 for 6-9 months. Currently, you can consistently get to 16. We’re really working on the concept of counting and not just repeating the words. I think you’re starting to get it. Occasionally, when we ask you how many there are, you’ll get it right. Not sure if it is coincidence or not, but it feels like you get it. You’re also starting to look at a number and know that is the number ‘2’. Likewise, you can sing the ABC’s and have randomly identified some letters, but don’t get the sounds of letters yet.


You know all of your colors and love to color. Your crayons and coloring books pretty much stay out on your table all of the time and you’ll color 3-5 times everyday. One day you were at Great Grandma and Grandpa S’s house and you told Grandma a pink crayon was ‘sorta-red’ and she corrected you and said it was pink and you firmly responded back and said, ‘NO, it is sorta-red.’ Grandpa chimed in and said, ‘You know, she is right. Pink is sorta-red.’ We’ve also been drilling the concept that you only color on paper. While mama was having contractions, Dada put up the bookshelves in your room and was making marks on the wall where he was going to drill. Of course you were watching and then went to go get your crayons and colored green crayon all over the wall and said ‘Just like Dada’ Tuche little bug, Tuche! You also think coloring in the bathtub (with bath crayons) is the cat’s pajamas. One day I found you in the empty tub, with your clothes on just coloring on the walls.

Untitled You also have started to tell stories. When I come home from work, you tell me what you did that day or what happened with Thomas on your show. You’ll often follow up a story with the phrase, ‘You remember that?’ I’ll often say this phrase during bedtime when we talk about what we did that day or before we’re going somewhere to see people you haven’t seen for awhile.


You love to make deals. In line with your story telling, you’ll try and cut a deal with me. You say, I go potty, then eat ice cream and go to the park, OK mama, and wait for me to respond ‘OK’.

Favorite toys: Doctor Kit, Mrs. Potato Head, putting your plastic food in gift bags and telling us they are presents for people, taking care of Baby Molly, coloring (on paper and in the bathtub)

Untitled Untitled


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